Twas a long day…


My little friend… in her hidey-hole 💚💚

Continues… the aftermath of the very long day.

It can take a lifetime.  To wash away the mud… the dusty mouldy coat that covered us.  From so long back.  Hidden shame, disgust… how dare you bare your innocence?

Torture, dungeons, prisons… rapes.  Annihilation.  Burning at the stake.  Loved ones taken… all alone.  Hiding from the enemy.  Frightened, scared.

The saviour is coming.  Was inside me all along.

Yeah ~ the road is long.  It’s not a short and nifty journey.  Take a big breath in… step by step inside, not out.

Waiting for the bus… a Leprechaun with ginger wine chatted in stolen voice.  The spirits can do that to you.  Oh yes at first the oblivion ~ feels so good.  I know it.  But the destination is screened.  They don’t tell you where you’re going.

I have an open heart.  I don’t judge indiscriminately.  I’ve lived enough of life… of pain and suffering, to recognise it in another.  I don’t judge the bottle people or those who sleep on benches… there but the grace is me of course.  I often feel compassion.  They’re just a human being like me.

From an early age I would stop and chat to them all… a seer told me some time ago ‘you pick up on others pain’.  Thought to myself… ‘what a bloody stupid thing to do’. Thinking ~ couldn’t I pick up on something else??

My dear mother frustrated at my frequent stops… exclaimed in a gentle voice ‘Do you have to speak to everyone Marilyn??’  ‘Yes’ I replied.  I think she secretly understood.

So what chance do I have?  It came with me in the birth canal.

Back to the bus shelter ~ I was tired and wet.  And looking back, in shock.  The surrounds felt like a circus, in one of those spooky futuristic films.  Eery and strange… behind the show of fun and freedom.

A valley of lost souls… with neon signs and rainbows.  Travellers from all over.  A Mecca for the searching.  For what?  What are we looking for?  We wander far to find it.

Bus finally came.  I’d been in that shelter but out of body.  My senses overloaded. The unheard sounds… screaming for saviour.  So many masks… so much held under.

I’m open.  My gift, as a servant ~ but not as a master.

I need shelter in the store. My auric field is much too gentle.  Made of the finest, exquisite chords… the highest evolved receptors.  I pick up on everything.  How to live that way?  That’s why I need the trees and green and silence.

I hopped on the bus.  When I sat the exhaustion hit me.  It was a long trip home… via Mullumbimby.  In Bruns the streets were bare but for a solitary walker.  With effort I walked… clod, clod, clod, my foot.  The hardest walk I’ve endured for some time. Takes me back to times I experienced that same stressful limitation.  Goes back a long way, I was only 17yrs young.

Made it home.  In almost total overwhelm.  Exhaustion racked my being.  Still with my wet coat on, I started making dinner 🙄🙄  Jumped into the shower… hot water ahhhhh.  Let it caress my body.  Washing away all the energy … geez, how much did I take on??  There must’ve been so much on me (I really need a solution for that! Yeah… I’ve tried many things).

Into my cosy PJ’s, ate dinner on my bed… cleaned my teeth then slept. Hugging my teddy.  Heaps of dreams filled that night ~ ‘Merchandise ~ Selling ~ Buying’.

The end… of my day trip to Byron. (I’m sure it’s beautiful in parts…😘)


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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