Taking care of our magnetic fields 🌺

That A-board will be with me again in a few weeks ~ out of storage after two years.  Moving and change ~ moving especially, seems particularly sensitive for me and my body.

Is it caring too much ~ feeling too much?  Too much thinking ~ an avalanche of processing.  Way too much, too much… too much of everything.  How does a gentle body contain it all?

I need a lot of chilling.  No wonder they brought me here right by the river… lulled by the ocean, as it embraces the shore.  Virgo Sun, Gemini Ascendant ~ both ruled by Mercury; air ~the mind ~communication, connection, assimilation, digestion, the nervous system.

Then there’s all those bloody Rats… and a Rooster (Chinese Astrology’s Four Pillars ~ time/day/month/year) .  That’s a mighty active vocal creature.  The power of force behind those words.  And yes Rat’s nervous systems are hyper sensitive.

Add all the psychic stuff ~ those ridiculous antennae that pick up everything.  In the minutest detail.  Which of course the mind is incapable of perceiving… so they all just tumble in as feelings and sensations in my body.

Chill, chill, chill.  Grounding to Earth.  Living in my body.  Having warmth and love around me.  Feeling my belonging.  Safe in my environment.  Held, loved, nurtured and caressed.  I/myself requires my focus.

It’s time to re-unite with our body.  She holds the key to everything.

Means slowing down… letting go.  Being vulnerable (that scary word), being open and speaking our truth.  And most of all ~ magnificently caring for our most wonderful self.  Yeah it’s a tall order.  But we’re not going to get ahead with anything less.

These times will not permit it.  These ‘times’ have moved on.  Of course we can’t see it… we can only see the remains of the old.   The physical and energetic have separated hence why we’re all feeling a bit torn apart.  It’s tough on the nervous system.

Evolution ~ the Master of Time moves at the speed he dictates.  We’re either willing participants or we get carried along for the ride… dragged in pieces mainly.

Our body ~ our sacred vehicle… the answers lie within.  It’s really the only place our genius hasn’t yet truly explored.  We travel out and out into space… can we travel in, to an even greater miracle world… inside our body.

The times ahead could be tough for some.  When empires tumble the shock waves reverberate out.  Shock is hard on the body.  We’ve journeyed too far from our centre core… Life/Evolution/The One/Source, has its own ways.  Is propelled by a mega genius intelligence we will never fathom with our intellect.

These are times for humility, acceptance and honouring.  We are a part of the whole ~ but we are not the whole.  Just a tiny drop.  But how powerful, how magnificent, how inspiring… is that tiny drop of everything.

much love ~ marilyn ❤️🌺❤️




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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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