dust, sick and a Lunar return…


my forever friend… beautiful Snowie

I’m sick, yuck.  Another fluey thing, not what normally happens.  Started off with a fever then tickly throat, yucky headache (succumbed to some drugs) and coughed a lot during the night… chest felt fragile.  I’ve said often ‘I don’t get flu… well normally I don’t.  But then it might not be flu.

It’s currently my Lunar Return…  Mother Moon returns to where she sat at my birth.  Moon in Capricorn, not the easiest place for her in Saturn’s domain.  The great task master can appear hard, unrelenting but his focus is on building a solid and lasting foundation.  He’s only interested in the real; stalwart and strict his road may seem narrow… but then it opens up into the most beautiful valley.  He was taking me somewhere all the time.

Mother Moon has been dallying with Pluto, reflecting the need for deep transformation.  Natal (placement at birth) Moon is the keeper of our past, she stores our memories and emotions, our karmic history, she reminds us of our needs.  She travels around the great circle, reflecting the energy of all she passes and shines  it down to us here on Earth.  Her role is to reflect, to nurture, to care.

This Pluto/Moon joining is one that’s affecting me over a number of years.  He’s thorough Pluto, nothing is the same after his visit.  The Moon reflects our inner self, our Body… after all that is where everything is stored.  She holds the mirror so we can see clearly what we carry.  She nurtures our need for home and family, for security.  She opens the door to our ancestry, the line of the Feminine that goes back, generation after generation.  She is Woman, She loves, She cares, She nurtures.


After many days of exhausting heat a storm approached late yesterday.  The sky was brooding dark and out of nowhere a whirly wind appeared… an angry wind blew furiously bringing with it clouds of dust and it  was heading for the house.  Great swells of dust engulfed the house, my eyes, nose, throat and chest; the windows opened in the late afternoon.   During the night I coughed and coughed, my chest felt fragile, my head pounded.  I resorted to drugs.  In the morning I was really sick.

I was pissed!  Dealing with this stuff these last six months has whittled away my energy reserves.  Bozo’s, morons, rednecks, whatever name fits (angry, yes)… why do humans feel they need to act like this?  So little concern for anyone or anything but the job.  The decaying remains of this Patriarchal Age.

Confronting the Patriarchy head on, it seems.  My North Node is in Taurus, I’m walking toward an easy life, enough of this Scorpio life and death stuff.  Sitting up on my Sacred hill, a woman alone, from the city and a Greenie to boot!   A ‘No Gas’ signs on her front gate, this is National country.

It won’t be long and they’ll be gone these forestry blokes cutting down 600 acres of trees.  I’m sure there are some very nice humans amongst them, I know I can see from here.  There was one inebriated upstart who threatened to come to my front door with a rifle!  Jeesuez, as I said ‘the things a girl has to deal with in this decrepit Patriarchy’.  I just might turn the little creep into a frog, or make his ‘thingy’ shrivel to the size of a toothpick.  They don’t know who they’re dealing with.  I’m a good person fortunately.  But there’s a limit… and I do have Gypsy blood, I know the Gypsy ways.

So  been experiencing this Patriarchy thing up front and personal… and I can tell you, the Woman has had enough.  Enough.

Mother Moon

I’m a Woman, I’m a Mother, I’m a girl and I’m an Elder… I’m all of these.  Woman nurtures and loves, protects, gives birth.  A Woman needs respect and care.  It’s time for the Masculine to take its rightful place, beside her.  She will no longer be controlled, imprisoned, silenced, punished… she is free.  She will never again be caged.

My Nimbin Good Times article is due today, but might need to go back to bed for a while and have a go later on.  Hope your day is filled with moments of pure Joy.

lotsa luv



Hot sun, horses, donkeys and scotch thistle


ahhh… the cool of the evenings.

It’s been hot up in these parts… northern NSW, really hot for mountain country.  The grass is dry but still green in parts.  In the north/west corner paddock, thin long stems of dry grass with little beads of red create a moving sea of gold as they dance in the warm summer breeze.  Down in Faerie Gully the large ‘apple’ trees (Angophora costata) give shade from the burning sun,  such a relief.  They are old, big and gnarly, looking very much like Faerie Gully.  The gully borders the spring fed dam and the little creek. The long green water reeds bordering the dam look vibrant… demolished during a long cold month of frost they’ve returned with gusto.  The six trees I planted in the eastern paddock are securing their feet at last.  With floods, frost and heat waves, it’s taken them a while.


Faerie Gully in the wet

It’s been hotter here the last few months than Ipswich and Brisbane, that’s not happened since I’ve been here.  I’ve wondered whether cutting down 600 acres of trees has impacted.  Of course it has, everything is connected, in ways we’re not tuned into… we don’t understand, at least very few.  This creation has an intelligence far beyond what we can understand with our analytical mind.  It’s a community, it works together.  We’ve moved far away from this model of operating… us human beings.  It’s a big time for all of us here on planet Earth, we need to pay attention or the messages will become louder and much more direct.


I miss Gemma, her hugs and her big belly.

Since Gemma my dear cow friend died, there’s been no one out in the paddock eating the grass.  I’ve been pondering getting it slashed.  It’s pretty costly, about $600 at least.  A week or two back I got a phone call from a lovely young women called Alice.  I was a bit confused as to what she was talking about at first, I’d forgotten all about the notice I’d put in the local shop.  It was ages back.  It finally clicked, she wanted to come and look at the paddock, she had two horses and two miniature donkeys.  The two donkeys are rescue animals.  They came up, liked the paddock, so have set to work putting up electric fences etc.  So tomorrow morning, I’ll have some more animal friends here… that should be fun (I think!).  It’s not much of a financial return, but enough for a body treatment once a month.  And Alice and Diamon are nice.

So I’ve been out in the hot sun this morning, digging up scotch thistle, it’s quite prolific this year.  I normally get to it pretty quickly so it doesn’t flower, but the last few months have been as they have.  No-one else removes them in the paddocks around me… so when the wind blows, here come the seeds.  It’s a great plant in many ways but best to get to it before it flowers, otherwise it can run rampant.  I don’t use chemicals.

Scotch Thistle tea was used in ancient times to treat varicose veins.  It’s a bitter, so good for the liver.  It is also known as a cardiotonic (good for the heart) ~ used in some proprietary heart medicines.  The juice of the plant has been used with good effect in the treatment of cancers and ulcers.  The petals also are an adulterant for saffron, used as a yellow food colouring and flavouring.  A good quality of edible oil is obtained from the seed, the seed contains 25% oil.


Nothing is superfluous in Mother Nature’s world… everything has a use and a purpose.  There’s a natural rhythm that the Mother has, we need to connect to her with our Heart to be allowed into these mysteries.  Love and care are the entrance doors.  She knows so much… she’s been caring for this Earth a very long time.  In our arrogance, we think we’re superior, that we know more.  Yes we are made of the Earth and the Stars, we have the capacity to understand a great deal.  But we need to approach with humility, with love, with reverence.

The influence of this Sacred Feminine energy has not been a part of our human social systems for a very long time.  The part of us connected to her, has lain fallow, grown weak and atrophied.  We have shut her out.  But of course that is impossible, we are part of her.  The energy of the Sacred Feminine is building once again, her time is very soon.

Everything around you has a message for you.  Plants grow that you need, in ignorance we grab the chemicals and destroy them, poisoning the earth.  We call them weeds, those nasty things that make our garden so untidy, or so we think.  There’s so much we don’t know… but this knowing needs to come via the heart.  It’s been the Heart that’s been chained, you don’t have to listen long to hear its cry.  Release me, release me… the Heart cries to rule again.

Wherever you are, hot or cold or in between… hope you have a beautiful day, in every way.  Adding a little bit more love to your life, day after day after day.

lotsa luv



entering a new cycle


A very hot few days it’s been.  Day before yesterday was horrid, I think that was a first experience for me… very intense.  It’s often a bit cooler here in the mountains.  I didn’t like it at all, and the poor birds and the rest of the wildlife.  A stunning gleaming black Raven sat on the bird bath yesterday, and drank heartedly; that’s never happened before.  I didn’t get a chance to take a photo.

For all whatever reasons, I don’t do well in that weather, I can feel my body struggling.  Yes, yes dear Pluto is visiting my Moon, who resides in his house after all!  You think she’d be a little familiar with him by now.  But goodness, he just gets so full on about everything… and there’s no room for comment.

Within our current energy bubble, there are a few things going on;  who to put first?  Venus?  I hear Saturn grumbling, I will not be bullied!  So… our most beautiful Goddess Aphrodite has just moved in with Sagittarius… the Seeker of Truth, what a man.  Followed in five days by the Moon Goddess, seeking the truths in our emotional bodies, in our heritage.  Beautiful visions.  With Neptune standing still, preparing to begin his new way forward after his time of reflection… Magick fills the air.


‘Awakening’ is on my fridge.  It’s from my dear friend Samyo, who instructed and introduced me to Facial Harmony (I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love Facial Harmony ).  We held the workshop at my Healing Centre in West Ipswich, the one I renovated, restored with my partner; he did a wonderful job.  I did quite a bit too.  I had the vision … it was such a transformation.  It was really beautiful.

A little story from then ~ I was close to completing the packing up of my two houses, one which was my business Magick Moments.

MM entrance 2

I’d heard the call, I finally put down my arms.  It was a process, everything is a process.  The gift of a Sun and Moon in Earth and in a harmonious relationship… that was compassion.  My natal Sth Node is in Scorpio, a heritage strewn with blood… and the most regal of transformation.  It took nine months to shut up shop in both my home and Magick Moments.   I  did finally take off for Adelaide with my dear friend Beth (my aging Pajero) where I stayed for eighteen months, to be near my boy.  I was sad when I left.

That leaving took me to here… first Woodenbong, then Lindesay Creek.  And now a new chapter beckons.

But I’m diverting…


A walk to the garden, my Gardenia bush is covered in buds and flowers.  The sensational Gardenia Flower.  I have two Gardenia Flower Essences, which you will find in the ‘Deva-line Flower Essence Descriptions’ in the above menu.

So… I’d packed up all of Magick Moments, shifted and stored.  I was having a final garage sale.  I’d stored all the things in my lovely renovated shed…

MM garage

someone broke in and stole some stuff.   I decided to spend the night there.  The house was empty, or so I thought.  I took my futon and bedding and slept on the floor in what was my healing room.  I lay down on my back and straight away I saw them… the room was full of people, circle upon circle.  It blew me away… I had no idea.  The feeling was amazing.  I enjoyed therapy work, it can feel pretty cosmic at times.  But it’s real, in the sense that it’s happening here and now.  The Body is a sensational creation.  My hands feel the rhythm, they connect and follow, the body knows what it needs.


Back in the present, our majestic Sun sits with serious Saturn, there is no hurry… he wants it done right, slow and steady. Mars is charging head-on to the Nodes… our journey from others into our self.  Mars is still pretty snug with Pluto, energy is strong; such wondrous opportunity for transmutation.  Great God of the Oceans, Neptune, keeper of the key to the Akashic Records, is standing still, preparing to move forward into a new cycle.

Uranus, bringer of the New Age, moving closer and closer to the Sth Node, recharging all the old stuff… sending a bolt of brilliant light into our destiny field.   So much opportunity.

We’re moving into the Balsamic Cycle of our Sacred Moon… leading us through the dark, into the new.  A time of Death, Release, Rebirth… new seeds of growth.  It’s a time for slowing down, your body will remind you, she’d like you to listen.  We have cycles too, we are part of the Great Mother and Father Gods… we don’t exist in isolation.

Open yourself to love and adventure, to your destiny.  Give your body what it needs, it will take you on a journey you otherwise wouldn’t see.  Enjoy.


Dear Snowie, it was hot for her too… first time outside on that horrid day, it was early evening…

till next time, enjoy being alive…. lotsa luv marilynxxx






a reading to win


Good morning … it’s going to be a hot one, hanging around forty today!  Will need to stay cool, somehow.  I guess it’s ‘hot’ in another way too… with all these world ‘leaders’, the old decrepit remains of the patriarchal conditioning, not far from here (as the crow flies… but I’m not sure he’s interested in flying there…)  But as one Age draws to an end whilst another has already been born… it’s a strange kinda time.

This incredible Earth we were gifted as our home… this is Sacred Feminine energy manifest.  They’re here, I’ve seen them… the Goddess that is.  My seeing eye comes in handy at times.  I also heard them speak, I watched them as they moved through the portal opening, up there in the sky.  I don’t question those things anymore, you can’t make sense of it with your head.  They said ‘the energy of the Feminine needs to grow stronger, more and more’… they were asking us to join them, to spread the word… it’s time, it’s their time… they’re here… the new Age has birthed.

My dear, beautiful Mother was psychic (as you call it!), her Father was said to be of Gypsy blood… so it runs through my veins.  The Gypsy’s life, over the patriarchy, has been challenging too.  We grew up with Mum ‘knowing things’, we (my brother and I) just laughed, we thought it was a play thing.  You couldn’t hide anything from Mum.  And beautiful, she was so beautiful… but never got to experience her brilliance, so sad.  I think of her, especially when I’ve ‘achieved’ something special… I say ‘this is for the two of us Mum’.  I’m doing what you couldn’t… I carry on her beautiful memory.

In the vein of the Gypsy, I’m going to do what I’ve not done before… readings.  Yes, I’ve avoided them till now.  Yes, can imagine all sorts of reasons why, but I don’t really know.  I’ve felt the urge and need to work again since back early in the year.  I also do therapy work.  But with the invasion of the machines, and all that’s happened over the last six months, my dear beautiful body just wasn’t up to it.  So I’m making a start.  Thank you Mars/Pluto!

So if you leave your name in the comments here… or on Facebook, I will put you all in the draw and pull one out on the New Moon, the 22nd of this month… 0 degrees Sagittarius, a bountiful degree.

Enjoy your precious life on this very precious planet Earth…

much love… marilynxxx

The Divine Feminine

a beautiful morning

my little friend

It’s a glorious morning, blue skies, sunshine and birdsong… and I got to wake up naturally (no truck noise) albietly with a little help from my white fury friend, snuggled beside my head.  She comes in every morning around the same time.  It’s so important how we start the day, for our mental outlook but also for the vibration in our body.  Health is built on good vibrations.

So I’m lapping up the quiet stillness, cicada music filling the gully, little Wagtail with the healthy vocal chords, Magpies, Eastern Rosella’s, Kookaburra’s, Noisy Miners, Crows and Butcherbirds and all the visitors… lots of family here.

Yesterday in Kyogle doing some shopping , I now have lots of yummy food ~ thank you.  My dear, beautiful body still needs some more resting, and I will honour her.  For someone with a personality profile like mine, slowing down didn’t come naturally… I preferred to push the boundaries, achieve as much as  possible.  I’ve paid the price.  It’s not just age, it’s the Polio thing, but gee I’m really grateful, others suffering from the late effects of Polio are doing it tougher than me.  But I don’t do the modern medicine route, well there’s nothing they can do anyway.  They just say, what is written… which is rest, pace yourself and don’t do anything if you’re tired.  Good advice.   More than once  I’ve been in a doctor’s surgery (I don’t frequent them often) and when I mention I had Polio, they Google it… kinda funny.

But as I’ve said before, I’m so grateful that I believe in healing… ’cause I do.  Everything is energy, everything vibrates, everything has memory and everything constantly changes.  We just need to pay attention to where we place our focus.

So I’m going to have a beautiful, relaxing day, breathing in Life and Love… and giving thanks for every second I get on this most incredible Earth… I wish you the same.

lotsa luv… marilynxxx (wish they had some hearts here)


my white fury (molting) friend… xx

I believe in healing


I believe in healing, I do…

It’s been an active morning here in my spot at Lindesay Creek.  Truck vibrations and noise woke me at 5.30am (really 4.30am!!) and their noise continues, punctured by moments of bird song.  I haven’t been feeling the best these last few days, especially yesterday… there was so much noise.  I’m still recovering from my time away and having that virus thing, I wondered if it’s still hanging around, at least energetically.  Gosh, these healing times keep on.  I know there’s an end, I can see the light and it’s not too far away.  I’m so glad, so grateful that I do believe in healing, ’cause sometimes that sneaky mind just wants to throw in a doubt, ‘it could be…”.  I remind myself I don’t believe in it… I don’t.  Yes, my beautiful body carries both physical and energetic imprints from the Polio virus, it has it’s effects, some difficult at times… but I so believe in healing.

When we’re surrounded by a prevailing mind-set, and an ancient patriarchal one at that, it really takes tuning in, to your own knowing.  This patriarchal age is at its end, it is, we need to take our focus to the Sacred Feminine… it’s time.  As I sit here on the verandah breathing in the valley, drawing strength from the mountains, allowing myself to be healed; joyful to see my little wallaby friend, he’s so young.  He brings joy to my heart.  And the beautiful native pigeon, you know the kind that coo’s like a dove, he’s just wandering around in the garden in front of me.  And all the birds, all the  bird families that live around me, their song vibrates my body, such magick land.  Soft moist rain clouds hang low, there’s moisture in the air, the frogs are joyous, also the cicada… and the garden has just loved it, the rain.  There’s a little frog that lives in the barbecue!  I know, not sure why, but I rarely use it.  It’s close to where I’m sitting and her croak is quiet deafening, she’s responding to the male call, he’s in the eastern garden also very close.  Gosh… two gorgeous Eastern Rosella land on the bird bath, I always keep it full; only three metres from where I sit.

The magick of the Mother … I believe in healing, I do.

Oh… and my beautiful friend Snowie, whose energy is almost constantly around me… my dear healing friend, I love you very much dear Snowie (she’s very much in her Crone… and a Scorpio one at that!)



And just now, five Sulpher- crested Cockatoo’s flew onto a branch just in front of me.  This blessed Earth.

lotsa luv… marilynxxx

The frogs always know…


I’ve written most of it down… these last four years here at magick Mahalia, books are planned.   I’ve heard Lindesay Creek, where Mahalia resides, is known as ‘Ancestor country’ by the local indigenous people.  I can vouch for that.  I’ve inherited a ‘seeing’ eye ~ and what a place to ‘see’.  Yes magick it has been.

It’s also had its challenges, the local town is not the friendliest in the world.  I’ve tried my best (I think I have) to remain positive, change my focus, ‘see’ differently… but sometimes what is, is what is.  I feel for the local indigenous people, life must have been hell for them over the years.

Why humans need to act this way, well I guess it’s a choice.  Because their family has lived in the valley for a few generations, they think they own the place… ahh well.  You can’t change someone’s thoughts.  But I’ve tried, I have, to mingle and mix, to give of my love and strengths.  When I first came to Woodenbong I involved myself with the local community, was friendly and talked to everyone… even went to the Progress meeting; only once.  I remember my dear friend, my ‘ex’, said to me when I first arrived in the village, he had bought a house there, ‘be carefull you know what you’re like, you take things on’.  Well, actually it’s taken sixty-six years so far, to know what I’m like.  I think it was often a mystery to me.

That has been one of the gifts of being accepted as the caretaker on this very special sacred land, I’ve learned to trust myself.  I rarely doubt what I feel now; oh yes there are times, usually when I’m strongly attracted to someone, (a man… which I can tell you isn’t that often; I’m a Virgo!) and doubt what I’m feeling.  That one can get a bit tricky, is what I’m feeling right?  Or am I imagining it?  I’m not the only one, am I?

I feel energy.  I’m trained in Energy medicine, but I’m also naturally like that.  And sometimes it’s particularly strong.  Like I don’t even know the person, but I can feel what’s going on with them.  I doubt that sometimes, especially, like I said… when I fancy them.  I guess the solution would be to ask… eh?  But I’m a coward, not completely healed the rejection thing, yet.

Some extra noise outside, just went to look… oh my goodness!  Yesterday I was getting pretty pissed off with this bloody forestry work!  Mars/Pluto conjunction!  So I thought, actually I imagined it pouring and pouring (it did for a bit last night) and the forest full of mud and the trucks getting bogged in it.  That’ll fix ’em, I thought.  It wasn’t a long thought… but guess what that noise was, yep, a tractor pulling a truck fully loaded with logs, out of the forest.  Goodness me… it works!  I kinda like this Gypsy/Witch thing.  And I like that I’m mostly ‘light’.  But there are times when a little darker shade of grey can be used, when they continue to ignore my voice.  There are different ways to speak.

No doubt this is a very potent end of year.  The last quarter of a year is often full, but this very big year of 2014, it’s extra potent.  I’ve seen 2014 as a passage way, a passage between worlds.  We’ve made a crossing, we may be weary, but we know who we are and where we’re going.  And these current gifts from our planetary neighbours, are blasting through any defenses we’ve held on to, right through to our core… to our most powerful self.  Powerful beings are being born.

We have what it takes… to create our new world.


Have fun… and enjoy


lotsa luv… marilynxxx




Gosh it’s been a month


Yes it’s been a while since I’ve visited my blog… October was a very big month!  Well, the last three months have taken on a momentum of their own;  so much movement, so much unfolding… 2014 has been a big year.  I’ve often noticed the last quarter of a year, as well as moving quickly, seems to bring the ‘birthing’, the culmination of all the year’s lessons… and big lessons they’ve been.

The photo above was taken at the Stirling markets, beautiful Stirling in the Adelaide Hills.  It’s my favourite market, I use to buy plants from this plant stall when I lived down there.  I wasn’t expecting to experience the wonderful Stirling markets on this recent visit, my flight was leaving a few days before.  Plans were changed when I came down with some nasty sick thing.  I felt I left this dimension for a while, as you do when your body has taken over, lingering somewhere in some other world, floating above the coming and goings.  It was both strange and unpleasant, the physical symptoms quite painful.  I couldn’t eat, which brings up fear for me, I certainly don’t need to lose any weight.

But… there was also some quite stunning awakenings, visions and revelations as I lingered in that nether world.  ‘No such thing as a coincidence’ my dear Dad repeated often, everything is tied together, with Angel webbing… understanding and experiencing the gift of sickness… well, that’s a blessing.  It’s a time of great transformation.

I’m  not quite sure where or who I am.  Of course it will all settle, it always does.  It’s just when a lot is in movement, you need to surrender to the process.  And you know how the surrendering thing goes!  We like to hold on to control.

I’ve known for a while that a new chapter has begun, I’m one of those people who ‘hear the call’.  But the intermediary thing can test one’s patience, not sure I’ve ever had an abundance of it!  It’s like I can sense where I’m going and I want to be there.  I can’t see it, but I know it’s happening.  When I hear the call I do respond, it’s something that I’ve always done.  To others it may seem crazy at times, but then who can see inside someone else’s head?  Well, I guess you can hear them sometimes.

So this new chapter has begun, and yes I get a little restless…. my wondrous Gemini Ascendant.  The Virgo and Capricorn just want to get on with it, come on, what’s with all the waiting?  Yes, yes… it’s a process.  You’d think I was pretty familiar with the Earth vibration, being an Earth Sun and Moon… but then, Virgo is not your usual Earth energy.  Earth energy is slower… it involves a process before it manifests.

On another level, we need to be ready.  If we’re still lingering in yesterday, even on an energetic level, then we can’t be in tomorrow.  It takes its own time, it won’t be hurried.  As I tap my fingers on the table, ‘come on, come on’… they take no bloody notice,  they just cruise at their own sweet speed, nothing or no-one can hurry them.  A bit like Snowie, my dear feline friend.

So…  I’m stuck here in a process.  I’m not in yesterday and not yet in tomorrow.  I can smell it, I know it’s there, but my body will take its own sweet time to arrive.  A very big new chapter is unfolding… changing most things, but I need to be patient.  And as a dear friend advised… clear the clutter, rest and get ready’…. ugh!  Patience marilyn, patience.

Time to go out and do some mulching, we had some lovely rain last night.  Also need to rest, it’s been such a big few months, body is still catching up.

Wishing you a wondrous Taurus Full Moon… and with all this potent Mars/Pluto energy filling our biosphere… resistance is futile.  Transformation is in process, relax and enjoy it (talking to myself!)

lotsa luv marilynxxx