standing on the edge . . .


Feeling for my wings.  The cliff craggy, many sharp edges . . . my vision focused on the green fields below.  Water rambles knowing its purpose ~ to the sea, to the sea . . . not far now.  Growth is abundant in this luscious valley ~ sun shines warmly on contented souls.  The great wheel turns ~ birth, death, renewal . . . all a part of the cycle of living.  Letting go to the seasons ~ transformation is assured.

We stand at the edge ~ beginning and ending . . . one door closes, another opens . . . we take our self wherever we go.  Life is full ~ of opportunity ~ learning constant ~ our path is solitary.  Helpers are present ~ but decisions are ours.

We walk through times thick with meaning, purpose, cleansing ~ a new world births.  Filled with old, needing shedding ~ becoming lighter ~ ready for flight.  We release our shoulders and spread our wings.

A new world awaits for all who believe ~ faith in goodness, love and peace.  We stand on the edge of before, now and coming.  We get to direct the course of our life.  What we think, soon becomes things.

We are born from Earth and ancient Star bits ~ we hold within a pinch of Divinity.  We are only one ~ there are no repeats.  If only we knew how special we are.

We walk in light, we stumble in shadow ~ we use our senses to know where we stand.  We know who we are, we see where we’re going . . . we walk with freedom ~ we’re always protected.  We never walk alone.  Many are with us, day and evening ~ we are loved more than we may ever know.

As we say goodbye to 2015 ~ gratitude and thanks for all the gifts and blessing ~ we open the door to a fresh new time.  How will we be?  Well that’s up to us.

lotsa luv … Marilyn ❤️❤️❤️

Happy New Solar Cycle


Sun begins his new journey ~ our core, our inspired direction ~ our purpose.

The cycles continue ~ their rhythm connecting and flowing through all life ~ supporting existence ~ harmonising and balancing.

The great mind of the Mother ~ we attempt to mimic and master . . . we are fools ~ have we not learnt from other times?  We are servants of Life ~ not masters.  We are students ~ given the opportunity to witness the majestic wonder.

We’re created, connected by the finest strands ~ pulsating light and sound ~ to the incredible wonder of the whole.

We can never ~ will never, duplicate these magickal wonders in a glass jar ~ under a magnified eye.  What are we looking for?  Is it not obvious what you want?  Why do you pretend to be god?  You only display your foolishness.

The Mother has stirred . . . she’s sent her ambassadors ~ the embodiments of that gentle but powerful creative force ~ clothed as the Feminine ~ the Divine Sacred Feminine.  I was graced to be present at their arrival in 2013.  Their message ~ ‘The energy of the Sacred Feminine needs to grow stronger’.

Rally the troops ~ time to ignite our Hearts.  Switch on the light in the great halls of wisdom ~ collected over millennia.  No beginning, no end.

The cycles continue.  How dare we think we can stand beside.  We show our ignorance.  A long age of darkness ~ falling to the lowest point of our humanity.  But the tide has turned ~ we’re crawling back.  Some are standing tall and straight.  Can you not see the Light?  It shines brightly ~ illuminating all around it.

It’s growing ~ one by one ~ person by person . . . the balance is restored.  The Heart is rekindled ~ the fire burning brightly.  Opening our eyes to the majesty that lies within us and around us.  We are the most gifted species.

We can understand ~ we can merge with the essence of Life itself.  Do we understand how truly fortunate we are?

The bells are chiming loudly ~ their resonance vibrating each cell in our body.  This is the time of which we’ve dreamt ~ from the earliest times.  Peace on Earth ~ goodwill between all human beings ~ is in process.  Awaken and be a part of the greatest achievement the human race has ever attempted.

The Golden Age has dawned ~ you need the eyes to see.  Discrimination required ~ don’t believe the spruikers of shame.  Power and coin corrupted their soul ~ the Faustian deal done again and again.

Be the master of you own destiny ~ the master of your thinking process . . . craft your life on your deepest core values.  Adventure into the world of wonder.  So much more surrounds you ~ but only you can walk through the doorway.

Switch the switch ~ turn on the light ~ embrace the goodness oozing from all living things.  See the opportunities ~ open, reach out, accept ~ take hold.  You are more powerful than you could ever dream ~ be it now.

Happiest wishes and blessing for this new Solar cycle ~ illuminating our purpose and the great creative force within us.

A new time has begun ~ you are invited to be a part.

Lotsa luv to you all ♥♥♥

healing . . .


Day 5 . . . on this current journey with Silicea LM1.   Been a while since travelling one of these potent homeopathic journeys.  Instigated by the tick bite . . . down at Queen Mary Falls on that powerful New Moon in Scorpio on November 12th (Oz time).

My natal Psyche (asteroid) sat, squished ever so tightly  ~  with this powerful Moon event.  ‘There’s no such thing as a coincidence’ ~ my dear Father repeated often.

I was keen to halt the meanderings of this tick infestation ~  it had no place in my life and wasn’t welcome.  Homeopathy came to mind.  The first remedies dealt with the invader and his poison and clearing the toxins.

I’d forgotten how potent these journeys can be.

Full Moon in Gemini (squat on my Ascendant)  ~ sitting out in the wonder of Mahalia ~ watching the big fat, golden Moon rise over the trees.  My dear friend visiting .  . . lovely snacks and drinks ~ all ready for this mighty show.

Out of nowhere (it seemed) the nausea grew . . . it sat in my throat ~ I tried to ignore ~ been so looking forward to this special visit and event.  No longer possible to ignore ~ had to surrender my special evening with a special friend.  Headed for bed, bucket in tow ~ next at the loo . . . sick upon sick ~ I’ve rarely vomited in my life!  Again and again my body ejected ~ whatever it was.  Next few days feeling delicate.  Plans changed once again.  But lovely friend ~ was so gorgeous.

Naturopath called ~ she understood the peculiarities of these homeopathic remedies.  It’s been a while ~ they were  regularly present in my life years back . . .  brought up my son on homeopathy.

A new remedy suggested . . . Silicea ~ strengthens like glass.  Brings to the surface any that may linger.  ‘You may experience a healing crisis’ she quietly added.  I tensed . . . not too keen on these.

Bringing to the surface . . . well, my body holds some very old stuff.  Yes, I’ve been on a Healing Journey . . . deliberately intended and focused ~ these last five years.  I have so much to do.  And . . . I believe in healing with all my Heart.

Bringing to the surface . . . the virus that visited so many years ago.  It shaped my life ~ I’ve since seen its gifts.  Loaded with a strong need to learn everything by personal experience (all sevens). . . I’ve learnt a lot about the body, the mind/body connection  and the real nature and power of healing.  I’m a Healer . . .

So bringing to the surface ~ I offer myself to this process.  This is the beginning ~ of my Pinnacle chapter . . . so much to do, to experience, to celebrate, to share, to create, to unfold.  These are super powerful times . . . what we ask for arrives.

So much we can do . . . we’re being prepared ~ a huge year on our doorstep.

lotsa luv to you all . . . . marilyn  ♥♥♥