as our paths unfold…


The light is infiltrating the dark.  Soft grey mists laden with moisture hug the ground, the valley is hidden from view.  The stars have now disappeared, what an awesome sight they were… these vast open Aussie skies, so clear.  Ahhh.. the first Kookaburra call, now another, from the north and south.  I woke early, I’ve become so sensitive to the sound of machines.  Even when the sound is muted, the vibration still reverberates in my chest.  The machine has started up in the forest, ripping the trees from the earth.

A triple trill pierces the air, was that the Butcher Bird?  So clever they are.  The Kookaburras continue deep in the valley, the Noisy Miners are now awake, all a little sleepy it seems, different from yesterday morning when their singing filled the space.  Sparkling clear air moves swiftly through my nasal passages, exploding in my lungs.  What a privilege to experience such purity.  Oh yes, everything comes to an end.  These last four years I’ve lived here, I’ve been aware how fortunate I am to experience a place so pristine, I understood that things can change.  But that I had the opportunity to witness such undisguised giving of the Mother… I’ve felt very blessed.  This experience will potently influence the remainder of my life, what I do and where I go.

I’ve told some of the story before.  It was October 1st, 2010, 3.36pm as we drove through the front gates of Mahalia.  I’d already chosen a name.  Of course I made a note of the time, a Star Chart would be drawn.  I had a plan, one that visited me for many years.  I’d ‘seen’ the house, I’d even drawn a picture of it,  almost as it is.  I asked myself why I wanted to do this, take on this project… I’d already taken on some significant projects.  My partner was suggesting it may be time to slow down.  With a Scorpio Mars, I listen (well sometimes), but when I get my mind set on something it’s hard to shift.  Determination a key word of this placement, also relentless courage and push.  I recall another of my Father’s favourite sayings ‘there’s no such word as can’t’.  Yes, I know, quite something to live up to.


I was keen to get on with it, preparing the place for opening.  I felt it was needed, that it was time.  I was planning to open a Sacred Healing Retreat.  Having already created a Healing Centre in the city, I had some experience.  Mahalia was the perfect place, not just the physical beauty… the statuesque mountains, tranquil valleys and clear water creeks, but the presence of the land spirits, their presence could be potently felt.  The blue timber house with its generous hardwood verandas on three sides, sat on a hill overlooking the valleys with a clear view to the mountain range… the border of NSW and Qld.  My original surname was Border, I believe a name originating on the border of Scotland and England.  I was back in border country.

The house was large, one massive room perfect for workshops and gatherings.  I had my whiteboard ready.  I was excited, this vision had been with me for over ten years, it was close to being realised.  I employed my partner to do the work, he was an accomplished carpenter, I liked his work.  I wanted the deck extended around the pool and there was fencing to do.  We didn’t have a great history of working together, unfortunately.  He was hesitant, I talked him into it.  It was a lot of organising, in area’s I had little experience, I was the project manager, responsible for ordering what was needed.  I noticed as the weeks went by I wasn’t handling things very well.  I was obviously feeling stressed.  I took myself off to the Ayurvedic clinic in Kyogle to get some help.  I thought I must be run down.  It hadn’t been long, maybe three months into the preparations.  It took me by surprise, I thought I’d been fine.

to be continued…

have a great day, enjoy your breath

lotsa luv marilynxxx



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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