Eclipse time…


A new ‘today’ has arrived, welcomed by gentle birdsong, our masterful Sun ascending slowly over a family of trees; sky turns from wintry grey to summer blue, warmth replaces coolness, my body renewed after a night of sleep, sits present with this magickal transformation.  We have so much but often we forget.  We live in a paradise, we have a human body, a mind that can be clever and a Heart that loves to feel good.

Recently I’ve been trying to find a question, a question to stimulate something I can feel and ‘see’ emerging… but finding the words to compose it.  I’ve seen how important it is to have the right question.

‘Questions open the doorway to dialogue and discovery.  Questions can lead to movement and action on key issues, by generating creative insights, they can ignite change.’

‘The Art of seeking new possibilities.’

‘A paradigm shift occurs when a question is asked inside the current paradigm that can only be answered from outside it.  It is this kind of paradigm shift, based on powerful questions, that may be necessary to create truly innovative solutions to our most pressing concerns.’  from the The Art of Powerful Questions

It’s not been easy finding this question.  I’ve needed to look at my own assumptions, my own beliefs, desires and needs;  what am I really trying to do.  I know the symptoms but what is the question that will take us to the solution.

I can talk in ways of the Patriarchy and the Sacred Feminine, the old, the new and our current evolution into a higher state of being.  But its simple words I need, ones everyone can understand.


The ‘symptoms’ I notice is that we’ve grown accustomed to the ‘problem’.  Just take a wander through Facebook!  Yes, I feel it’s important for it to be acknowledged, but not to keep our focus on it, our focus is much more powerful than we often understand.  We hold the power of creation in our very cells.  We’ve lived and grown through the Age of Patriarchy,  spanning back thousands of years through our history, we’ve all been conditioned and affected.  Unknowingly we take on this focus.  It’s understandable, but now requires a different focus.

It’s a powerful time of transformation, of evolution, a time of re-discovering our humanity.  We’re being called back to our heart, we’re being reminded of our need for love and peace.  We’re experiencing the changing of an Age.

Where we focus, our legs will follow.  Where we allow our eyes to rest, we take that energy into ourself.  A new focus is required, to bring about a new world.  How do we do that?  What would be the question?

Use the energy of this potent Eclipse time to take you where you want to go.

‘The power to step into the next phase of our destiny will be available to those who work with these energies’  Cathy Pagano

Burning away our Patriarchal conditioning, how do we move into the energy of the Sacred Feminine?

(maybe that’s the question…)

lotsa luv…. marilynxxx


good to be alive


What a great year it’s been… yes, I know it hasn’t always appeared that way.  But can you feel the growth?  I can, and I’m excited, really excited.  The possibilities are unfolding and we can be a part of the new beginning.  Out of the ashes, the phoenix flies… the purpose of this year, to be transformed.

2014 began with a Super New Moon, on New Year’s Day.  Pluto the Great Transformer sat with our Sun and Moon… an auspicious beginning.  Pluto Lord of the Underworld rises to gather all that’s rotting and decayed, placing them on the great fire… where new life will rise once again.


Yes, it’s been rugged at times, confronted with the past we’ve carried for so long…  no more time for it now.  The present requires us all to be on board, we have a life to live, to celebrate, to enjoy…  our love is much more powerful than we know.  We hold the power of Life, of Love, of regeneration and renewal… connected to our source, we have the power to change our world.

I’ve sure been feeling it, the passion that is.  It feels so good.  Like a raging fire within, it sets me alight with love.  I feel it’s power… I’m so grateful that I have an anchor to hold me steady.  Power is a mighty force.

Life is calling… can you hear her?  Calling each and every one of us to connect to our centre, our Heart, our Love… this will save our world.

As we journey through the last quarter of this powerful year, much love and grace is present… time to join our love together.  The great circle of humanity.

Have a great October… with both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, a big energy month.  Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty and Uranus God of the Sky and Heavens impregnate these Eclipses with their powerful energy … an innovative, progressive and heart centred month… love brings freedom, enjoy.

lotsa luv