dust, sick and a Lunar return…

my forever friend… beautiful Snowie I’m sick, yuck.¬† Another fluey¬†thing, not what normally happens.¬† Started off with a fever then tickly throat, yucky headache (succumbed to some drugs) and coughed a lot during the night… chest felt fragile.¬† I’ve said often ‘I don’t get flu… well normally I don’t.¬† But then it might not be… Continue reading dust, sick and a Lunar return…

Hot sun, horses, donkeys and scotch thistle

ahhh… the cool of the evenings. It’s been hot up in these parts… northern NSW, really hot for mountain country.¬† The¬†grass is dry but still green in parts.¬†¬†In the¬†north/west corner paddock,¬†thin long¬†stems of dry¬†grass¬†with little beads of red¬†create a moving¬†sea of gold as they¬†dance in the warm¬†summer¬†breeze.¬† Down in Faerie Gully the large ‘apple’¬†trees (Angophora… Continue reading Hot sun, horses, donkeys and scotch thistle

entering a new cycle

A very hot few days it’s been.¬† Day before yesterday was horrid, I think that was a first experience for me… very intense.¬† It’s often a bit cooler here in the mountains.¬† I didn’t like it at all, and the poor birds and¬†the rest of the wildlife.¬† A stunning gleaming black Raven sat on the… Continue reading entering a new cycle

a reading to win

Good morning … it’s going to be a hot one, hanging around forty today!¬† Will need to stay cool, somehow.¬† I guess it’s ‘hot’ in another way too… with all these world ‘leaders’, the old decrepit¬†remains of the patriarchal conditioning, not far from here (as the crow flies… but I’m not sure he’s interested in… Continue reading a reading to win

a beautiful morning

It’s a glorious morning, blue skies, sunshine and birdsong… and I got to wake up naturally (no truck noise) albietly with a little help from my white fury friend, snuggled beside my head.¬† She comes in every morning around the same time.¬† It’s so important how we start the day, for our mental outlook but… Continue reading a beautiful morning

I believe in healing

I believe in healing, I do… It’s been an active morning here in my spot at Lindesay Creek.¬† Truck vibrations and noise woke me at 5.30am (really 4.30am!!) and their noise continues,¬†punctured by¬†moments of bird song.¬† I haven’t been feeling the best these last few days, especially yesterday… there was so much noise.¬† I’m still… Continue reading I believe in healing

The frogs always know…

I’ve written most of it down… these last four years here at magick Mahalia, books are planned. ¬† I’ve heard Lindesay Creek, where Mahalia resides,¬†is known as ‘Ancestor country’ by the local indigenous people.¬† I can vouch for that.¬† I’ve inherited a ‘seeing’ eye ~ and what a place to ‘see’.¬† Yes magick it has… Continue reading The frogs always know…

Gosh it’s been a month

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve visited my blog… October was a very big month!¬† Well, the last three months have taken on a momentum of their own;¬†¬†so much movement, so much unfolding… 2014 has been a big year.¬† I’ve often noticed the last quarter of a year, as well as moving quickly, seems… Continue reading Gosh it’s been a month