Mars is Stationary Direct


Right at this moment, Mars is standing still… beginning a new cycle of forward movement.¬† He’s been meandering around the halls of memories for a while.¬† But he’s had his time there, he’s been¬†rearing to get going.¬† He’s not one for too much reminiscing or long sleeps on the day bed, he likes to keep moving… keep the energy circulating.

He moved into stationary position at 11.32 am yesterday (19th here in east coast Oz).¬† Mars standing still is pretty concentrated energy.¬† I’ve been feeling fevery¬†and fluey¬†last couple of days… and soooo¬†tired.¬† Mars¬†long visit¬†in Libra,¬†has¬†certainly been¬†energising our mental¬†bodies and highlighting the way we relate with others… and during the last few months, in an introspective manner.

Mars is not known to feel too comfortable in Libra, Libra is ruled by Venus… I guess they either get on or they don’t.¬† Venus is pretty powerful, she’s just not going to let any old Mars crash her space.¬† There are rules.¬† And they will be obeyed, no discussion.

But gosh she does it in such a beautiful way… who could say no.¬† She is Aphrodite after all.

Mars will remain stationary until tomorrow (21st)… then move into direct¬†forward motion.¬† ¬†At the same time it stationed 11.32am!¬† The most concentrated time is¬†the first 24hrs.¬† We’re currently soon to move out of this intense space.

As Mars stations and moves forward…¬† Astraea, the Goddess of Justice… the last immortal to¬†leave the Earth… sits at the Aries Point.¬† Aries being the home ground¬†of Mars.¬† The Aries Point is quite fascinating.


The Aries Point is found at 0 degrees Cardinal¬†signs… Aries. Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, it’s a highly charged and sensitive point.¬† These points correlate with the four quarter points of the year… the beginning of the seasons, the Summer and Winter¬†Solstices and Spring and Autumn¬†Equinoxes.¬† It’s a point where the Sun and Earth connect, a kind of Sun/Earth Node.

The Cardinal signs are known for their forward thrust, their desire for action and movement… they like to initiate and organise new enterprises, directly and decisively.¬† They’re the doers, the initiators.

As Cardinal energy, the Aries Point moves from inward to outward, from personal to public.¬† A planet or angle (ie Ascendant etc) aspecting the Aries¬†Point¬†is pushed into prominence, it’s noticed by the public.¬† It’s brought into public prominence.¬† For good or not so good… these personal¬†traits gain notoriety.

So with this Mars Stationary Direct energy… Astraea sits at the Aries Point.

Astraea, the¬†Goddess of Justice… after leaving Earth¬†turned into the¬†constellation of Virgo.¬† She¬†donated her scales to Libra.¬† She’s a symbol of integration and wholeness… either in an ideal state, or one that requires restoration to the whole¬†.¬† There is something sublime about her idealism which doesn’t always sit comfortably in the ‘real’ world.

She’s known to have a relationship with the cellular, atomic and subatomic planes… she understands the ‘wholeness’ of concepts.¬† Lucky Virgo inherited a lot of her wisdom.

So what does that mean… as our planet of action, desire, movement and pure energy moves forward again and¬†Astraea sits at this very prominent point.

Is it a time to change the focus of our direction… take our attention from the most¬†obvious, the physical manifestations before us and delve a little deeper?¬† If not with our minds, then explore with our¬†feeling.¬† What is Life?¬† How does it operate?¬† What is really happening?¬† What part do we play in it?¬† What is our purpose, why are we here?¬† How does this universe function… and how does that relate to us?

I’m personally a great fan of physics… but that’s just my kind of brain.¬† But we can touch life in the most natural way… we can feel what is happening around us.¬† We need to activate this sense,¬† it’s been pushed to the back of the room, it needs to take its rightful place.

Our ability to feel, is a powerful resource.¬† When we feel, we can know… the most incredible complexities.

Maybe it’s time… to change the focus and direction of our movement, the way we use our energy.

Maybe it’s time to look at ‘Life’ a little closer, understand its motivations, its direction… it’s beauty, its divinity….¬† it’s pure Magick…¬† maybe.


lotsa luv







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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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