Full Moon eve…


Another precious morning, held in the arms of the Mother.   A solitary bellbird sets the high note,  butcher birds and noisy miners add the harmonies.  Such soul soothing melodies.  Heavy mists hide the valleys below and the mountains standing guard at the border, the paddock north of the house fence is the only one visible.  The heavy moisture settles on the straw like grass, softening its dryness, allowing it to bend.  The tanks are full, thanks to this magickal mist.

Sunbeams melt through this mystical cover, bringing warmth and loving.  Life is close, very close, I feel it hold me.  The beauty overwhelms, moisture builds in my eyes.  I feel the love, my chest is tender with its care.  We have so much if only we could see.  Pouring forth, this love is endless, this life such a miracle.  Such kindness, how could it be?  But it is.  Who is the giver of such a thing?  A channel of giving that has no end.  I allow myself to receive, I breathe in this bounty, so beyond my ability to describe.  Tears come.

I feel the release, of all the hurt, generations of living in my cells.¬†¬†A vision of these fills my screen, I know their purpose, I feel their pain.¬† ‘It’s you’ they say, ‘here’s where the journey ends’.¬† My body weak from struggle, is filled with liquid strength, it fills my chest.¬† ‘Fill yourself with this¬†Life’ they say, ‘breathe it in, allow it to¬†lift you’, ‘it will lift you higher and higher’.¬† I wipe the tears so I can see.¬† Such exquisite love that¬†surrounds me, fills me…¬†lifetimes of tears could fall, from this knowing… that such compassion exists.

Athene Marilyn Scott

There’s power in this Super Full Moon, much is¬†happening behind the scenes.¬† Healing and clearing… the Mother is close, she protects her children.

We need to cross this channel, yes the¬†waters are dark and angry, the seas black and threatening.¬† Monster waves crash over our small wooden vessel, threatening to sink us.¬† The captain keeps us focused, he intends to get this boat across.¬† ‘Stand in the centre’ he shouts, he’s hardly heard over the¬†crashing waves and thunderous skies.¬† ‘Eyes forward, ahead’, his words can only just be heard, ‘don’t look at the swell, keep your eyes on the horizon’, ‘know you’ll get across’, ‘we’re nearly there’.¬† The thunder crashes closer,¬† brilliant rods of¬†lightning¬†burst like ghostly¬†flames across the sky.¬† The heavy black clouds hang just above their heads, or so it seems.¬† They try hard not to be¬†afraid.

‘No fear’ the captain roars, ‘there’ll be no fear on my ship’ he reminds his second in charge.¬† ‘I will bring this ship to shore’.

Uranus is the captain of this Super Full Moon in Aquarius and he knows well the path across.¬† He understands what is needed, he carries this wisdom.¬† He uses these brilliant lightning strikes to illuminate the darkness.¬† He’s supported by the gods.¬† He will fulfil his mission.

There’s something destined in the air, something significant about to happen.¬† A chance meeting, a sudden arrival, this Full Moon will change the way we view things.¬† An epiphany, an awakening… a destined encounter, will open our¬†eyes.¬† We will see where we are, and what is happening.

The essence of the archetypal Feminine¬†is strong. Black Moon Lilith sits with the Sun, her gift of self-empowerment is transported to Earth through the Sun’s powerful, life giving¬†rays.¬† Primal Feminine power is all around, its presence palpable, visible to some.¬† This power is¬†yet to be fully understood.¬†¬†This is a time of great significance… the birthing of a New Age.

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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