The Truth Seeker… and the Witch


A Full Moon on Friday the 13th.¬† It’s a Sagittarius Full Moon. ¬†Sag is¬†ruled by Jupiter… King of the Gods.¬†The God of Sky and Thunder.¬† The King of Heaven and Earth.¬† His sacred animal the Eagle, his personality is jovial, expansive and generous.¬† A Truth Seeker, a traveller of¬†distant places, both inner and outer.


With the Sun in Gemini… does our mind reveal the truth?¬† The bigger picture, life on Earth for all human beings.¬† A gateway to a higher perspective.¬† Mercury and Jupiter both in Cancer.¬† Our home, our family, our foundations become the focus.¬† Imbued with emotion, a need for nurturing and caring.

Hermes was messenger of Zeus, messenger of the gods.¬† Is the message clear, or does it become distorted… a need to¬†know.

Jupiter crowns the chart for this Sag Full Moon,¬† here in Oz (Sydney time).¬†¬†Sitting in his own house,¬†he’s extra empowered.¬† His bountiful nature is obvious for all to see.¬† His desire to uncover the truth plays out in¬†view of all.¬† He brings great fortune to public affairs.¬† The truth is revealed.

Juno… the Queen of Heaven.¬† Married to Zeus/Jupiter, oversees the cycles of a woman’s life.


She’s the patroness of marriage and partnerships… especially legal unions.¬† She is wise in the ways of working with men.¬† She knows her own power… she reveals our own personal power.¬† She sits in the house of partnerships.

Venus… our glorious Aphrodite also siting in the house of partnerships and unions, brings her love¬†and beauty, her¬†harmony and balance.¬† Both these¬†bountiful Goddesses, sitting in Taurus,¬†direct their focus to Mother Earth, highlighting our need for secure foundations… reliable resources, a lasting future.¬† Comfort and ease¬†the birthright of all.


Sitting on the western horizon, the house of partnership, is the Path of Fortune.  We are all in this together.  True partnerships, are the way.  Good fortune in forming alliances.

Scorpio sits on the eastern horizon… intense and passionate motivations create the path forward.¬† There’s a mighty power in passion.¬† Saturn shows us how… slow and steady we build¬†our future, solid and lasting.¬† Moon¬†reveals our¬†deepest values.

Doorway to our ‘higher awareness’ is through service… giving freely of our skills and talents.¬† Uranus sitting with the¬†Vertex… a point of karmic or fated connection.¬† Pay attention to the messages and the messengers.¬† Brilliant flashes possible.

The jewel in the crown, a diamond…¬†a Grand Earth Trine.¬† Goddess of Wisdom¬†Pallas Athene, God¬† of the Underworld Pluto… and the Path of Fortune, all supporting Earth’s future.

Pallas Athene, daughter of Zeus/Jupiter was¬†her father’s favourite.¬† She¬†came fully dressed as a warrior, boots and all, out of the head of her father¬†(a unique male birthing process?).¬† She’s blessed with great wisdom,¬† she’s a master strategist.¬†¬†She’s a warrior girl.¬† She¬†understands higher¬†processes,¬†she’s also¬†Goddess of the Healing Arts.¬†¬†She’s strong, she¬†knows no fear.¬† Her wisdom is bountiful… her guidance a blessing.

And of course… dear old Pluto.¬† Currently creating so much upheavel!


Yes, he can be daunting… but his focus is on life and living.¬†¬† Gathering up all that’s dead and dying he places them on the funeral pile… watching them burn.¬† Rich compost for new life and growth.¬†¬†In the house of communications,¬† he brings a deep and probing mental clarity.¬†¬†He’s a powerful communicator.

Mother Earth is supported by their combined energy.  Magick created.

So… a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday the 13th.¬† The Truth Seeker and the Witch come together.¬† Wisdom, Power and Good Fortune.¬† Looks like this Friday the 13th might be a good one.

It’s also a bit of a family affair… Jupiter, Juno and Pallas, father,¬†wife and daughter.¬† A¬† lot of power in this family.

Wishing you a happy Full Moon on this Witches day.


lotsa luv


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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