A new cycle of magick…



What a truly magickal evening, reminding me of how it use to be, often.

A day in the big smoke, leaving home just after 7am to catch the 7.30am bus to Kyogle.  The bus proprietors, the Watson’s, have been ferrying people back and forth, from Woodenbong to Kyogle and return… since the roads were dirt and extra winding.  Passing through the upper most tip of the Northern Rivers, lush paddocks and grazing cows. the few surviving dairy farms.  Around one bend a most startling sight, Mount Lindesay towering majestically over the surrounding inhabitants, Mt Barney not far behind. The Border Ranges sit with beauty and purpose.  Such a special valley.

Kyogle is the closest town, it’s from here you catch a bus to Lismore via Casino.  From home to Lismore, a three-hour journey.   Lismore’s only an hour from Byron Bay and Mullumbimby and even closer to Nimbin, my favourite place to sit and sip a soy latte chai is the Dragonfly, the Bank is pretty groovy too, people look familiar, similar to me.  A long stint up here in the wilds, doing the solo thing, has left me with a growing desire to be with my tribe.  I think it will be soon.


The bus gets back to Woodenbong, a little under three kilometres from my place at Lindesay Creek at 4.45pm… about five when I get home.  I’m usually feeling pretty tired, once I unpack my shopping from the car, just want to have a cup of tea and a sit outside in the wonderful air.

There was something really special happening yesterday, I felt it all day, but once I arrived home it felt powerful.  You know that kind of presence where you feel you can actually cut it with a knife, it was impossible to ignore.  As I said, after a long day in the big smoke, I usually just want to crash!  But I wanted to be outside, breathing in this magick that I could feel so powerfully.

We’ve recently had considerable rain, everyone is pleased… tanks were getting low for some.  The ground is wet, puddles dot the paddocks and roads, trees and bushes drip.  I wanted to sit outside in this magickal air, I wanted a fire.  A confession, the fire ban season has already begun.  After a rugged winter, a month of frost, the grass tinder dry, not much rain for nearly a year, the fire guys were concerned.  But with all this water about, I figured it would be safe.  The fire pit was soaked but the desire to be out there was strong, I thought I’d give it a go.  Back and forth I went to the shed, collecting bits of wood, I was surprised at my energy.  I stacked the fire pit, struck a match, it started instantly.  And then it raged, I mean really raged, the flames shot high, sparks flew, the force of this fire was intense.


Then the images and words came, I hadn’t considered doing a ritual, I just wanted to be out there.  I felt it in my body, the words flowed from my mouth… I experienced old significant trauma, ones that had shaped and formed the marilyn who became, move out of my body into the flames.  The words supported and guided this release, I felt it leave my body, it felt empty, new… I was someone I hardly recognised, lost a very long time ago.  I thanked all for this blessing, I thanked the Ancestors for calling me here, for guiding me, being with me through these years of great healing.  I thanked them again and again, I felt honoured they had invited me here, to this Sacred Space.  I’ve known for days that’s it’s time now, for me to move on.  I asked them to invite the next caretaker, as they invited me.

Rain clouds had all cleared, the first in days… the sky was brilliant, our solar system, stars upon stars upon stars,  neighbouring galaxies, the Southern Cross, the Pleiades, the Milky Way… I saw myself standing on this beautiful blue ball travelling through this wonderland, with all our friends.  I stayed outside till my body began to droop, my eyes wanting to close.

I knew Virgo was special, the Goddess, the Spirit of the Earth… my most favourite time of year, the Virgo cycle.  But I never realised just how magickal she really is.

Happy Birthday to all the Virgo’s… yes Happy Birthday month for me too.

lotsa luv…. marilynxxx

(ps… I also felt her purify the space all around me… thank you dear Virgo)

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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