It’s been quite a year.  2014 began with a New Moon in Capricorn on New Year’s Day.  The Sun and Moon sat with Pluto the great transformer… the god of the underworld.  Mercury, messenger of the gods sat with them.  Mars the god of war in one corner,  Uranus lord of the skies in another, challenged their authority.  They all had different points of view. and were ready to enforce them.  Jupiter king of the gods opposed and challenged them all.  A battle front was formed.  This was the signature of 2014.

We are not separate from these movements in our solar system, and beyond. We reflect each other, what is happening above and around is happening within. Pluto holds no prisoners, his ways can be brutal. When it’s time, it’s time. There’s no discussion.

We tend to resist change, spending much time and energy in making sure things stay the same. We’ve attached our security to things around us. It comes to bite us one day. We concoct elaborate theories of what is what and who is who. Mumbo jumbo is all it is. We forget our place, we take on the role of the creative force, thinking we can control the outcome of life. Foolish we are. We stage war with the Mother, a battle that can never be won.  We think we’re bigger than we are. We puff out our chest and speak what we don’t know. We really don’t fool anyone.  We follow like sheep to the slaughter. Just as long as we keep consuming, keep those dollars coming. The day comes when we realize, it’s not very tasty that money stuff. Nor does it give us another breath when the time is up. We can scream and shout as much as we like. Wave our fist, threaten God, but we get to see how really small we are.

Our systems are built on the accumulation of riches, wandering blindly we attempt to fulfil the horrid aching, the empty place inside us.  We have many ways to silence that ache. Many ways to distract ourselves… they’ve made sure of that.

They think they’re so clever, their plans so successful. They’ve been planning for a long time now. Total power and control… a glint of greed sparks from their evil eyes. They rub their manicured hands with a gleeful smile. They really have no idea. No idea what is happening, or what’s about to happen. Their end is near. The arrogance and ignorance will drive them to their death.

It’s the contamination that’s been so shocking. Infected to the core, it appears for some. The Faustian deal, again and again. Selling your soul to the devil… a promise of great riches. You are a fool to believe. You’ve given away something priceless, a reality impossible to replicate. A treasure beyond our limited thought processes. The heaven you seek, the happiness you dream. You’ve been conned. It’s not funny any more.

So we’ve arrived where we are. A world on the brink. Human life dispensable, a mere inconvenience. Blood and death fill the screens, the mind controlling boxes in your living room. Those newspapers you read every morning. You think you’re free, think again. You are a slave. You can be bought and sold. But one day you will be held to account. And you can’t blame anyone else.

These are all ways of the old. The new is here, but silent and invisible still. Or so it seems. But I know it’s real . The battle has begun. The Sacred Feminine doesn’t battle though.  Oh yes she can. Her warrior spirit is great indeed. She has a mind as clear as flowing water in a mountain stream, a vision so precise that nothing escapes her viewing.  She has wisdom, handed down from generations of wise mothers. She knows the secrets of the Earth, she can read the symbols in the sky. She has a womb that nurtures life. She can create, life springs forth from her body. She has been feared for thousands of years. The war on woman has raged, much blood has been lost. Many minds destroyed, many spirits depressed. But the spirit can never be destroyed. It simply reinvigorates itself… passing on to the next and the next.

The power of knowing is not for sale.  It cannot be bought and cannot be sold… nor stolen. This power so great has instilled fear in the minds of men. They’ve burnt, they’ve slaughtered, they’ve chained, they’ve imprisoned. But they’ve never accessed this illusive presence embedded in the woman.

Of course the Sacred Feminine is not simply a gender. Of course it can play out that way.

I wish you courage and strength in the challenges you face…. lotsa luv


it’s been a time…


‘Protect yourself and those you love, as you see fit’  Krystal Madison

It’s been a hell of a few months  and an even bigger week.  Climaxing with a trip to the hospital in an ambulance late yesterday… with chest pains and blood pressure dangerously high.  The ‘invasion’ here at Mahalia has taken its effect.  I’ve tried the talking, the asking, the pleading, on ears filled with other concerns… work, profit, getting the job done, with no regard for human casualties.  Yes, that’s not new.  But to have it so close is a massive shock.  And we know how shock affects the human body.

At present I cannot afford to feel any heightened emotions… I need to keep myself calm.  I may need to leave here, stay away until they’re finished.  I don’t know where or how.  And my dear familiar, Snowie, where do I take her?

I’ve mentioned before, I have Gypsy blood.  Being a ‘Lightworker’, peace lover, I’ve not turned to it much.  A few times, when I felt my life was threatened.  Mum said her Dad was a Gypsy.  She painted the most exotic picture.  A dashingly handsome man with black hair and piercing dark eyes… who opened beer bottles with his large white teeth.  He was a Devlin.  An Irish Travellers name I’ve been told.  He was born in Glasgow, Scotland where he lived until coming to Australia around 1910.  I never met him, so only have the stories. But yes, I feel his presence and those of his ancestors.

Mum’s acute sixth sense was just a plaything for us as kids, like a game.  Once when we were still young we were walking up the street to catch the bus in Sydney, where we lived.  It was quite a steep hill, we couldn’t see the buses from where we were.  ‘What bus is coming Mum?’ we’d ask her.  We’d get to the top of the hill and there it was.  She was always right.  We laughed and laughed.  It was a play thing.  But unfortunately it isn’t.  Not understanding what it was, how could we?   As I grew older, I observed my mother and this ability she had to see behind steel.  I don’t think she understood it either.  This was to her detriment in the end.  This ‘taking on’ I believe contributed to her early death.

This is not my path… an early death.  I will not and am not taking on the victim role.  This has gone for far too long.  I will not do from anger, but I will do from strength.  I know I’ve inherited the genes of the Gypsy line.  I’ve seen and remembered things.  I remembered how to curse.  Not the words of a Lightworker?  Gypsy lore is eye for an eye.  All fair in love and war.  My responsiblity is to protect myself, my precious life, and those of my loved ones.  I am not a sheep to the slaughter.

It’s taken a while… sixty-six in just over a month.  I’m ready to be who I am.  Of course I wish no ‘body’ any harm.  But to protect myself I will do what is needed.

It can take many years to understand your uniqueness.  Nothing was created without due consideration.  It was created to be used.  So conditioned from childhood we are, to become a loyal member of the masses.  This can kill us.

My dear Dad’s favourite expression… ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’.  I feel a strength and presence revealing itself.  Yes, It’s been here all along… but maybe now’s the time to use it.

What is ‘magick’ after all… the understanding of nature’s laws, of how energy works.


I wish you well… lotsa luv marilynxxx

the waves of change …


Waves of change keep crashing, I hold my breath and surface… the ocean is enormous, I need to get to shore.  Monstrous, dark and threatening,  waves just keep on pounding… they pummel me into the sand.  My head is hurt.  I pray to God.  I need to win.

A little colourful yes… (and weeks of a creative writing course).  How would you describe the current times?

The collective energy has changed… a world at war.  What is done to one, is felt by all.  The constant exposure to killing and trauma creates a hyper vigilant state in us all.  Our nervous systems on high alert, the slightest thing will set them off.

Why are people fighting?  Oh yes, its familiar.  Been going on for such a very, very long time.  No, no, it’s not normal, in fact it’s light years away.  We’ve lost our sensitivity to another’s suffering.   As we fall deeper into the maya our confusion grows.  We pray to God to save us.  All of course in vain.  God is asking us to be the human being we are.  He’s passed the baton, it’s not his doing… we are responsible for what’s happening here.  Only we can change it, but it takes our dedication… are we ready, to commit to Peace.  It will take our all… we’re in the danger zone.

We can’t separate what’s happening outside… from what’s happening inside ourselves.  We are all being called, to stand at our posts, to play our parts.  The time has come, no more time for games.  The survival of humanity hangs precariously by a string.  These are times of great suffering as well as great joy, understanding and incredible clarity.  We are greater than we think.  We are more powerful than we know.  We are capable of great things.  We have a Heart full of loving.  It’s time to come together to defeat the darkness, the ignorance, the confusion.  It is time to come and stand together, shoulder to shoulder bringing our loving, our kindness and our giving.  Be a part of the greatest healing  this Earth has ever known.

It’s time.

much love… marilynxxx

It’s a new day



changing mood

It’s been an eventful few weeks.  An ‘invasion’ of sorts to my tranquil Sacred Space.  On first hearing the news my old, familiar companion fear emerged, my Sacred Space was threatened.  This threat was real, noise, dust for sixteen hours a day, I was concerned for my health.  Four months of cars and trucks passing by my southern boundary fence…. not a great distance from my house.

My neighbour,  a rather unpleasant man is getting rid of all the trees on his six hundred plus acres.  They’re plantation trees, a scheme begun as an alternative to paying tax.  The schemes went bust some time ago.  So farmers have been left with these plantations and are no longer being paid.  The original agreement was they would receive a regular payment.  It was big news around these parts at the time.  As many farmers, looking to find extra income, signed up.

It’s fair enough… my neighbour wants the plantation trees gone.  He runs cattle on his land, and with the lack of rain this last year, more grazing land is needed.  I have no issue with him needing to do this.  As always it’s the way!  Yes, there’s been many calls to both council and the forestry manager… and the neighbours.  Not my favourite job.  But boy… did it uncover some interesting emotions.  The rage of the ancient feminine.


image from newparadigmastrology.com

I’ll begin by saying, I’m not against men, I’m not… I have a beautiful son.  I’ve never been a feminist.  During those times, as a young woman, I was attracted to the ‘inner’ life.  I pursued, what some would call (I don’t) a spiritual life.  I lived in an ashram for nearly ten years.  My focus was on other things.  Not the male/female thing.

It really shocked me, the rage that surfaced… as I tried, yes I tried, to converse with men doing their job.  I felt so much anger,  as if it surfaced from some deep and bottomless pit of ancient experience.  It was visceral.  I felt this rage rip through my body.

After visiting the council, I sat on a sunny bench in a little park outside, the winds were cold.  I wrote page after page after page.  I don’t recall ever feeling so much rage.  It didn’t feel negative… it felt real.  Ages and ages and ages… of male domination and rule.  Again, I’m not a man hater, I’m not.  But the reality is we’ve lived in a male dominated world for thousands of years… yes thousands.  And I can tell you, whatever that was inside me, I’ll call her Lilith… she was furious, the power of her rage shocked me.


‘What is it about men and their jobs’, I’d splutter.  ‘What is it with their bloody singular focus?’ I’d spew.  ‘It’s like no-one or nothing else exists, except their bloody job!!’  Mad doesn’t do it, this was rage.  As if it went back thousands of years.  The collective rage of the feminine.

Knowing what I know, and seeing what I see, I understand it’s time.  It’s the return of the Feminine… and this isn’t just new age talk.  I’ve seen it.  I saw the Divine Feminine enter through the portal… yes, I know that can sound a bit ‘woo hoo’… but it’s true.  A new Age has birthed, of that I have no doubt.  It’s the return of the Feminine (not necessarily gender) after such a very long time.  It’s happening.  I’ve seen it, I hear it… I can feel it.  Oh yes, the old is still in operation, holding on for dear life.  But the words coming out of my mouth a lot lately… ‘boys, your time is up!’  ‘It’s finished’… your rule is over.

Now I don’t often exhibit these kind of emotions… I consider myself a child of the Light.  I like kindness and care (I’m a Virgo), healing and nurturing… respect and consideration, peace and tranquility.  There really is only one thing that pulls my passions like nothing else… and that’s Life.  And any threat to Life, mine or others… Athene the warrior comes bursting forth!  She’s big and she’s strong… and she won’t take any flack.  The power of the woman is mighty indeed. She’s been burned and buried, forgotten and denigrated… treated as a lesser being.  But as I said…. ‘boys it’s over’.

Oh yes… I’d rather live with the trees and the animals, feel the magick… merge into the oneness.  That’s my preference.  But there are times when different approaches are needed.

Feminine and Masculine are energies, not people.  Our worlds have been dominated by the masculine over many, many generations… we hold these memories inside us.  But a new Age has birthed, it’s a new time.  These cross overs can be messy.

Oh, and third week of the creative writing course… boy what an amazing journey it is.  Powerful and exciting.

Wishing you a wonder filled week…

much love… marilynxxx



Resistance is futile


Five days of close contact between the Sun and Pluto… standing at opposite ends of the playing field. Both insisting on their way.  Sun is powerful, yes… there would be no life on earth without him.  But just forget having a go at Pluto… really, there is absolutely no way of winning.  Just let go.  That is the purpose of the visit anyway.  Nothing happens by chance.  Oh yes we think it does.  But everything has a purpose, has a plan.  We can resist all we like, but it is not going to make the slightest bit of difference… except to ourselves.  Our stress levels will go through the roof!

Pluto visits are potent.  He’s not known for his bedside manner.  He’s big and he’s powerful.  He has a serious job to do, his focus is pointed like the finest slither of glass… there’s no use fighting, you can’t keep him out.  He has a very big job to do, he destroys so life can begin anew.  He removes all traces of decaying matter… all placed on the great fire.  Flames crackle, all turn to ash… then from the flames the phoenix appears.  Life is renewed.

So when Pluto comes to visit… a helpful hint, it’s time to let go.  Fighting with Pluto is really not advised. Oh yes, we know you are brave, we know you are courageous… but there are some fights you have no chance of winning.  Just accept it.  Do something else, while he’s in your house clearing it out.  Watching can be painful… leave the house, enjoy the sunshine.  Place your focus on the beauty around you, feel your heart as it beats with love, feeding your body.  Sync with the rhythm of that sacred breath of yours that brings you life and fills your heart.

Resistance is futile… we’ve all heard these words before.  But when Pluto comes visiting, may pay to put that up on the wall.


lotsa luv marilynxxx