a year of surprises . . .


Can you feel those muscles forming?  Fresh new-life tissue coming together, moisture filled, new flexibility.  Dear one ~ we stand and cheer.  Yes, the road has been long, but valuable lessons that needed to be learnt.  You stand in a time, that many have prophesied.  The ‘Darkest Age’ said by some . . . where moral and mental capacities fall to their lowest ebb.

Ahhh . . . but the opportunities.  Growth that’s never been offered with such magnanimous kindness.  A time of rebirth, finding oneself . . . those new muscles, you can feel them building just below your skin.  You stand straighter somehow, head erect, shoulders back, in rhythm with your breath.  The fog has cleared from your upper chambers, new revelations happening daily.

Oh how fortunate we are . . . to be here, here and now.  I know it hasn’t been easy at times, trial by fire . . . so much to clear out.  But a new world has birthed . . . I witnessed it.  Towards the end of 2012.  The change is happening, we mustn’t allow our self to be distracted by the absence.  No need to point out ~its evidence is clear.

Can you feel those muscles, the new-life tissue coming together? Moisture filled, new flexibility . . . forming balls of strength ~ so close to the surface.  Head space clear, eyes can see, legs are strong . . . you are more than capable . . .  you’ve been born for this.

Always, always . . . our focus so important.  Each day a new opportunity to be who we were born to be . . . at the very core.  We really do have so much to be grateful for.

Lotsa luv . . .  marilyn ❤ ❤ ❤

after scrolling the ‘news’ on FB . . .


It’s the patriarchy (alive and well in NSW) flexing its muscles ~ attempting to intimidate . . . ‘we still rule’.  Well ~ I have news for you boys ~ it’s over, you hear . . . your run has come to an end.

Intimidation and fear ~ their weapons of choice.  Bullies they are ~ power and control their intent.  Been thousands of years ~ it has ~ and we’re just bloody weary.  Sick to death of their monotonous attempts to control and influence.

For god’s sake guys ~ give it up!  It’s over ~ can you hear the words . . . finish, caput ~ end of the road.  Jeez you’ve had a good run ~ 6,000 bloody years.  Well thanks to the gods and goddesses it’s the end of your rule.

We’ve suffered enough under your dogmatic agenda ~ power and control your fetish and addiction.  Well, I’ve got news for you ~ a New World has birthed; and yes the Divine Feminine arrived a while back.

Give up, surrender ~ or just make fools of yourself.  Your reign has finished . . . . hallelujah!

lotsa luv ❤ ❤ ❤

(the New World needs our focus . . . )