so much opportunity


Tomorrow we enter the last month of 2015 ~ what a year it’s been.  All that’s been offered, presented and manifested is vibrating and held  in this concentrated time . . . will I open the door and let it in?

Will I be brave ~ and step over the threshold ~ will I say YES ~ I will walk forward.  Will I take a chance ~ will I follow my heart?  Will I step out on the big world stage.

I can almost hear the symphony ~ building, soothing ~ such sweet melody.  Do I realise how fortunate I am?  So much being offered ~ if only I open my eyes.

Trust what you feel, believe in yourself ~ follow your knowing … rejoice in what you’ve achieved.  Don’t be distracted by all who desire your attention ~ many false prophets manipulating your feelings.

You are wise ~ so much more than you know.  You know what to do ~ dare to speak up, stand up . .  . leave the crowd.

Bravery has been building . . . day after day, week after week . . . here we stand at this glorious threshold ~ so much is possible.

Turn your head . . . just a little ~ a whole new world open to your vision.

Use this time . . . how precious it is ~ so much on the table ~ if you’d only say yes.

We’ve been awoken, to our self ~ trust in your knowing ~ step up and step out … a new world awaits us all.

lotsa luv … from me

marilyn ♥♥♥

Dark of the Moon


This is a major Moon event . . . in a major passage ~ as we complete this powerful year of manifestation.

For myself personally it’s significant ~ merging with the symbol of ‘Wounding and Healing’ ~ Chiron, ‘the focus point/essence of personality and it’s expression’ ~ Sun/Moon midpoint, and ‘what shadows are revealed when love comes knocking’ (Leah Whitehorse) ~ Psyche.

Whatever, however this potent New Moon connects with your own energy ~ the power of transformation is great.  The power to renew, regenerate, allow lost parts of yourself into being.  Welcome the Shadow ~ a new road awaits.

Activations occur often by a person, situation or event . . . or simply by un~manifest energy circling your field.  These are significant times we’re passing through.  We have the opportunity to open doors not possible before.  A new world, new road opens up.  Everything is a mirror of where I stand.

I like to honour these gifted events . . . our great Mother Moon ~ her energy so much a part of our self.  Her cycle affecting all on Earth.  Her memories call ~ a voice silent but real.  She connects us to our past, our foundations ~ all those closely connected ~ that have walked before us . . . leaving us their heritage.

She shines in our sky for our delight . . . she sets the stage for love.  She’s Mother ~ she nurtures, she leads us to what we need ~ to feel comfort and ease.  She is home ~ where we feel safe.  She rules the waves ~ she takes us deep into unconscious realms.  She is beautiful . . . she shines her light so we can see our way.  Much is revealed when we open to her cyclic wisdom.

Personally and collectively I feel this Moon cycle is significant ~ the second last New Moon of this great year of manifestation.  I will honour this New Moon in a special place.  This is a turning point ~ to uncover what’s so long been hidden.


Psyche & Eros

lotsa luv to you all … marilyn  ❤ ❤ ❤

growth, evolution, contentment


Snuggled under my purple moon and stars brushed cotton doona . . . only 6.30pm (real time), awake at 2.30am… so much has been happening.

After five years of solitude and healing. . . I began my steps back to the world.  So much transpired . . . my journey of healing in this special Sacred Land.  Early days of negotiations the voice was loud and clear ‘you need to ask the Land Spirits if you can be the next caretaker’.  Visions of ancient ceremonies, discovering sacred sites . . .  ‘used for three hundred years ~ before settlement’ the Diviner said.  I came to open a Healing Retreat.

So many magickal experiences ~ new, not experienced before.  Seeing beyond the physical, visits from Star people.  New world birthing, the arrival of the Sacred Feminine . . . my healing journey.  My body weak, they all supported me.  Love flowed abundantly, there were often tears on my cheeks.  I’d feel the embrace of the Mother, feel her hand caress my cheek ~ outside in the sleepy dawn, watching the stars and waiting for the sun.

And now it’s a new time . . . the gate is opening.  I’m new, body needs to build its strength.  I step out to meet.  An area not so familiar to me.  I trust, I know what is asked for arrives.  I tend my garden, I honour the beauty . . .  I learn to love myself.

Such big times . . . especially this last chapter of 2015.  I trust Life to care for me . . . I take care of myself.  Strange things happen, people appear in my space . . . trying to make sense, understand.  I am good and pure at my core.  We seek for others to understand . . . sometimes what we cannot say.

Things being offered . . . what is real, what is not.  So much happening inside me.  I trust myself . . . I allow myself to evolve.  I know that many are here with me . . . I’m never alone.  I’ve been told that often . . . I mustn’t forget.  Events can be confusing, don’t understand . . . hold on to myself . . . the clouds always part.

I remember . . .  back in January 1985 ~ I sent out a cry for help . . . the song filled the particles in the room . . . I knew where it came from.

lotsa luv to you all. . .  marilyn ❤ ❤ ❤