Vesta… keeper of the Sacred Flame


You know those times when the fire rages within?¬† Well, it’s one of those times for me.¬† I feel on fire.¬† When it comes to my child and life…¬†the power of the Ancient Feminine arises.¬† And no man, no man, has the power to stop her.¬† It is time for women to take back their rightful role.¬† We are the caretakers of life.

It¬†began with a post on Facebook, I’ve been having a break from all of that for a while.¬† It starts¬†becoming like a news channel… I don’t watch the news.¬† But it caught my attention, being involved with the new Greens leader Richard Natale.¬† Now I’m an active member of the Greens… many elections I’ve exposed myself to the hoards of National voters, pretty much all the people in the little village near by… as I stood and represented the Greens. It began here at Mahalia ~ the property where I live.¬† It wasn’t long after I arrived, each day a new display of magnificence.¬† I grew more and more in love with this incredible beauty.¬† This amazing Earth.¬† It defies¬†description, photo’s can’t capture its magick.¬† It lives, it breathes, it gives and gives.¬† It loves… and oh its kindness; many mornings out on the deck¬†I’d stand and watch a new day birth.¬† Often tears would gently run down my cheek, I’d feel¬†her arms around me, I’d feel her gentle hand caress my face…. the loving Mother.¬† Many, many moments of such exquisite and¬†pure experience.¬† It was here that I began to vote Green.¬† I understood, with such clarity that without¬†Mother Earth we have nothing… we do not exist.¬† So a proud supporter of the Greens I became.¬† I became an active supporter of Mother Earth.

Now, I’m not into this ‘what’s wrong’ thing.¬† I believe we create our reality, that what we focus on is important… as it creates what we become.¬† I’m an active fan of ‘deliberate creation’.¬† I see it work again and again.¬† So I focus on what I want, not what I don’t want. Everything is energy… everything is composed of teeny, tiny particles, that pull together and appear to make something solid.¬† It’s all an illusion really… in the big scheme of things.¬† Oh yes it’s real for us, ’cause we’re one of those manifested balls of teeny, tiny particles too.¬† But matter isn’t created by matter, it’s created from energy.¬† And what we give our energy to, the things we focus on… we help them grow. A very wise man told me once… ‘the darkness feeds off fear and is afraid of courage’.

So… back to this fire raging inside me.¬† This post that caught my attention was about a recording of the new Greens Leader Richard Natale speaking in parliament¬†on vaccinations…¬† indicating (I did not watch it)¬†he was¬†supporting them.¬† Well did I see red!¬† And promptly sent off an email to the Greens. Now I have direct¬†experience with this vaccination thing.¬† Firstly I’ll say I had Polio when I was three, one of the last epidemics in Sydney.¬† Of course it altered the course of my life and still has its¬†effects ~ if I allow it to.¬† What do I mean by that?¬† Well, I’m a great believer in keeper yourself well.¬† Yes, I’m trained in various health modalities, I’ve had an active interest in health since very young.

I’m a Virgo.¬† My dear Mother would hunt from shop to shop searching for plain yoghurt, millet and wheat-germ, before they were¬†popular.¬† Such a devoted, loving Mother she was.¬† I miss her.¬† I’m responsible for my own health and when I look after my body, mind and emotions I thrive.¬† I believe in healing, I know it happens. I believe that was one of the great gifts from having polio and being involved with the medical profession at such a tender age…

I learned to listen to my own voice.¬† I observed a great deal; with my Gypsy psychic blood nothing much evaded my view.¬† I remember seeing inside people, knowing what they were thinking and feeling.¬† I saw children leave their bodies.¬† I knew when people were pretending.¬† Of course they never knew, how could I when I was only three years old.¬† But I clearly remember what I saw and heard.¬† It began an early search for something that made sense; that was real, that didn’t pretend. So yes my blood boils when someone tells me what I should do, when I know.

I know what I know.¬† This is the power given to us all, especially women.¬† And especially when it comes to our child.¬† It is time for women to take back that power.¬† Now. Why I feel as strongly as I do, on the subject of vaccinations?¬† I was a first time mother, I held my precious child in my arms,¬† I was incredibly fortunate to have a home birth, overseen by such brilliant professionals.¬† I believe doctors are no longer allowed to do this… what a great shame.¬† I was in my thirties and assumed I’d need to give birth to my first child in a hospital due to my age (this was in 1984) I chose the birthing section at Paddington hospital, a more homely environment where you could have your loved ones with you.¬† I was seeing a doctor in Sydney who supported both hospital and home births.¬† During the pre-natal classes there was a mixture of hospital and home birth women.¬† I became more fascinated with the possilbililty of a home birth… it sounded so good.¬† I asked my doctor if i could have a home birth, he said there was no reason not, as I was healthy and fit.¬† So I had the great fortune of giving birth to my son at home

I’ll always have such massive appreciation and awe at the skills of the mid-wife who supported me through the birth (the doctor was on holidays when I went into labour).¬† it was all incredibly professional, they were fully trained by the doctor, all the precautions were taken, with even an ambulance on stand-by had I needed to go to the hospital.¬† Fortunately I didn’t, and I gave birth to my beautiful boy in my bedroom.¬† We didn’t leave the house for three weeks… just the two of us together.¬† I am so incredibly grateful for being given that experience.¬† I believe it has also enriched the life of my son, substantially. So I was lucky, I didn’t have medical staff breathing down my neck… and at such a sensitive time.¬† Again, I thank my lucky stars.¬† But at some stage the issue of vaccinations was raised by my mid-wife.¬† I’d never thought about it, I don’t even know if I was vaccinated as a child, as it was so long ago.¬† I’d¬† never given any thought to vaccinations.¬† But here I was presented with it, and at such a sensitive time.

I was shocked at my immediate sense… it was like a shouting voice inside me said ‘NO!’¬† It was unexpected, as I’d had no previous thoughts about it.¬† So I began asking my friends.¬† Everyone I spoke to had vaccinated their child.¬† And non-one supported my sense of not vaccinating, no-one.¬† I stood alone.¬† During those early days after childbirth, your sensitivity is incredibly heightened, all your senses are at full alert, or at least they were for me.¬† I remember clearly the first day I went outside with my son, walking up the hill to the shops at Balmain, I held my son close to my chest… I heard a conversation between two older men sitting and chatting, a block away!¬† I kid you not.¬† My senses were so heightened. I began to ask further, to research further options.¬† As the voice inside me wasn’t budging.¬† ‘NO!’, it was in the loudest terms.¬† I finally decided to use the homeopathic approach to vaccination, done over a seven year period. The homeopath was also highly professional.¬† He asked me again and again if I was comfortable with taking this path, I went back inside myself and the answer was the same.¬† I went ahead. My son, now thirty; is strong, healthy and successful.¬† I’ve often wondered over the years what happened back then, how come that voice was so loud, all I can think is he was probably one of those children, that certain percentage (that are not considered, because its only intuition!!), that react negatively to the vaccinations, with such devastating consequences. That’s the only thing that makes logical sense.¬† My intuition, so powerful after childbirth, was protecting my child. I am an advocate of choice, no two children are the same.¬† Some mothers may want to vaccinate their child,¬† But there should always be a choice.¬† As no-one know what’s best for a child, more than their mother.¬† And if vaccinations work, what risk is there from the un-vaccinated?¬† When vaccination is said to protect from disease.¬† I repeat, my issue is with choice. So when some person comes along and tells me what I should do as a mother, how I should protect my child… I see red.¬† And red is what I saw yesterday.¬† Especially when connected to the Greens, a party I respect.¬† Now I’ve written to the Greens to have their position on this confirmed. These rotting, putrid¬†dregs of the patriarchal age are getting out of control.¬† It’s time for women to unite and take back life. P1040392

Vesta is the keeper of the Sacred Flame… she represents a focus and commitment that is second to none.¬† She is also known as the Protectress of the Hearth.¬† The word ‘focus’ comes from the Latin word for ‘hearth’.¬† Vesta is one of the Goddesses of ancient times, memories of an Age¬†of matriarchal rule.¬† A time which soon will begin again.¬† A time of love and peace.

The asteroid Vesta is prominent in my natal chart, she sits with my Sun in Virgo; and Vesta has a¬†natural connection with Virgo and her sixth house of ritual magick..¬† She merges with the essence of who I’m¬† becoming, my purpose, my power. Looking at the astro chart this morning, aware of the much discussed approaching Mercury retrograde (this one said to carry a punch, with both Chiron and Neptune challenging it),

I took¬†a peek at the Goddess chart which shows the placement of twelve of the asteroids, connected to Goddess mythology. I immediately noticed the Goddess energy directly involved with the approaching Mercury retrograde.¬† There is strong support from the Goddess during this Mercury retrograde cycle.¬† Trust your intuition.¬† Then my eye went to Vesta, currently sitting at 19 degrees Pisces, close to Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces ~ Chiron the Wounded Healer.¬† But it was the 19 degrees that caught my attention.¬† My natal Sun sits at 19 degrees Virgo, an exact opposition..¬† As my dear Dad often said ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’.¬† I knew this was connected to the fire that had been ignited in my belly.

Vesta represents where our true passion lies… she’ll do anything to keep that flame alive.¬† Focused and committed she is.¬† When her focus is set, no-one can shift her.¬† When she takes hold of the psyche, watch out.¬† Vesta is gifted with innate ‘knowing’.¬† The house she¬†occupies in the chart shows what we instinctively honour and what we will pursue with purity of heart…. ¬†a hot, white flame that cannot be extinguished.¬† Whatever she touches is infused with a spark of¬†the ‘absolute’. My Vesta sits in the fourth house of my natal chart ~ this is Cancer’s domain… home and family, the Mother, our ancestral roots, how we nurture and care.¬† Sitting with the Sun in Virgo, her natural abode, in such a prominent position of the chart,¬†creates a¬†strong awareness of her presence.¬† She colours my being.¬† And with my natal Uranus sitting at 0 degrees of Cancer ~ the Aries Point (see my revolutionary spirit, in matters of home and family,¬†thrusts me into the public domain.¬† It’s time. It’s said that Vesta is somewhat of a late bloomer, bit like Capricorn in that respect.¬† Until her inner fire is fueled and burns with a white, inextinguishable flame, she tends to keep herself separate from the more mundane comings and goings of our social world.

‘The wisdom of Vesta has to do with keeping the world out to a certain extent until we’re wise enough to use her powers… we must keep close to the core fire until we become one with it… we may be late bloomers where Vesta is concerned, waiting and praying and learning until the fire is lit within.’¬† Astrologer Dawn Bodrogi With this current Vesta position…¬† closely opposing my Sun/Vesta conjunction, I believe that time is now. Time to unite and take back life. much love… marilyn ‚ô•

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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