Beguiled… 🦉

How to find a language… for those formless places. Not quite here… but present all the same. Feelings… I know them well. It’s keeping mind away from them… is the trick. So much swirling around. I often say if we had special glasses (like 3D glasses ~ only probably 5D at least would be required)…… Continue reading Beguiled… 🦉

Out of Bounds ðŸŒš

It made a lot of sense ‘Out of Bounds’ ~ beyond the influence of the ‘King’. Exploring outside set parameters… Seeking what’s hidden what’s held in the dark. Venturing into forbidden territory Carrying your courage… trusting your companion the one that walks with you Never leaves holds your hand… carries you at times. Sometimes more… Continue reading Out of Bounds ðŸŒš

One more week🧚‍♀️🐢🧚‍♀️

I promised myself a month… had slithering doubts whether I’d make it. I was hoping I could. I mean… not that it’s a monstrous task. Memories fade. Yet some of them remain crystal clear. How is that? Who decides? Who chooses what stays at the front of the line? The memory I was trying to… Continue reading One more week🧚‍♀️🐢🧚‍♀️

Slipping into the Silence🧖‍♀️

The Ocean’s been amazing… So incredibly VITAL. Her presence so commanding. So insisting, so enthralling. So clearing… so healing. So revitalising. God… we need our precious Mother Earth more than ever. We need Nature’s company we need her guidance. We need to understand our connection to her. She’s our saviour. She’s our Mother. She’s miraculous…… Continue reading Slipping into the Silence🧖‍♀️