I’m at a door, I’m trembling. I know it’s big… it’s been coming. It is my destiny.

Of course we have a choice ~ always. Or so it seems… yes, we do. If we choose to resist the flow (the avalanche at times), we will need to accept the consequences. Our body will soon object. If you listen carefully you will feel the gently tremors and shifts… deep in your cellular world.

Body responds immediately… but distracted as we’ve become, we decide not to notice till it is screaming. We’ve grown ~ as a species, to become extraordinarily disconnected from the internal workings of our self.

Yes, the door ~ it’s scary. I know all has lead me to here. I see the patterns ~ forming now; all the amazing experiences that have guided me… and opened me. Yes, really there are no chance encounters.

There’s a flow ~ that is everything. So vast, so complete… our tiny mental machinations struggle to grasp. Life is Love ~ Life is one ~ Life is purposeful, Life is giving, Life is leading us to our fulfilment.

The breeze chills my spine, I shiver and shake; my feet cold on the concrete step… even covered with a prickly grass mat. Why am I afraid? I know through this door my life will change, in a major way. But it’s what I’ve walked toward ~ dreamed, planned, imagined, explored… knew. Yes we know from the start.

It all comes down to ‘value’… taking the big step; gigantic, cavernous… it seems. Such a deep, deep hole to jump across. But if I don’t cross over, I’ll never get out of the loop; of dreaming, planning… and never doing.

This dream, this plan is BIG. Why do we fear our power? Our most powerful self stepping across… into the world that was always planned for you; from the very beginning of time.

Time to shift…


Can you feel it?  Stirring, demanding, uncovering secret doorways… bringing to a head, lots coming up for release.  This eclipse season is certainly in flow.

I move from surfacing old trauma… locked in my cells for eons;  to standing sure, erect and knowing… I belong to no-one.  My Sacred Self is who I adore.

We’re not this or that… but a unique blend of it all.  We’re strong and weak, powerful and vulnerable… we know, we doubt, we honour and we forget.

It’s a super time for claiming who we are.

It’s taken time, and work… sweat from our brow; sorrow leaking from our cells, anguish in our brains, our hearts crying to be heard.  We’ve known love and despair, kindness and abuse.  We know who we are… we never give our sacred self away.

It’s a time for standing tall, all you’ve gathered all you’ve learnt… on this long journey of yours.  Honour what you know… live your life from your sacred centre.

Those who honour will overcome their fear… we all work to our own sacred rhythm.

Time no more for deceit, especially from  yourself.  Life is calling to arise… it’s time, it’s time to be your most amazing self.  And share her with the world.