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The Ishtar Essence brewing… birthed on the Venus Return ~ 6th of June 2012

A powerful year 2012… a big time in history we find ourselves in 🙂   I’m going to try something new… I’ll  post photos from over the years here at Mahalia, and things I’ve written ~ journal entries, book writing etc.  Journey’s back to other times ❤

This one I wrote in my book writing place… I’m planning to write books.  So this is a first draft… feels good to try something new.  Well… these last few days, Pluto dallying with our Sun… more transformation.  I’ve had a lot of Pluto these last few years  🙂

20th February 2015

Yesterday’s power packed New Moon. I felt it coming, it felt strong. On Moon calendar it had New Moon at 0 degrees 1 min Pisces. Two days before it I became aware of its strength… then discovered it was an Aquarius New Moon at 29 degrees 59 minutes ~ and with the GVA call the previous morning, there appeared to be a touch of confusion about.

Well the last two days have certainly been action packed… that cross over point from Aquarius to Pisces, that 29 degree point of intensity, all that Neptune energy… no wonder a healing by air and water. Two cyclones cleansing Oz ~ Marcia crossing over Gladstone area; watching the live satellite image of Marcia as she approached Gladstone, she looked like the Mother, well and truly pissed, as she prepared to give Gladstone a battering. She reminds us where the limits are. She’s a mighty warrior.

Yesterday, the second Meridium Therapy with Neils: missed the morning bus back, so was in Kyogle until the later bus at three. Library visit was most productive, met a lovely woman, approached me and asked if I wrote in the NGT’s, she reads my articles. This happened last week in Kyogle as well, with another woman. Great acknowledgement. Also met Alana (women at op shop finding bears), lives at Green Pigeon, nice woman (looks like might have indigenous blood) again yesterday on way to my appointment. So couldn’t chat long, just a couple of words.

Library was good; borrowed some more books, had a cup of tea (a tea area set up by someone, Enga there from Care Connections ) so had long chat with woman, who asked about the NGT, she lives down past Cawongla, keeps goats and makes her own soap ~ she gifted me one, I chose patchuli… it’s beautiful, lovely and oily (like my favourites). That was a great get together, but not long after I began to feel really tired ~ like really tired, hard to keep moving about, and later waiting for the bus, I could hardly keep my head up. I did find a stray needle on my chest, was it still in my skin? Will check with Neils. But then long trip back on bus, so difficult to stay awake, bought myself some carob liquorice for the bus trip back, to give me some energy to stay upright.

Then back home, concerned about cyclone as had been expected to make its way down here, albietly much reduced. So online looking at weather sites, then FB, in between removing even more things off the verandah. Took glass table in the car shed; took all the pot plants off the deck onto the grass close to the edge of the deck; all the chimes off, pillows, little blue table, table, chairs and painting from the front verandah ~ all inside. Rocks and crystals, anything small. Cleared as much as I could… so a bit of heavy lifting, after already being excessively tired.

Was nearly 10pm (dst) when I ate, couldn’t eat much, stomach too sensitive. Was midnight by time I went to bed. Had a bit of a restless night, dreamt but can’t remember it. Today early on computer/phone checking cyclone, messages etc, watched quite a bit on TV. Everything I didn’t really need to do… ’cause now I’m totally exhausted. Unsteady on my feet and my left back shoulder is very tender, I must have pulled it moving things.

An early night would be good for me. Last few days have been huge. I was right… it was a super powerful New Moon (well it was a Super New Moon).

till next time ❤ ❤ ❤

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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