Heavy rain, tears… the Solstice


Feeling sad, stunned, strange… rain pelts down outside mimicking the water building inside… I feel I want to cry, but I don’t.

It feels strange… here I’ve sat, and lay, and wished and hoped.  Where magickal things appeared… cosmic experiences.

Where I lay so unwell… helpers came from all around; in spirit form.

I let go a bit, and was asked to let go some more.  I felt alone and unsupported, tired and exhausted.  I felt supreme tender joy, the gentle hands of the Mother caressing my wet cheeks…  as I stood and watched the splendour of the dawn.

I swam with all the creatures in the dam; gosh… Midsummer Night ~ the ending of 2012. What a magick time that was.  The sunset swim surrounded by hundreds of Dragonflies… playing with me as I swam.  Then the Willy Wagtails… again in great numbers, dived and flew in circles and spirals above my head… as I did my laps.  They were welcoming me… a truly stunning experience.  2012 was a cosmic journey through time, slipping in and out of multiple dimensions… seeing deep below the surface; behind the veil… welcomed into the Dreamtime.

New World birthing… the arrival of the Sacred Feminine ~ ‘the energy of the Sacred Feminine needs to grow’ she instructed me.  The morning visit from the Pleadians (yes, it happened)… ‘we are your friends, you are never alone’ they spoke.  And then there was Venus ~ returning to my body … during that amazing  morning when Venus eclipsed the Sun ~ June 6th 2012.

God was that a day… I remember it clearly.  First thing… I went outside to feel it.  The air was thick with her presence, it permeated the space ~ in every particle of breathing air; the stillness and quiet were extraordinary …  filled to fever pitch with expectation, excitement and reverence.    All awaiting her arrival.

And then of course the Ancestor visits… and discovery of the Sacred Site.

I feel sad, and want to cry.  I feel strange ~ in limbo.  Contract signed today… I have thirty days to vacate Mahalia.

I’m sure there will be tears….

lotsa luv…. marilyn ❀ ❀ ❀


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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