Honouring our Moon 🌙

Where does it come from? This deep well of sadness and loneliness.  Oh yes ~ I feel love and joy.  I understand ~ even if a tad intellectualised, that I can choose.  In this moment I can choose how I want to be… how I want to feel. Yet ~ when something comes knocking again… Continue reading Honouring our Moon 🌙

My Heart goes deep 🌺

  S u c h a beautiful morning 😊 Sun’s shining his radiant brilliance.  After weeks of wet it feels so… rebirthing. Sometimes we gotta go really deep to reach who we are. Covered over ~ layered; deep dark muddy brown.  Self hidden under layers of protection ~ so deep it’s hard to find my self. … Continue reading My Heart goes deep 🌺

Stormy weather continues

Stormy weather continues ~ ocean sounds wild.  Mother Earth going through changes… reacting, responding to the collective vibrations. We hold no power over her.  At times she makes it clear who’s in control.  Most times we feel her love… bathed in her kindness, care and nurturing.  But when there’s something she needs to release… like… Continue reading Stormy weather continues