chilly one this morning …


It’s been a while.¬† I have been writing ~ every day.¬† Well, when do I not write?¬† I have journals upon journals, all different sizes and shapes.¬† I like the ones with paper covers, all different¬†designs, colours and sizes ~¬†you used to be able to buy.¬† But since Crazy Clarks went into liquidation they’re becoming more difficult to find.¬† Buying plastic doesn’t turn me on.

Like yesterday ~¬†went into Kyogle to do some shopping. ¬†Watson’s have the ‘shoppers’ buses on Thursdays.¬† They needed to put in a request… I wasn’t aware of all the paper work/bureaucracy¬†involved.¬† Being an isolated rural¬†community, I discovered, Watson’s can apply to government offices for¬†a concession for running the buses.¬† They needed to request this before offering the Thursday Shopping¬†service, which runs two a day.¬† From the stories they told, it wasn’t a simple process.

The buses aren’t packed, not the mid-day shopper one ~ yesterday there were only two of us, plus the driver Max.¬†¬†Fortunately for Watson’s, it’s the school bus as well.¬† So mornings and late afternoons they fill up with all the country school kids.¬† It’s fascinating to observe… the country scene.¬†¬†Sometimes Max, one of the Watson’s, will take a detour so he can take the person to their front gate.¬† ¬†Or if someone has heaps of shopping, he’ll park the bus right in front of their¬†property, then get out and unpack all their shopping.¬† You see things here, you’d never see in the city.¬† ‘Someone should write a book about these guys’ I often mutter to myself.¬† I don’t really want to…. I have other things to write.¬† But I’m sure they’ll find a place in my tales, about my time here in the Woodenbong hills.

Anyway… I was talking about plastic; finally remembered to get some asafoetida¬†at Bambu, the health food shop in Kyogle.¬† I kept forgetting.¬† Searched the shelves, couldn’t find it… ‘it’s in the middle row’ dear Sapatra calls from the counter.¬† I looked and looked scanning the middle shelves… I can’t find it.¬† ‘Where exactly’ I ask her.¬† Out she comes from behind the counter… ‘they’ve changed the packaging’ she says, in her very cute Asian accent.¬†¬†It’s a bright yellow plastic container, with an equally¬†bright blue label…¬†adorned with a pic of what appears to be an¬†Indian deity on the front.¬† It’s one dollar more… ‘paying for their new¬†packaging’ I mutter to myself ‘; why does everything have to be in plastic?¬† I’ll search around and see if I can get it bulk.

I was feeling¬†a bit wobbly still yesterday… that bang on the head¬†on the weekend away¬†has¬†really traumatized my neck and spine.¬† Compressed all the vertebrae, inflaming all the attached muscles… of which there are many,¬†connecting¬†my head¬†and my body.¬† Add to that the cleanse.¬†¬†It’s nothing extreme (or is it?)…¬† the ‘flush’ only¬†one day a week.¬† The first time was okay, the second was harder… and the last time was intense.¬† I woke the next morning feeling horrible,¬†with such¬†a severe headache ~¬†ended up on the lounge, horizontal, the whole day… even slept… the headache was yucky.¬† I looked shocking,¬†so white and drawn.¬† ‘I think this is too violent for me’ I¬†muttered to myself¬†again and again.

My Intestines are pretty fussy and¬†exceptionally sensitive (my whole body is)… Virgo rules the Small Intestine after all.¬† And they’re very stubborn… they do not like being forced.¬† They dig in their heels and offer their objection in no uncertain terms.¬† Also I’m losing weight, which really freaks me out.¬† I hate losing weight.¬† I can’t afford to ~¬†I’m already very slim.¬† So haven’t decided what to do.¬† Have left a message for my Naturopath, she hasn’t called back yet.¬† My skin is looking good thou, also my eyes are so much clearer… and beginning to turn green, in parts anyway.¬† The Herbalist I used to see years back in Boonah ~¬†she was the best ~ I wish she was still around.¬† A similar thing happened when I was seeing her, my eye colour was changing.¬† She told me that I should normally have blue eyes… not sure if that’s because of my heritage; ¬†I was the only one in my family with hazel eyes.¬† And they have these specks… they’ve always been there, as long as I can remember.

The reason for doing the cleanse?¬†¬†Time to refresh the elimination channels… but body being so sensitive ~ needs to be gentle.¬† See how we go.


Anyway… I’ve broken the ice (a relevant term this morning)¬†I’m back at my blog.¬† A cold chilly morning here, in the minuses… white filled the valley, the sunrise was sensational.¬† Fire’s burning, snug inside… better get on with the day.

much love… me ‚ô•

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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