finding my voice


It’s been an interesting kinda week….  a mixture of supportive and challenging; learning about strength, projecting my voice.

We’re in the vortex of an especially powerful New Moon ~ in dream maker Pisces at 0.1 degrees, here (Sydney time) 10.49am on Thursday the 19th… in a couple of days.

It’s been a super big week, then this morning’s crescendo… I do not tango with fear.  I’m Woman, I carry the energy of the Divine Feminine imbued in my cells.  My cellular memory never forgets, it continues on for more than one life.  We carry these memories in our Ancestral line.  But then there comes a time when the spell loses its grip and the woman awakens.  These are powerful times.  The Goddess is here.

Remember… the age of the patriarchy has finished, they just don’t seem to have gotten the message; not the brightest off the shelf.  They work with fear, do not be fooled… listen to your heart, it will never lead you astray.  Have total trust in yourself.  Commit yourself to Life, embrace the exuberance, believe in love, love yourself unconditionally, lavish yourself with love and affection… you are most important to the evolution of the entire species.

Happy Neptune New Moon time ♥

Magick is real ♥

Athene Marilyn Scott

lotsa  luv marilyn♥

(PS…. New Moon could be 29 degrees 59 minutes Aquarius… a hint of confusion about??)