unedited words … this morning



Energy’s been strong . . . or at least it’s effect on me.  I look at the sky charts ~ what is influencing?  Yes ~ our mighty Sun has been crossing swords with some of our distant buddies ~ big boys Uranus and Pluto.  Let’s just say they agreed something needed to be decided ~ made clear.  They know how to turn up the heat.

Feelings, emotions I hadn’t felt for a while . . . fear, dread, doubt.  What do I know, what do I reflect?  Oh goodness I don’t know.

Being ‘psychic’ ~ well aren’t we all?  It gets confusing at times . . . ‘cause residues of old weeping wounds still remain ~ if only in ghost form.  And boy do they like to get scary at times.

Some stuff I was ‘picking up’ turned out to be real . . . not the entire picture ~ but the important basic bits.  With others ~ well, especially in this area of ‘non-strength’ . . . things can be trickier.

I say non-strength ~ that’s what’s been;  yes ghosts of images remain.  Why my intention and focus are so critical ~ my clarity so important.

Another human can only add, illuminate or share my happiness ~ my Love and contentment, my Life in Peace.  That’s my job.  It’s tricky at times . . . god the vulnerability.

My Dad expulsed ~ seemingly without thought of consequence ~ on that significant day back in 1982.  It was the first visit I’d had with him ~ since Mum had recently passed.  He told me Mum had ‘visited’ the next door neighbour the night before (she had left her physical body) and told her friend many things . . . particularly in relation to Dad.

Out of body visits to neighbours ~ my non-speaking father continued.

‘You had Guardian Angels all around you when you were little’ ~ another bombshell from my silent father.  Then he said . . . ‘you went into hospital one little girl, and came out another’.  I think the shock temporarily froze my words ~ ‘wish I’d asked more’ I later often thought.

That’s all I heard on that fateful morning in Oatlands Sydney in 1982 ~ Mum still not buried…..

A new road appears


October 1st ~ Mahalia’s birthday ❤

I am free ~ I luv the feeling of freedom. I belong to myself (a real Virgo trait) ~ no-one else. I answer to myself. My world revolves around who I am.

I create, I give, I support ~ I love, I care … by choice. My world is created by me ~ I luv this feeling of freedom.

Soooo many years of conditioning ~ how long has it been? Six thousand years some say … this age of patriarchy. Memories of who we were, who we are ~ are dim; the light gone out long ago ~ through shock and much mistreatment.

We’ve grown to mistrust our body ~ given it away, displayed a price tag ~ what we need in return. We have all we need in the core of our being. We’re radiant, beautiful, stunningly wonderful … we are ‘me’, myself ~ one of a kind.

We need to return to our beautiful bodies ~ celebrate its callings; its nuances ~ the shame is fading. Bar it from your living space ~ it has no place around you.

Yes years of denial have morphed into the physical ~ but its awakening. These times are mighty ~ powerful resources are available to us.

I’m free ~ I luv that feeling ~ I belong to no man, not to anyone. I am complete within myself. I celebrate with abundant givingness ~ to myself. I luv who I am ~ how I move, what I do … I luv myself unconditionally.

I’m free ~ I luv that feeling.

I’m woman ~ I’m powerful; I celebrate my longings and desires ~ they are but natural expressions of my love core. I’m free ~ the chains rusted with ages gone ~ disintegrated before my eyes. The door of the cage stands no more … the guards disappeared.

I’m free. I’m free to be uniquely me. I’m a beautiful woman ~ with many gifts.

The power of the woman has been rebirthed … she knocks on your door. Don’t be afraid ~ say yes, yes I’ll follow you. Goodness the world waits with breath held taut … the awakening of woman is a most powerful event ~ the likes of which has not been known for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

I’m free ~ I luv that feeling.

And if/when those moments of doubt appear ~ sink into yourself  ……