I believe in healing


I believe in healing, I do…

It’s been an active morning here in my spot at Lindesay Creek.  Truck vibrations and noise woke me at 5.30am (really 4.30am!!) and their noise continues, punctured by moments of bird song.  I haven’t been feeling the best these last few days, especially yesterday… there was so much noise.  I’m still recovering from my time away and having that virus thing, I wondered if it’s still hanging around, at least energetically.  Gosh, these healing times keep on.  I know there’s an end, I can see the light and it’s not too far away.  I’m so glad, so grateful that I do believe in healing, ’cause sometimes that sneaky mind just wants to throw in a doubt, ‘it could be…”.  I remind myself I don’t believe in it… I don’t.  Yes, my beautiful body carries both physical and energetic imprints from the Polio virus, it has it’s effects, some difficult at times… but I so believe in healing.

When we’re surrounded by a prevailing mind-set, and an ancient patriarchal one at that, it really takes tuning in, to your own knowing.  This patriarchal age is at its end, it is, we need to take our focus to the Sacred Feminine… it’s time.  As I sit here on the verandah breathing in the valley, drawing strength from the mountains, allowing myself to be healed; joyful to see my little wallaby friend, he’s so young.  He brings joy to my heart.  And the beautiful native pigeon, you know the kind that coo’s like a dove, he’s just wandering around in the garden in front of me.  And all the birds, all the  bird families that live around me, their song vibrates my body, such magick land.  Soft moist rain clouds hang low, there’s moisture in the air, the frogs are joyous, also the cicada… and the garden has just loved it, the rain.  There’s a little frog that lives in the barbecue!  I know, not sure why, but I rarely use it.  It’s close to where I’m sitting and her croak is quiet deafening, she’s responding to the male call, he’s in the eastern garden also very close.  Gosh… two gorgeous Eastern Rosella land on the bird bath, I always keep it full; only three metres from where I sit.

The magick of the Mother … I believe in healing, I do.

Oh… and my beautiful friend Snowie, whose energy is almost constantly around me… my dear healing friend, I love you very much dear Snowie (she’s very much in her Crone… and a Scorpio one at that!)



And just now, five Sulpher- crested Cockatoo’s flew onto a branch just in front of me.  This blessed Earth.

lotsa luv… marilynxxx

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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