‘Meeting your Emotions’

‘Meeting Your Emotions’ is the module I’m reviewing for my practice coaching session in a few days.  I’ve not yet begun, when I do I might post some things I learnt… in a following blog.

I’m in the end months of completion with my coaching certification.    It’s been a big journey.  Diving down to deeper levels within myself.

I’ve been a fan of LOA (Law of Attraction) for many years.  I also have a very genuine gratitude and passion for my amazing life.  Doesn’t mean it always run smooth. You know what it’s like.

LOA in a nutshell (I’m not an expert) is ‘think it how you want it to be’.  And yes ~ our thoughts have considerable influence on what we do and how we proceed.  The tricky thing is getting to some of those unconscious thoughts… or more accurately, the unconscious realities we store in our body.

I’ve been a big body girl (Virgo 👩‍🦱)  ~ well at least for someone with a strong mental leaning. My mind is strong… and I will say, quite capable.  I give thanks to my ‘genius’ father for that.  Then, my Mother had the most powerful instinctual knowledge; with an ancient earth-based natural intelligence.  They were both pretty gifted.  It’s good to remember this ~ as we often hold challenging memories from our childhood.

What got me started on this, this morning was listening to a recording (LOA/Astro). It stimulated a lot of stuff. I went searching for some things in my shelves of journals.  I won’t go into the details and what it related to… but a potent wave of guilt flooded my body.

The guilt had this distinct flavour.  It was surrounded by grief.  Wo…. grief is a big one.  I’ve been on a journey with that these last couple of years.  After leaving my Sacred Space.

Things go back, everything is connected.  Nothing exists in isolation… it all swims around together.  Years back I was cynical of ‘other lives’.  In fact in my youth I had a strong cynical streak.  Maybe hard to believe… but true.  In one of the writing workshops I attended Rick (Morton – was a great workshop😊😊) reminded us… ‘You got to write the truest thing you know’.

I think it takes years to even get to that point.  Well at least it has for me.  Still gaining the courage to reveal myself.

So digressing (easy for me) ~ ‘past lives’.  I didn’t believe in them.  But since then I’ve ‘gone back’ (that’s what I call it)… I regressed back to another time and space.  Not in my mind.  But in my body.  I was there.  So I can’t say I don’t believe in them anymore.  Some things just are and I don’t know how to define them.  Things just happen.  And when they happen to me… I then know them, I’ve experienced them, I believe them.  If I live it, I know it.

So the grief.  Wo…. it fills my chest.  It’s a thick blanket, covering my lungs.  So much water needing release.  That grief lies underneath the guilt… I won’t go there at least in my mind.  I’ll explore the sensations in my body. Accept them, honour them, allow them to be.  They’ve been there a long time.  And they’ve served a purpose… as everything does.  Now they want my attention.

My immediate sense in encountering a powerful emotion ~ is to freeze or run, bury or distract.  It’s intense to feel powerful emotions… that’s their purpose, to get our attention.  If we follow their lead they will lead us to what’s stored in our body. Everything is stored in our body… everything we’ve ever experienced.  And some from before.  Life is a mystery.

I’ll get back to you with exploring my emotions over the next few days.  The two first ‘Integration Powers’ in our coaching methodology are ‘clarity’ and ‘acceptance’.  I’ll leave you with these.

Clarity that something exists, is clearly seen.  Acceptance is powerful, when we accept something we allow it to be.  Everything within us is valuable and needs to be honoured.  It’s a part of us.  Our Sacred creation.  As my dear Dad repeated often ~ ‘There’s no such thing as a coincidence’.  No such thing as chance… everything is joined and connected.

Becoming more aware is practice.  Like everything.  But I love that we can redirect our focus (even if bit by bit) on honouring and loving every single thing about us. The ultimate goal would be all the time.

I’m still learning… and will be till my last breath.  But there’s nothing really greater than getting to truly know yourself deeply… in every way.  After all ~ We are the gift.

My grief feel lighter already.  And my guilt has moved away.

Life is Magical ~ Lotsa Love… marilyn😍🧚‍♂️😍

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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