entering a new cycle


A very hot few days it’s been.¬† Day before yesterday was horrid, I think that was a first experience for me… very intense.¬† It’s often a bit cooler here in the mountains.¬† I didn’t like it at all, and the poor birds and¬†the rest of the wildlife.¬† A stunning gleaming black Raven sat on the bird bath yesterday, and drank heartedly; that’s never happened before.¬† I didn’t get a chance to take a photo.

For all whatever reasons, I don’t do well in that weather, I can feel my body struggling.¬† Yes, yes dear Pluto is visiting my Moon, who resides in his house after all!¬† You think she’d be a little familiar with him by now.¬† But goodness, he just gets so full on about everything…¬†and there’s no room for comment.

Within our current energy bubble, there are¬†a few things going on;¬† who to put first?¬† Venus?¬† I hear Saturn grumbling,¬†I will not be bullied!¬† So… our most beautiful Goddess Aphrodite has just moved in with¬†Sagittarius… the Seeker of Truth, what a man.¬†¬†Followed in five days by the Moon Goddess, seeking the truths in our emotional bodies, in¬†our heritage.¬† Beautiful visions.¬† With Neptune standing still, preparing to begin his new way forward after his time of reflection… Magick fills the air.


‘Awakening’ is on my fridge.¬† It’s from my dear friend Samyo, who instructed and introduced me to Facial Harmony (I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love¬†Facial Harmony¬†).¬† We held the workshop at my Healing Centre in West Ipswich, the one I renovated, restored with my partner; he did a wonderful job.¬† I did quite a bit too.¬† I had the vision … it was such a transformation.¬† It was really¬†beautiful.

A little story from then ~ I was close to completing the packing up of my two houses, one which was my business Magick Moments.

MM entrance 2

I’d heard the call, I finally put down my arms.¬† It was a process, everything is a process.¬† The gift of a Sun and Moon in Earth and in a harmonious relationship… that was compassion.¬† My natal Sth Node is in Scorpio, a heritage strewn with blood… and the most regal of¬†transformation.¬†¬†It took nine months to shut up shop in both my home and Magick Moments. ¬† I¬† did finally take off for Adelaide with my dear friend Beth (my aging Pajero)¬†where I stayed for eighteen months, to be near my boy.¬† I was¬†sad when I left.

That leaving took me to here… first Woodenbong, then Lindesay Creek.¬†¬†And now a new chapter beckons.

But I’m diverting…


A walk to the garden, my Gardenia bush is covered in buds and flowers.¬† The sensational Gardenia Flower.¬† I¬†have two Gardenia Flower Essences, which you will find in the ‘Deva-line Flower Essence Descriptions’ in the above menu.

So… I’d packed up all of Magick Moments, shifted and stored.¬† I was having a final garage sale.¬† I’d stored all the things in my lovely renovated shed…

MM garage

someone broke in and stole some stuff.¬†¬† I decided to spend the night there.¬† The house was¬†empty, or so I thought.¬† I took my futon and bedding and slept on the floor in what was my healing room.¬† I lay down on my back and straight away I saw them… the room was full of people, circle upon circle.¬† It blew me away… I had no idea.¬† The feeling was amazing.¬† I enjoyed¬†therapy work, it can feel pretty cosmic at times.¬† But it’s real, in the sense that it’s happening here and now.¬†¬†The Body is a¬†sensational creation.¬† My hands feel the rhythm,¬†they connect and¬†follow, the body knows what it needs.


Back in the present,¬†our majestic¬†Sun sits with serious Saturn, there is no hurry… he wants it done¬†right, slow and steady. Mars is¬†charging head-on¬†to the Nodes… our journey from others into our self. ¬†Mars is still pretty snug with Pluto, energy is strong; such wondrous opportunity for¬†transmutation.¬† Great God of the Oceans, Neptune, keeper of the key to the Akashic Records, is standing still, preparing to move forward into¬†a new cycle.

Uranus, bringer of the New Age, moving closer and closer to¬†the Sth Node, recharging all the old stuff… sending a bolt of brilliant light into our destiny field.¬†¬† So much opportunity.

We’re moving into the Balsamic Cycle of our Sacred¬†Moon… leading us through the dark, into the new.¬† A time of Death, Release, Rebirth… new seeds of growth.¬† It’s a time for slowing down, your body will remind you,¬†she’d like you to¬†listen.¬† We have cycles too, we are part of the Great Mother and Father Gods… we don’t exist in isolation.

Open yourself to love and adventure, to your destiny.¬† Give your body what it needs, it will take you on a journey you otherwise wouldn’t see.¬†¬†Enjoy.


Dear Snowie, it was hot for her too… first time outside on that horrid day, it was early evening…

till next time, enjoy being alive…. lotsa luv marilynxxx






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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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