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I noticed I was approaching from fear, saw panic lurking.  Where has that come from?  Then I saw just how much fear is in our environment now, it’s spruiked prolifically.  We take it on and do the same.  It really pays to be awake.

I noticed I was approaching from lack, thinking I was being practical.  One life and it’s short, in the big scheme of things, a weeny bit of a second.  And yet we get to do so much…  we get to feel, so many wonderful feelings.  And the others we learn from.  We learn to have compassion for our self, to love our self with all our heart.  We are truly wonderful.

We need to be aware… of what we think and what we say.  What we allow into the Sacred Space of our awareness.

Embracing hope, acceptance and faith, knowing that everything is as it is for now.  With a focus on expansion, infinite expansion.  The desire to contribute, to participate, has been important to me for a long time.  I can do many things, I’m creative, but I really like to contribute.  I think it’s pretty natural for a human being.   It takes everyone to make the whole, the contribution of each one of us, focused on one point… ignites the circle.  And the circle has magickal powers.


I’m writing this on my favourite verandah, the sun so deliciously warm on my back.  For a while I took off all my clothes and let those healing rays flood the surface of my skin, penetrating in.  It was a very cold night and I’ve run out of wood.  I was so cold I kept waking and I had one doona and three blankets on me.  One wool, one cotton and one synthetic.  I’ve had to stay near the Sun today, my body was so chilled.  I’ll hold faith that a Faerie Godmother turns up with some wood.  I’ve done the practical bit, calling different people for over a week but alas no wood delivery yet.  I need the Faerie Godmother, I trust she will arrive.

But for now, the sun is infusing me with life giving rays, his warmth so appreciated in this chilly winter season.  A Willy Wagtail has been flying over my head, he’s looking for a way to get into the house.  One was in the loungeroom earlier today, took a while to find his way out.  They’re looking for a warm spot for tonight as well.  They like to stay warm and cosy those Wagtails.  And now a butterfly, almost brushed my cheek with his wings, he flew so close… golden orange and yellow.  The warm sun must be sending out the signals of Spring already.

There is silence, nature’s silence…  a constant hum, a high vibrational sound so harmonious with our being, it activates our cells, music of the spheres.  I love that silence, it’s so full, so rich, as if the whole universe is present in this moment, it feels endless.

We have been given so much, such a bounty here for us right now.  I need to re-direct my eyes once more…. I wander off, lose my focus.  We all want to be in the very best place, it’s natural.  Well I know it exists, I need to choose it.

Hope you stay warm tonight, or if it’s not cold, just relax and enjoy.

lotsa luv… marilynxxx



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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