changing gears 🍄

We all need magick.

Lots is good. There’s plenty around… just take a quick squiz about your person. That stuff is everywhere.

I’m a huge fan of magick… that magick feeling that tickles your skin. Tingles your insides. Harmonises your cells. That feeling you remember… like it’s been there forever. You know it so well.

It’s where you feel at home. At rest… one with yourself. One with everything around you. You exhale the loudest sigh.

It’s like a silky golden honeyed liquid that pleasures all your senses… even the ones you never knew you had. Your body responds. Mind stills. Heart swells… responding to the overflow of love.

A belonging you hunger for… showers over you extravagantly.

There’s no measly mouthed misers here… everything flows abundantly.

No need for FOMO… it never runs dry, this magick well is always full. It flows from an infinite source. You only need to show up. No questions asked. No forms to fill. No passports, entrance exams… no judgements, ridicule, restrictions or gaols. Nah… all free here.

I’m a big fan of magick land. Some think it’s pretend. I know it’s not. Magick’s there all the time. It never goes away.

You only need to turn up.

You’re never turned away.

In fact you’re welcomed with open arms… a gleeful smile… a generosity that awes you at first. You’re just not used to it.

How can anything be so kind… so giving? So present. So full. So always there?

Never disappoints. Never turns away. Always welcoming… takes you into her fold. Recognises you immediately… a long lost friend. Feels like you’ve never parted… just drifted off somewhere.

Sometimes the contrast is enormous.

Yeah… I’m a fan of magick. I’ve seen heaps.

I’ve walked in it, swam in it, danced in it… absorbed it into my skin.

I’ve seen it with my eyes, heard it in my ears… tasted it on my tongue. Felt it nurture me.

It always welcomes me home.

I wander… but I hope I always return.

Easy to get lost… loose your way. Then you just let out a cry… and wiz bam you’re back. Magick it is.

I’m glad I’m a fan of magick… she’s a big part of me.

People think she’s pretend… I know she’s not.

She’s more real than anything else.

New Moon Blessings… Moon’s planted her seed just a short time ago. She’ll be hidden in the sky for a little bit longer… then out she’ll come shining her light… in that gorgeous little slip of an arc.

For such a little thing… she holds a great deal of power.

And this Virgo New Moon brings a whole heap of healing… I reckon we could do with heaps of that right now. Even with all the magick about.

Yeah… there’s plenty of things that are wrong… but even more that are right.

Just gotta find them… and shine a light on them.

Yeah… a challenge at times.

We fall down… then we get up again.

I’m in the countdown… finishing off my journey through the twelfth house. A brand new cycle about to start in another five days.

And another year older. You just can’t ever imagine you’d get this far. But I gotta be grateful I have. Even with all of it.

73…. gasp😳😳

may your journey been filled with heaps’a magick moments….

much love… marilyn🧡🍄🧡

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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