Flowing with the tide 🌊🐋

This Solstice crossing has been a big one. The biggest I think I remember feeling. The day itself… Monday here, felt magickal. There was this personal visceral sense that vibrated in my body. It felt incredibly special. I replied to a friend ‘Yes I’m feeling it. So rich, still and present. I feel the spaciousness…… Continue reading Flowing with the tide 🌊🐋

lazy days… 🐌🐢

I missed the dawn this morning… had a long much needed sleep. Up just in time to watch the golden glow from my window. I had planned to go… but sleep was good. It’s hard to know what’s what… what’s the ’cause’, the stimulation that’s provoking a response in you. There’s the weather, the seasonal… Continue reading lazy days… 🐌🐢

Day 6 of Stop 🧖‍♀️

I felt heavy… sitting in my usual place, my favourite orange stool. So much time been spent with ‘her’ pen in hand, hands on keys. As the years keep slipping by. Where do they go? Dreams again… of a different sort filled my sleep. No traumatic scenes… but a niggling sense, of not being good… Continue reading Day 6 of Stop 🧖‍♀️

Winding down…☺️

Day five… of ‘stopping’. Yesterday I rarely left my bed. The tiredness descended… felt super heavy. Hard to keep my eyelids lifted. And it was such a gorgeous day… those perfect winter days here in the north (NSW OZ). Maximum 20… the breeze still carrying the chill from the snowfields. The Sun deliciously warm. Sky… Continue reading Winding down…☺️

transitions… 🦋

Day two of stopping… it takes some getting use to. So used we are of moving… from one spot to another. Gathering, building… arriving somewhere. Yet when we stop we’re still moving … sometimes over greater distances. We just can’t see it. ‘Integration’ the word we use in my coaching world… whatever gets stirred, uncovered,… Continue reading transitions… 🦋

The in-betweens🌳

I’m just about functioning ~ promised myself a month off. Today’s the first day. I’m in a strange and new place. The exhaustion’s familiar… the come to a stop. But the place I’m in within and between… is new. It’s kinda low… ’cause exhaustion is weighty, it pulls you down. Gravity force is strong. At… Continue reading The in-betweens🌳


Each step is a success. Each moment we caress our breath… we have achieved the ultimate gift. We’re alive. Yeah… easy to become distracted from that miracle happening each and every moment. I know about distractions… me and them intimately entwined. Moving away… creating some distance. Allowing, letting go… having patience with Telstra. Oops… did… Continue reading Glimpses…❤️‍🔥