what a journey🙏

I want to freeze time ~ hold it here. This day before my birthday.

I want to stretch it out… make it last. Create a whole world with it. Play in there for ages.

Create a life… bring it into being. Things I love.

There’s a quality of magick permeating the air.

I’ve come out the other side… of the tunnel. It was dark. Many I’ve been through. Become a bit of an explorer of those places. At the time it can be pretty intense. I am human.

There’s a lot of Light.

I know to be prepared… alert. Where there’s Light there’s shadows.

Standing on the doorstep of this magickal cycle… 73 💝. Was the best year ever 1973.

You don’t get many like them.

Extraordinary… Divine. Out of this World. Off the Planet… Gifts beyond belief. Light… like a tornado.

Dark shrivels and dies… conquered. Won. Home… lifetimes forever complete.

Yes a precarious step I stand upon. The door soon to open.

Grace has showered me… covered me like glitter. That purposeful intent… and oh so courageous little girl. Stacked up with all that power and courage… they knew she’d be needing it.

‘Where Angels fear to tread’… my Dad often said, to my brother. Mine more demure, quiet, hidden, soft, caring. But there.

Oh yes it was there… it is there.

The track to this step has been thorny indeed. All kinds… all sorts banging into me. Scratching me, knocking me down. Trying to annihilate.

See ~ how strong you are.

That tiny form grown to large… crossed over another fence. Heading into ‘old’ age.

Man ~ like who could ever imagine. Not until you’re here does the miracle reveal itself.

I want to stretch this day forever… make a life of it. Life begins anew with each new breath.

I praise them, I adore them… call them to my side. They’re my lovers, my protectors… they’re my God. My everything.

I want to celebrate my Life.

I want… I will expand into this space.

I want to merge with this time… make it mine.

I’m a gift from God. Only one of me made. Just the other day I got a true glimpse of that. Experienced it in the here and now. In my body… where it showed itself to be real.

It was extraordinary… one of a kind. In the whole universe of everything. In all times ever.

And I still have breath.

I stand on this step… the door soon to open. On a whole new Marilyn.

I can never really reveal my gratitude. Often it lies silent deep in my soul. But when I go I shall sing it through all the air.

I’m hoping to be here for a while… if that’s ok😃

It’s the coolest thing being here on Earth… where the magick happens (despite the Shit Show😌).

Miracles unfolding… breath after breath.

And yes… May I never forget.

And sigh… we’re ‘free’ today (lockdown lifted here) 🍄🎉🍄

May Love forever be your guide ❤️🧡❤️

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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