Capricorn New Moon ~ doorway into 2018

It’s been a tender, rich and full morning… on this special Capricorn New Moon ~  the special portal opening to 2018. Happy New Moon Celebrations ♥♥ After a deep dive into the current training I’m doing at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality… I feel tender, deep and in need of my own sacred healing love. Our body stores the… Continue reading Capricorn New Moon ~ doorway into 2018

Magick 💖

Another uniquely sensational morning 🌞 being part of another birthing day. The beauty is simply too exraordinary to fit words to its description.  Mystery mists huddled us close… deeper into the spellbinding time of ‘now’.  Life is just extraordinary… yes that word again. The waves crashing loudly ~ filled my ears as my eyes opened from… Continue reading Magick 💖

Venus, Pluto and Sun

Venus. Pluto and Sun’s Sacred Dance ~ merging their energy, opening a new portal; broadcasting loud and clear the Sacred Feminine is back… and ready to rule.  Together, they’re sensational ~ an alchemical brew of unmitigated Power. The Venus Pluto Sun Alchemy has emitted the most extraordinarily powerful Blessing.  Venus and Pluto united ~ this is the beginning of Goddess… Continue reading Venus, Pluto and Sun

Sharing increases our bounty

From… Osho Tarot Cards It’s a year of finally letting go.  Of absolutely all you no longer need.  Lighten your load… make it easy on yourself.  Any lingering fear or doubt… out the back door they go.  Into the smoldering compost heap… that’ll eventually do wonders for our gardens.  Any remnants of guilt ~ burn… Continue reading Sharing increases our bounty