New Year’s Eve ~ 2017


Ancient trees photographed by Beth Moon ❤


Last day ~ dawn, sunrise… early morning chatter of our many feathered friends; last goodbyes of 2017.  I feel heavy, low, sad and withdrawn.  Yes my dearest sacred friend PR… there is that vast expanse of joy rippling inside me.

It feels like something needs to be faced.  It’s tender and sore… fragile in its sadness; if you could just get past that solid door… protecting your rhythmic emotions.  Yes life has its twists and turns… we have little control at times.  Is it all destined, proclaimed by the stars… our galactic friends supporting our evolution.  We do come here to know, understand and flower… find home amid this space of shifting matter.

My left ankle ~ strangely I became aware of sensations there while focusing on deeper more subtle sensations in my pelvic region, vagina and womb.  What’s the connection with my ankle… curious connection I thought.

My left ankle was fused when I was 10yrs old… the polio virus paralysing the feminine side of my body.  Scars were left to remind.  Healing journey can span many years.  The ankle pain and restriction deepened and spread… now encased in a holding bandage, giving me support to walk.

What is this being brought to my attention.  My left side paralysed… stopped from moving forward.  Obviously something proceeded this event… I’ve had my visions, thoughts and memories.  Little Healer marilyn trying to save.

No event, sensation, murmur or shouting ~ from our sacred body, is ever without reason or purpose.  Life doesn’t waste its precious breath on inconsequentials.  The loss of innocent sacred sexual selves… the miracles that occur inside a Woman’s Womb.  My body a manifestation and reminder of my journey.

Sounds of crashing waves fill the space.  The contrast ~ the gentle flow of the incoming ripples meandering along the river.  Super Moon (close to Earth) is whipping up the tides to a frenzy.  Went down for a play in the waves yesterday… they were certainly rambunctious and forceful.  2018 comes in with some mighty force.

So here I sit at the boundary line… feeling this heavy sense weighing on my shoulders.  My throat ~ my familiar place of holding.  This area will be healed this year.  I need my voice ~ to fulfil my task.

We’ve all been called to the starting line.  Ready or not… Saturn here we come.

The heaviness and sadness… move into it, where is it stored.  Why is it heavy, filled with weighty moisture.  We sit on the cusp of a mighty Super Full Moon in Cancer.  We’ve entered the portal gates ~ the power is immense.  Waves, huge waves crashing on your consciousness.  Knocking at the door… of your deeply buried secrets.  Time to remove those rotting piles of yesteryear.

Where in my body ~ my neck of course… the place the virus first took hold.  Down my spine, across my shoulders… radiating around my neck, into my face (the mask I show the world).  I sense a small frightened child hiding behind a wall.  The congruency ~ ’cause I can see her strength… her flaming heart and golden power centre; her shiny armour and wells of wisdom.   A very special little girl come down from a line of special people.  But she hides herself ~ afraid.  Who is her pursuer… what danger is she in;  as she’s such a brave little girl… courage steeped in ancient wisdom.

Throat ~ my voice, my body tenses.  I can feel the fear, the adrenalin cursing through my body.  Where am I, what’s the danger.  My throat feels paralysed… locked down, frozen.  A fear of speaking up.

The sadness ~ what is it.  Ohhhhhh Nooooo ~ my left hand cradles my face as my other hand transcribes on the page.  Ohhhhh not that.  The Cancer Super Full Moon ~ long ago memories of the Mother.  My throat restricts… my solar plexus tightens.  My pelvic area is quiet and still… freezing over, entombed in mourning.

‘Run, hide… don’t let them see you’ ~ her power and strength still radiating through the fear in her face, as the flames licked at her feet; I watched them consume her.  A life of hiding began… generation after generation.

Oh my body… my solar plexus and throat.  Please lovers, angels, guides… my beloved ancestors, help me release these suffocating chords, rusted chains and lonely prison cells.  The time of hiding is over.  You have the support of generations of Mothers.  You see them at times.  You know they’re here.

The time of awakening ~ the time of birthing is here.  The Sacred Womb of Woman will herald the sacred healing of the whole.  2017 brought you to here… right now in this space.  Can you let it all go… step over the threshold to a whole new reality.

The Angels are with you.