Hot sun, horses, donkeys and scotch thistle


ahhh… the cool of the evenings.

It’s been hot up in these parts… northern NSW, really hot for mountain country.¬† The¬†grass is dry but still green in parts.¬†¬†In the¬†north/west corner paddock,¬†thin long¬†stems of dry¬†grass¬†with little beads of red¬†create a moving¬†sea of gold as they¬†dance in the warm¬†summer¬†breeze.¬† Down in Faerie Gully the large ‘apple’¬†trees (Angophora costata)¬†give shade from the burning sun,¬† such a relief.¬†¬†They are old, big¬†and gnarly, looking very much like Faerie Gully. ¬†The gully borders the spring fed¬†dam and the little creek. The long¬†green water¬†reeds bordering the dam look vibrant… demolished during a¬†long cold¬†month of frost they’ve returned with gusto.¬† The six trees I planted¬†in the eastern paddock are securing their feet at last.¬† With floods, frost and heat waves, it’s taken them a while.


Faerie Gully in the wet

It’s been hotter here the last few months¬†than Ipswich and Brisbane, that’s not happened since I’ve been here.¬† I’ve wondered¬†whether cutting down 600 acres of trees has impacted.¬† Of course it has, everything is connected, in ways we’re not tuned into… we don’t understand, at least¬†very few.¬†¬†This creation¬†has an¬†intelligence far beyond what we can understand¬†with our analytical mind.¬†¬†It’s a community, it works together.¬† We’ve moved far away from this model of operating… us human beings.¬† It’s a big time for all of us¬†here on planet Earth, we need to pay attention or the messages will become louder and much more direct.


I miss Gemma, her hugs and her big belly.

Since Gemma my dear cow friend died, there’s been no one out in the paddock eating the grass.¬† I’ve been pondering getting it slashed.¬† It’s pretty costly, about $600 at least.¬† A week or two¬†back I got a phone call from a lovely young women called Alice.¬† I was a bit confused as to what she was talking about at first, I’d forgotten all about the notice I’d put in the local shop.¬†¬†It was ages back.¬† It finally clicked, she wanted to come and look at the paddock, she had two horses and two miniature donkeys.¬† The two donkeys¬†are rescue animals.¬† They came up, liked the paddock, so have set to work putting up electric¬†fences etc.¬†¬†So tomorrow morning, I’ll have some more animal¬†friends here… that should be fun (I think!).¬† It’s not much of a¬†financial return, but enough for a body treatment once a month.¬† And Alice and Diamon are nice.

So I’ve been out in the hot sun this morning, digging up scotch thistle, it’s¬†quite prolific¬†this year.¬† I normally get to it pretty quickly so it doesn’t flower, but the last few months have been as they have.¬† No-one else¬†removes them¬†in the paddocks around me… so when the wind blows,¬†here come¬†the seeds.¬† It’s a great plant in many ways¬†but best to get to it before it flowers, otherwise¬†it can run rampant.¬† I don’t use chemicals.

Scotch Thistle tea was used in ancient times to treat varicose veins.¬† It’s a bitter, so good for the liver.¬† It is also known as a cardiotonic (good for the heart)¬†~ used in some proprietary heart medicines.¬† The juice of the plant has been used with good effect in the treatment of cancers and ulcers.¬† The petals also are an adulterant for saffron, used as a yellow food colouring and flavouring.¬† A good quality of edible oil is obtained from the seed, the seed contains 25% oil.


Nothing is superfluous¬†in Mother Nature’s world… everything has a use and a purpose.¬†¬†There’s a natural rhythm that the Mother has, we need to connect to her with our Heart to be allowed into these mysteries.¬† Love and care are the entrance doors.¬† She knows so much… she’s been caring for this Earth a very long time.¬† In our arrogance,¬†we think¬†we’re superior, that we know more.¬†¬†Yes we are made of the Earth and the Stars, we have the capacity to understand a great deal.¬† But we need to approach with humility, with love, with reverence.

The influence of this Sacred Feminine energy has not been a part of our human social systems for a very long time.  The part of us connected to her, has lain fallow, grown weak and atrophied.  We have shut her out.  But of course that is impossible, we are part of her.  The energy of the Sacred Feminine is building once again, her time is very soon.

Everything around you has a message for you.¬† Plants grow that you need, in ignorance we grab the¬†chemicals¬†and destroy them, poisoning the earth.¬†¬†We call them weeds, those nasty things that make our garden so untidy, or so we think.¬† There’s so much we don’t know… but this knowing needs to come via the heart.¬† It’s been the Heart that’s been chained, you don’t have to listen¬†long to hear its cry.¬† Release me, release me… the Heart cries to rule again.

Wherever you are, hot or cold or in between… hope you have a beautiful day, in every way.¬† Adding a little bit more love to your life, day after day after day.

lotsa luv



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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