so much opportunity

Tomorrow we enter the last month of 2015 ~ what a year it’s been.Ā  All that’s been offered,Ā presented andĀ manifested isĀ vibrating and heldĀ Ā in this concentratedĀ time . . . willĀ I open the door and let it in? WillĀ I be brave ~ and step over the threshold ~ willĀ I say YES ~ I will walk forward.Ā  WillĀ I take… Continue reading so much opportunity

Dark of the Moon

This is a major Moon event . . . in a major passage ~ as we complete this powerful year of manifestation. For myself personally it’s significant ~ merging with the symbol of ‘Wounding and Healing’ ~Ā Chiron, ‘the focus point/essence of personality and it’s expression’ ~ Sun/Moon midpoint,Ā and ‘what shadows are revealed when love comes… Continue reading Dark of the Moon