Beguiled… 🦉

How to find a language… for those formless places. Not quite here… but present all the same.

Feelings… I know them well.

It’s keeping mind away from them… is the trick.

So much swirling around. I often say if we had special glasses (like 3D glasses ~ only probably 5D at least would be required)…

so we could see the movement of all that formless invisible matter… dancing in our space. Passing through our energy fields into our physical.

I got to know these formless critters when training in Pranic Healing. I mean, words like ‘entities’ were even hard for me to take in. And I’m pretty open (too much unfortunately… but that’s another thing).

We were practicing… during my training; offering sessions for a donation, in the local community. My first ‘public’ experience… extending my skills, practising what I learned.

It was during one of those… that a hand grasped me by the throat. And pressed tight. It was real alright… I was feeling it. But of course on the physical level nothing could be seen.

I’d encountered an ‘entity’ ~ the ones my teacher had spoken of. God… they’re real.

Of course my teacher brushed it off… I recall him saying ‘it’s just your ego..’ whatever that meant. He wasn’t disregarding the fact an ‘entity’ had latched itself onto me. So whatever the ‘ego’ thing meant… I had no idea.

I’ve encountered these formless forms… many times over the years of my practice. I could feel them… and see them. Some big buggers there were. Nasty bits.

I reasoned… that it was all just energy. Too much thinking and analysing doesn’t help.

Why entities are on my mind I’m not sure. Maybe it was my first Pranic session in years that activated the whole thing again.

I’m energy sensitive… ridiculously so at times. It’s not always comfortable. But I can’t change it. I’ve learned (very slowly) to trust myself more and more… as my life’s unfolded.

I’m feeling a lot at present. July’s been a big month planetary wise. These last 18mths have been a bit of a head spinner. This year I reckon more than last.

I’ve been wanting to hermit. Lie on my bed and read novels. The world outside is way too much at times… so much going on. At least under the surface.

So much unexpressed emotion.

So much confusion, uncertainty, isolation.

I get the sense it’s going to get worse before it gets better… whatever that means. We haven’t even encountered the drastic weather changes yet. Our precious Earth is struggling to breath… like I am with my mask. Our lungs full of grief.

It’s a funny thing with emotions … they tend to activate any that are similar… stored away. They go exploring through the halls of the akashic beaming up all the resonant bits.

And yeah Mother Moon’s in Scorpio at present. Scorpio goes deep. He’s an edge dweller. Lives on the edge of nice and good. Hungers for the raw and unpolished.

Lusts after unity. True intimacy and authenticity. Strips us to our vulnerability. Purges anything past its used by date.

Not always for the faint of heart… but worth the journey.

Where can we strip another layer of ‘false’… to get to the true core of everything. After eons of make-belief.

Breathing is good. And I’m sure glad I’m alive… regardless how tender it gets at times.

Love to you…🦉❤️🦉

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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