It’s been quite a year.  2014 began with a New Moon in Capricorn on New Year’s Day.  The Sun and Moon sat with Pluto the great transformer… the god of the underworld.  Mercury, messenger of the gods sat with them.  Mars the god of war in one corner,  Uranus lord of the skies in another, challenged their authority.  They all had different points of view. and were ready to enforce them.  Jupiter king of the gods opposed and challenged them all.  A battle front was formed.  This was the signature of 2014.

We are not separate from these movements in our solar system, and beyond. We reflect each other, what is happening above and around is happening within. Pluto holds no prisoners, his ways can be brutal. When it’s time, it’s time. There’s no discussion.

We tend to resist change, spending much time and energy in making sure things stay the same. We’ve attached our security to things around us. It comes to bite us one day. We concoct elaborate theories of what is what and who is who. Mumbo jumbo is all it is. We forget our place, we take on the role of the creative force, thinking we can control the outcome of life. Foolish we are. We stage war with the Mother, a battle that can never be won.  We think we’re bigger than we are. We puff out our chest and speak what we don’t know. We really don’t fool anyone.  We follow like sheep to the slaughter. Just as long as we keep consuming, keep those dollars coming. The day comes when we realize, it’s not very tasty that money stuff. Nor does it give us another breath when the time is up. We can scream and shout as much as we like. Wave our fist, threaten God, but we get to see how really small we are.

Our systems are built on the accumulation of riches, wandering blindly we attempt to fulfil the horrid aching, the empty place inside us.  We have many ways to silence that ache. Many ways to distract ourselves… they’ve made sure of that.

They think they’re so clever, their plans so successful. They’ve been planning for a long time now. Total power and control… a glint of greed sparks from their evil eyes. They rub their manicured hands with a gleeful smile. They really have no idea. No idea what is happening, or what’s about to happen. Their end is near. The arrogance and ignorance will drive them to their death.

It’s the contamination that’s been so shocking. Infected to the core, it appears for some. The Faustian deal, again and again. Selling your soul to the devil… a promise of great riches. You are a fool to believe. You’ve given away something priceless, a reality impossible to replicate. A treasure beyond our limited thought processes. The heaven you seek, the happiness you dream. You’ve been conned. It’s not funny any more.

So we’ve arrived where we are. A world on the brink. Human life dispensable, a mere inconvenience. Blood and death fill the screens, the mind controlling boxes in your living room. Those newspapers you read every morning. You think you’re free, think again. You are a slave. You can be bought and sold. But one day you will be held to account. And you can’t blame anyone else.

These are all ways of the old. The new is here, but silent and invisible still. Or so it seems. But I know it’s real . The battle has begun. The Sacred Feminine doesn’t battle though.  Oh yes she can. Her warrior spirit is great indeed. She has a mind as clear as flowing water in a mountain stream, a vision so precise that nothing escapes her viewing.  She has wisdom, handed down from generations of wise mothers. She knows the secrets of the Earth, she can read the symbols in the sky. She has a womb that nurtures life. She can create, life springs forth from her body. She has been feared for thousands of years. The war on woman has raged, much blood has been lost. Many minds destroyed, many spirits depressed. But the spirit can never be destroyed. It simply reinvigorates itself… passing on to the next and the next.

The power of knowing is not for sale.  It cannot be bought and cannot be sold… nor stolen. This power so great has instilled fear in the minds of men. They’ve burnt, they’ve slaughtered, they’ve chained, they’ve imprisoned. But they’ve never accessed this illusive presence embedded in the woman.

Of course the Sacred Feminine is not simply a gender. Of course it can play out that way.

I wish you courage and strength in the challenges you face…. lotsa luv


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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