Each step is a success. Each moment we caress our breath… we have achieved the ultimate gift. We’re alive.

Yeah… easy to become distracted from that miracle happening each and every moment. I know about distractions… me and them intimately entwined.

Moving away… creating some distance. Allowing, letting go… having patience with Telstra. Oops… did I say that? Frustrations reaching epic proportions… seeming like mountains… Everest couldn’t compare. Confusion, chaos… how can things possible be so bad? At least completely dysfunctional?

I’m pretty ‘bright’… yet I’ve never been able to work it out.

I get caught in the net… each and every time. I start holding tight to my breath… doesn’t take long before the ends are ragged… and that holding seems lost forever.

How can anything be so chaotic? Yeah… welcome to the world we live in.

Progress… well we left that behind some time ago. A world of make-believe… whimsical forms enticing… calling your name. The most perfect form has you salivating… those machines are good at pretend.

Get up close… the bubble bursts. You can hear their evil laugh echoing as you crawl away. Shoulders limping, heart in tears, body shaking with the anger… been tricked again. Why do you believe?

Why do you think they will meet you half way? Haven’t you learned? ‘It’s not that’ you whimper… ‘I believe if Faerie tales’… you know the true kind. The ones you’ve carried in your heart since… well, forever.

The blue skies… the warm and nurturing Sun. The garden thriving… each and every one of them. No one is missed, none are left behind. The great arms of the Mother holds all to her massive breasts. She knows how to nurture… she’s not a carbon cut out. A mechanical production… good, yeah. Then you walk up close… and poof it all disappears.

How do we get tricked? Aren’t we smart? What happened… how did it get to this. Make believe on every corner, shining from billboards, calling your name. Their approach keeps getting refined… purer purer (well in their minds), nearer, nearer… they follow you around. Every single moment haunted, reminded… to whom you really belong.

Metal chords… silicone breasts… we’ll never get any nutrients from them. Pretend pretend… it’s perfected each and every second.

As we meander, sleep walking… over the cliff.

No… they’re not coming to collect our crushed and bloody body. Haven’t you clicked… they’re not here for you. They just want what they can steal.

I glance beyond the long glass doors… the magick colour of the river, an indescribable colour. So pure, so clear, so clean, so perfect… gently flows filling the creek. Renewing the mangroves… bringing life, feeding them all. A paddler glides through the perfection. A perfection unimaginable. What magick… real, true magick is here, happening all the time. Beneath, below, beside all the make belief.

We have a choice… even when we think we don’t. What do we choose?

The sand is moving quickly through the glass. Our time is limited here. What will we create? How do we choose to live our life? These questions are important now. Really really important. We’re at a crossing… and our way forward has never been so important.

Immerse ourselves in make-believe… or dare to face what’s true?

I can tell you for sure… MAGICK IS REAL… and it’s happening RIGHT NOW. Connect and know it to be true.


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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