transitions… 🦋

Simpson’s Creek and the Magick Mangroves

Day two of stopping… it takes some getting use to. So used we are of moving… from one spot to another. Gathering, building… arriving somewhere. Yet when we stop we’re still moving … sometimes over greater distances. We just can’t see it.

‘Integration’ the word we use in my coaching world… whatever gets stirred, uncovered, revealed, newly discovered… opened new spaces need time to be assimilated into the status quo.

Body moves slower than mind.

I know that from my years of Energy Medicine… Body moves at a slower pace, its vibration’s more dense. It’s heavier… it’s solid, it’s matter. Mind can travel at the speed of light… here there and everywhere in the blink of an eye. Well almost.

I’ve moved on. I get glimpses of it from time to time. New avenues, new spaces. They need time to get themselves all here.

Daily it seems…. what use to have significance, seems so old. Out of date…. Sooo yesterday.

Even my learning. I’ve taken in words, ideas and concepts of others, I’ve been taken into a world of their seeing. Captured some of their wisdom. And lots of their beliefs.

In a student state… you’re open. A relatively empty container to be filled. So you drink it all up.

Some things illuminate… others get stuck, they grate… their resonance out of kilter. They don’t flow in your stream. You stay open… you notice. You make note.

Days, weeks, years… you’ve taken in so much stuff… Becoming an ‘Expert’.

How important is that free space after it all?

That interlude of time where there’s only you. You and yours. Where you can sort the wheat from the shaft… very Virgo (my Sun).

All the learning needs to sit around you, not take you over… be an adjunct to who you already are… everything you’ve crafted on your life journey.

The new learning is not meant to wipe you out… create a carbon copy. There are way too many of those.

Boring, boring… all the Carbon Copies. Like a stuck record. Gets old quick. Sticking to the ‘tried and true’. Well if nothing else these last 18mths have shown us super clearly… that ‘TRUTH’ is an illusive concept.

Is there any such thing?

Maybe it’s buried so deep… we don’t see it.

Hidden within our flesh, blood and bones.

Comforted and coddled in our Sacred Spaces.

Illuminated by Breath itself.

Our saviour… our redemption.

I’m sitting by Simpson’s Creek… it’s gloriously warm in the Sun. It’s mid-winter here. Only 3 days to the Winter Solstice. My favourite💋💋

The naughty Turkeys race around the muddy mangroves…. tides moving out. Squabbling, having words.

Raven friends add their raspy gravelly words… add their two bobs worth*.

The mangroves are a constant source of companionship, activity and presence. Oh yes… and Magick.

I’ve done some washing, carried an overflowing recycle container to the bin (weeks worth😯)… clean sheets, airing all the added winter blankets. Sweeping and mopping. Cleaning’s good.

Creating space to find myself again.

The process and the choice… and the resulting form, is always mine to conjure.

Tides moving back to kiss the ocean. What an incredible process to witness each and every day.

Claim it all… it’s waiting for you … marilyn💋❤️💋

  • ‘Adding their two bobs worth’ ~ an Aussie colloquialism meaning ‘ adding their opinion… for whatever it’s worth’

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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