Ahhh… intoxicating ❤️Space❤️


I made it… down for dawn. How’s it possible that each and every day begins so totally new? Never a repeat. Something brand new approaching you… each time you show up. Each time you say ‘Yes…. I’m game to have a go😃’.

Space ~ god where can I find the words. It’s such an exotic, sublime, totally absorbing… and familiar place. I’m so drawn to it.

Yeah… could ‘explain’ a bit through astrology… an ancient science been walking with me since I was eleven.

The demander of Freedom… a care-less existence, free to reach the heights s/he sees, never surrenders to being small and held and limited. Uranus of course. Ruler of Aquarius… the great Freedom Fighter, Liberation Rebel.

So yes his placement in my birth chart (all very mathematical, Geometrical and mysterious)… the Universe ~ a Master Professor. Blows my mind.

Suffice to say his presence in my personally created energetic matrix … gives a longing, a desire to live within that boundary-less world. Well… Neptune helps with that as well.

I woke early. About five. Mid-winter here (only just past the Winter Solstice)… so Sun doesn’t surface till later. 6.38am today.

It was dark… but I could still see heavy dark clouds above. Rain was about. It wouldn’t be one of those cloudless wonders… awe inspiring miracles… Sun dominating the sky with no interference. Proclaiming his royalty… King of our Solar System. That’s gotta be one of the most magickal sights.

It wasn’t one of those mornings. I rode my trusty rusty bike along the river, over the footbridge, across to the dunes and parked my trusted friend beside a tree…. set there to wait for me. Then that special walk down the long thin track, bush on either side. Damp sand under my feet. Morning stirring… no light yet. Birds rustling, life getting ready to announce.

Up ahead this slash of red. My heart lifted… let out an excited sigh. There’ll be colour after all.

I love that silent walk in the dark… surrounded by trees, life beginning to stir, feet and toes squelching in the sand. Rugged up for winter… breathing in ocean air. I mean… seriously. How lucky can we be?

Yep sky was packed with dark and heavy clouds… but that slash of orange and red… and then the deep inhales of morning fresh ocean air.

The slash of red reflected discreetly on the waves… as they came to kiss the shore. Tide moving away… back out home. They’ll return again later today. They never go far, never leave completely. Each and every day… like this incredible swing holding and caressing us.

I walked for quite a distance. I stopped doing that a while back. The scars I carry from my meeting with the virus… when I was only small, left their mark.

I’ve walked miles and miles… in my time. Always loved that sense of freedom and space when you’re walking… as if the wholeness opens all around you. Brushing past your face.

I’d hunt out bush areas… wherever I lived. I’d always find one. Off I’d trek, immersing myself in their nurturing.

But I walked a long way this morning… walked half way to Byron. The ocean on one side… the nature reserve on the other… the long stretch of sand in front and behind. I was the first one down this morning.

There weren’t many walkers this morning… black heavy clouds threatening… you could see the rain falling on the horizon. There were only a few. One even went in for a swim.

This Space thing. God how could I ever explain it. Find words to come close. This sense of expansiveness. This place of no walls. This endless being… this place so familiar. It’s the most comfortable I feel. It’s like my home.

We meet each other… but there’s no form to interrupt. Nothing gets in the way. It’s so safe. It’s nothing but it’s everything. It’s pure and sacred yet so simple and real.

It’s present. It’s full. It’s intoxicating. It’s enthralling. It sees me, I see it. We merge. We are one yet separate just the same.

It’s coming home. It’s perfect. I want it to be forever. I don’t want to leave it.

So I walked and walked and breathed it all in. What a miracle. They’re happening all the time and we just don’t see them.

Half way back… the gentle rain began… soaking my hair, dribbling down my face. Dampening my coat.

I looked up to the crowded sky… I smiled, I received the blessings of rain.

Still a few keen walkers kept on in their shorts and teeshirts.

I reached my max with walking… time to return to camp. My cute little cabin in the holiday park. Who would’ve thought!

But that could be all about to change.

Leaving behind all the majesty. All the perfection. The newly discovered each and every day. The beauty… ahhh the beauty.

I remind myself it’s everywhere. It’s never not been where I am.

Maybe it follows me around😃

Or me it… maybe we always walk together.

Ahhh… have a wonderful day 😀💙🌧🌊💧💙😀

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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