Mars activating Pluto ~ on my Moon


At the beginning when negotiating to purchase this property ~ my plan was to open a Sacred Rural Healing Retreat ~ I was thinking about the house (great space for workshops etc) and a voice spoke to me. ‘You are focusing on the wrong thing’ it said, ‘you are focusing on the house… you need to focus on the Land. You need to ask the Land Spirits if you can be the next Caretaker.’

‘How do I do that?’ I asked myself… I had no idea! I understood the message was clear and direct, so just closed my eyes and asked. I figured I was accepted as the contract went through.
Also during that pre-purchase time, whenever I closed my eyes and thought of this place, I saw Corroborees.

Fast forward… I’m here at Mahalia (I named her – meaning ‘Powerful but Gentle’ ) preparing/work/building to be ready to open this Sacred Healing Centre ~ of which I kept getting the message was really ‘needed now’. Local farmer friend who’s a Water Diviner comes for morning tea. I was curious about water under the land so he did his water divining thing. He discovered a Bora Ring ~ an Ancient Aboriginal Ceremonial Site. It made sense after what I’d already experienced.

Fast forward month or two, I collapse (nervous system) ~ spending the next years primarily lying on the verandah, absorbing the ‘Magick’… I was invited into the Dreamtime. So many ~ what I wouldn’t have thought possible, amazing experiences… some simply ‘cosmic’; like visits from Pleiadians, Venus returning to my body, seeing the New World birth and the arrival of the Sacred Feminine… cosmic stuff! But it was real… I’m a Virgo (with Capricorn Moon Smile ).

I also ‘saw’ the Ancestors (indigenous)… one appeared often, his energy so incredibly pure.  The Water Diviner said that the Bora Ring had not been used since white settlement but was used for 300 years before that. Lindesay Creek where Mahalia is located is known to the local Githabul tribe as ‘Ancestor Country’.

Yes… the roots are incredibly deep, more than I consciously understand. I’ve been invited into something that is Big.

This week… friend finally arrived (after months!) to help with some gardening (I had put out for exchange ~ gardening for therapy work). Well… as the Universe works ~ he brought much more than gardening help. He has significant experience in heritage listed sacred sites and has given me a name to follow up (happens to be a local indigenous person I know and like).

An Ancient Song line also runs through this property… yes, the scene is big. I’ve had a vision, a dream that this place is instrumental in the healing of the local tribe… I’ve always wanted it to go back to them. I’ve ‘seen’ what could happen here. And recent knowledge my friend shared excited me greatly… the seed that it was possible. It has been achieved elsewhere. It’s like my friend brought a significant piece of the puzzle/matrix/other dimensional space, to the unfolding picture/world I’ve witnessed and become a part of since this ‘place’ first caught my attention.

So Kim Falconer… you were spot on. It’s not a real estate decision (but with Sun in 4th it never really is…).

Sometimes I’ve wondered why me? I remember the two palm readings I had years back… both emphasised ‘there is something BIG you are to do’. I never really understood it… as my tendency is to recluse and stand back a bit, as Virgo’s can. Doing something BIG in the world wasn’t really one of my core values.

And… strangely, not one person has come to view the house; yes I’ve vacillated… yes, it’s a Big one to let go of and move on from, but I also knew I was in the last chapter here, when I put the place out for sale. But with this recent information from my friend maybe this is the next step to complete my purpose here. And fulfil and manifest the vision. I’m so looking forward to some rejuvenating time by the ocean, after this final chapter… it’s been a super big journey; pioneering the Wilds of the Woodenbong Hills.

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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