what on earth is happening?


                                                                     ‘Recent Full Moon in Scorpio’


To say it’s been big times is a gross under-valuation.  I’m not sure that we’ve experienced anything like this before.  Of course… we live in this time and space, each unique.

There’s not much history on the changing of Ages.  Well, my history knowledge is limited.  What were people feeling when they were experiencing that transition?  What was the build up, and what was the release?  And were people even aware that an Age was changing… maybe many moons back, like the Mayans.  Even the history writers may not recognise what’s really happening.  One thing is finishing and another is beginning.  It’s not just what people do, but what do they feel, how has their awareness changed?  Has there been a shift in the collective consciousness?  We are, after all… sentient beings.

Learning to be who I am.  Eager to be reunited with myself.  So much happening around me… close.  Something big is happening in Lindesay Creek.  I knew as soon as the word was spoken.  But something amazing is also being activated.  It fills my heart with gladness, such a connection I’ve felt with the Original Australians.  The battle field has become closer… but so has the magick and the medicine.  Something magickal is about to happen.

The intensity of this current energy can and will affect us in different ways.  Of course we never lose sight of ourself, even when it appears we’ve gone away.  We need to hold to our core, that part we know is at the centre of our being.  We know… we feel it, we just don’t often have the words to express it.

We are human beings… created from the Earth and the Stars.  We are children of the one omnipotent and omnipresent Creative Life Force/God.  We are children of the Light.  We can forget but we cannot undo.

As I make my way through this time… what I need becomes more and more apparent.  My personality steps aside, myself needs to speak.  Yes these are very big times.  There is no way of standing still.

Everything is perfectly created… everything is perfectly planned… everything is wonderful… every moment is magick.


lotsa luv




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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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