Through the fog of uncertainty and grief

Sacred Lake at Lennox Heads

A special treat ~ watching the Sun rise out of the ocean.  One of my most special delights… witnessing the birth of another day, through the deep waters of captivating Neptune.

I know what I want… and it moves toward me.   We will meet soon… till then each day an opportunity for celebration.  Life is generous beyond comparison.  Life offers joy within every moment.

Love ~ the most powerful healer… cutting through all the congestion, blocked flow and building tension.  Releasing the hormones needed for optimum health and well-being.

Love brings Life… renewal and growth.  Love eases all pain, sorrows and grief.  Love knows no bounds… is held prisoner by none.  It’s free to move wherever it desires.

It’s bound by no thought, concept or idea.  It exists alone… shining its grace.  It woos, it calls… moves closer to entice.  It knows your longing; let loose those fingers ~ gripping for life, on that old cold memory.

Bravery assured… courage in loads.  Beauty overflows… nothing left untouched.  We dance and sing… we honour and revere.  We’re slaves to Love… it is our human quest.

When we’re ready she alights on our head… her radiance glows, blinds us at first.  Then that feeling ~ so soft, so warm, so thorough and penetrating… fills every cavity.

Our body rejoices… ahhh she’s finally arrived.  Our path has been long… through many experiences; we almost lost hope.  But that little voice always there… just another step, then another; see it’s easy.

We fill our lungs with air… then a slow and conscious release.  A smile moves our lips, our eyes glitter with hope.  We lift one leg… ground soft and supportive under our foot.  Other leg rises… again support meets us.  We’re on the right path… we just need to keep moving.  Never lose hope, trust or knowing.


Dreaming awake


You can only ever do your own thing….

Second day of June ~ mid-month time of the year.  How we going with our plans… where have we come on the road we’ve chosen?

Some surprises I’m sure ~ many twists and turns.  The road is never straight… letting you see ahead for miles.  That’d be making it easy… where’s the fun and surprises.  Yes, the mystery.  Yeah I know keeps you awake some nights… or plays havoc with your digestion.

Which brings me to the body.  My body, your body… how it’s feeling, what’s it saying?  Do we listen to its invaluable direction?  Or do we decide we know best… trust the rampaging thoughts that scream across our screen.  Immerse ourselves in trivialities… as the clock ticks on, eating up our time.

What does it take to come to?  A good shake, a strong dose of caffeine?  Nah… often its a mighty shock, that tumbles our foundations; gate crashing our revelry.  For a moment we remember where we are and what we’re doing.  If we’re lucky we listen and hear… ‘change your ways… NOW’ she roars.

Her voice raggedy and hoarse from the constant shouting.  She has your attention for just a second.  Eye to eye you stand.  Later you awaken… stretching your arms over your head.  A big gulping yawn… eyes pry open, it’s still dark but lights not far.

You remember the dream… it seemed so real.  Like it really happened.  You scramble to remember all she said… it was a she, who was it?  You grab a pen, you scribble down all you remember.

It’s more than the words… there’s something you feel.  A freshness… something is different.  The voice now a memory, but you still feel its resonance.  There’s something important you need to remember… something you need to do.

‘Stay on the track…’ words linger.  Trust is all you need; and of course complete adoration of yourself.  Bits coming back… it was something about Love.  You remember falling asleep, her arms around you… held so close.

Love changes all, the path twists and turns… your destination hidden.  You know inside you.  It’s clear, that pure light that guides you forward.  All around, many are there…  you see them, you know them; they come when you call them.

So much a mystery and yet it’s simple.  Love is all there is… and Life holds you to her tightly.  You’re loved more than you’ll ever understand… it’s divine, it sacred, it’s what’s at the core of everything.  Every single thing in this vast universe.

Yes in body for a short time… make it count, do what needs to be done.