Sweet & Sour Surrender 🌺

November’s nearly always big.  Scorpio can pack a mighty punch.  Pluto’s not known for his gentle bedside manner.  ‘It’s going…’ he booms.  Resistance is not only futile ~ but deadly.   Our body’s on high alert…  our nervous system in bloody shreds;  our gut twisted in metal chords.   Our brain a sizzle… our breath ready to depart. Fighting Pluto is never wise.

I’ve always been a fighter… my innate will is monumental.  It’s got me through some major pit stops… life and death is his domain.   But there comes a time when those weapons need to be placed to the side.  What in our self are we resisting?  ‘Cause it’s always an internal story.

Oh yeah ~ it appears to be attacking from the outside.  And yes there are many things we have no control over.  Most things actually.  Accept for how we feel, what we choose… how we respond and what we walk toward.  In essence the power always lies with us.

We’re all pretty much in the same boat ~ us humans.  At least in our internal worlds. I reckon that’s where the magick lies.  And it’s really truly the time… to let that magick shine.  That potent power that exists within this magnificent body of ours. Right here, right now.

The outside world will rock and roll… structures and systems will change.  They will. There’s possibly huge changes heading our way.  It’s more important than ever… to sink deeply into our self.  Immerse in that deep well of Love and care… of being, of knowing, of celebrating, of rejoicing.  We have everything we need… including the strength to walk through the rough spots.  We’re way more powerful than we think. Time to unveil our magick.

much love ~ marilyn ❤️🌺❤️

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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