how are you feeling?

It’s been a big week  🙂   Certainly a big Solstice ….  understanding or foreseeing what’s going to happen is tricky.  I wrote about that in my Nimbin Good Times article which I sent off yesterday.  Bit late, but they kindly allowed me an extension 🙂  A great team over there at NGT, the best newspaper around,… Continue reading how are you feeling?

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice 🙂 ❤ ‘The solstice is a turning point, symbolic of endings and new beginnings, and with Mars so close to the sun, your intentions are magnified. Your thoughts and desires literally have wings. Let them fly!’   Kim Falconer We came together again, here at Mahalia… a Sacred Space.  It’s amazing to experience the… Continue reading Happy Solstice