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It’s been a big week  🙂   Certainly a big Solstice ….  understanding or foreseeing what’s going to happen is tricky.  I wrote about that in my Nimbin Good Times article which I sent off yesterday.  Bit late, but they kindly allowed me an extension 🙂  A great team over there at NGT, the best newspaper around, I reckon.

A lot has been moved around this week, the Solstice is a significant event.  What with our radiant Sun changing course, heading south to bring us warm days again.  Well, it’ll be a little while yet, winter has just begun.  I like winter.  Strange, as I was a beach girl in my early years… many Sundays spent at Bronte Beach in my formative years; fortunate I haven’t shriveled like a prune… good genes and a Gemini Ascendant helps I think.  I’m thankful for all the gifts.

The Solstice is known as a time of shift, of movement… a turning point, endings and new beginnings.  The Sun stops for a bit (not really), has a bit of a ponder, about his last six months journey… bringing his light and love to the folks in the north.  He’s very fair with his sharing, we all get a turn at basking in his brilliance.  Well, obviously we do all the time, otherwise we wouldn’t be here  🙂  Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth.  So he’s a pretty major player.

I like to acknowledge these shifting cycles, we’re all affected after all.  We can meander along, distracted with this and that, doing some work, making some money, putting food on the table, paying our rent or mortgage, watching TV, going to movies… enjoying the time we have on this magnificent planet.  While behind the scenes this whole process is happening.  Mother Nature doesn’t take sickies, we’d be in strife if she did.  She continues, the fine balance of supporting life, for us… so we can exist.

Yes I like to acknowledge these cycles, like to remember all that I’ve been given.  And I find when I stop, acknowledge and give thanks, magick happens, again and again.  All life is sentient… meaning it has awareness, it feels, it responds.  Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  God, the things I’ve seen since being here in this magickal place; these experiences have certainly insisted that I trust myself.

I think that’s probably the biggest gift in my journey here at magickal Mahalia  🙂   There’s been so many gifts, and some steep learning curves too.  That year of forestry work around me, nearly killed me twice.  And boy did I experience the ancient wrath of Lilith, she certainly became real for me.  I felt her in the core of my being ~ a dark, blood-red, seething, bubbling cauldron of rage.  Yes it was that big.  I remember the day, sitting outside the Council building, I was furious;  I’d gone to issue my ‘complaint’, well you know how bureaucracy works, soooo frustrating.  This age of patriarchy has long had its day.  But it’s that boy thing, you know, they just won’t admit defeat.  They start flexing their muscles, revving up their testosterone, being a bloke, throwing around their weight… god almighty, this age can’t finish soon enough.  Look, I like ‘blokes’, I like men, I have a gorgeous son.  It’s the mindset, so deeply ingrained over these thousands (yes thousands) of years… they need to get the message and soon.  Their time has finished.

But amid all these yucky dregs of patriarchy, amazing opportunity awaits our attention.  Yes, it’s easy, and seems to be popular ~ to focus on what’s wrong; it’s okay to have awareness of it, no use denying it (we have enough people doing that already 😦 ).  As an energy worker (working with the non-physical aspects of the body) I know, whatever we concentrate on grows, whatever we give our attention to magnifies.  That’s been proven scientifically…. an object changes when it’s being observed.  Remember when I first heard that, I thought, well that throws a spanner in the works for lots of scientific data.  Sometimes us humans are a bit on the vague side.

The thing is you can’t change anything concerning another, we can only change ourself.  You can’t really change how another person thinks, they have to come to their own realizations of things.  And the most powerful way to communicate, connect with another human being, or any living thing… is through the heart.  Love really is the most powerful force around.

So big shifts has occurred this week.  I know I’ve experienced a lot.  I’ve felt incredible discomfort, agitation (I was feeling pretty ornery for a while), even some depression.  Then after a massage treatment, my body went into overdrive, accompanied by significant pain.  It’s been a week since the Solstice, and only now am I feeling some sense of balance within my being.

It’s been a very big Solstice; in Ortho-bionomy* they say ‘there is no change without movement’.  Things need to move to change.  What’s been your experience of this most significant event… in this great year of promise?  It really is time, to stand and be who you are… that’s the easiest and most wholesome path.  When a lot is transforming, shifting and changing, we need to be solidly anchored in our own being.

We all came with special gifts, we all have genius, we are all important in the big scheme of things.  It’s time to know who you are, do what you came to Earth to do.  The messages are loud and clear…. and the support is there.  During these dark times of Kali Yuga so much opportunity exists.  We need to open our eyes, see with our heart, allow our true intelligence a voice.  It really is an amazing time to be alive.

lotsa luv marilyn ❤

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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