Chiron… the wound that remains


It’s Anzac Day.  An emotional day at any time… but especially now. With the recent onslaught of intensity blasting our Earth… our minds, our bodies have been going through a lot.  I’ve said it many times… but yes, we presently live in very big times.

It can be difficult to find words for feelings… you know they’re there but how to express them?  I’m feeling a mixture of different emotions, it appears they’ve been released into my bloodstream, and are coursing through my body.  Looking a little closer, where do I feel it?

Behind my eyes I feel the tears building, my throat appears a little constricted.  A lot happening around my head. What am I seeing that is causing the pain?  Well… today?  Where do I start?

I live in a country experiencing its darkest time… ohhh dear Australia, such an ancient, ancient land.  Yes, I know this disease has spread far and wide… around our world, not many untouched.

Yes, it’s been known for ages, long before, that this time would arise… the end of the end, of a direction that’s lost it’s way.

But I’m a part of this enormous circle… the circle of Life, the gathering of the human family. Each of us contributing to the life we’re living.

So I take a step back to look at myself… what am I feeling , what am I seeing inside me?

What are these tears, from where do they come?  Everything presented comes with a message.  The need to decipher.

Yesterday I travelled on the bus to the local town, living in the country, travel becomes a part of life.  I was feeling subdued, not my usual cheery self, I saw it was noticed but I had no energy to converse. The heaviness weighted down, so many problems I saw.  I almost gave up… ‘can’t do this anymore’.  Not like my usual self.   But maybe there needs to be a time where we face our wall, do we come to the finish… or do we find a way to climb?

I could see the battle on so many faces, the energy was palpable… ‘the Grand Cross’ I thought, is definitely present.  Not many smiles in town yesterday… the energy was heavy and very sad.  Were they all feeling like me… ready to give up?

Back home on the bus… another silent journey. I just didn’t care what people thought or needed.  I needed me, I needed to be quiet.

As I drove up my hill, to my wondrous sanctuary, exhausted and feeling sick in the stomach… I knew a lot was happening.  Looks like I’ve picked up a bit of a bug.  Picked up you say… no, it’s your war you’re fighting.

Is that what it is… we’re fighting our own wars?

Having taught myself Astrology at the tender age of eleven, my Gypsy heritage rising to the surface, I look to the ‘Stars’.  Yes, hard to miss the Cardinal Grand Square, the 5th Pluto/Uranus square and the two Eclipses… all within the month of April!!  But looking a little closer there it is… Chiron sitting exactly at the top of my chart… opposing my Sun and sextiling my Moon.

Ahhh… the ancient wounding of the feminine, the destructive slaughtering of the oppressor.  It’s gone on for so long… generation after generation of fighting and war.  The wounding’s not restricted to the battle front… oh no, it lives on.  House by house, suburb after suburb, town after town, country after country…. generation after generation. The wound continues to fester… growing bigger but hiding deeper.

The feminine holds the key to Healing.  The Mother, Mother Earth… she’s everywhere we look.

So it’s Anzac day… people all over gather at dawn, the bugel plays. Oh yes, it’s emotional and so very sad, that precious lives were slaughtered at war. But the war is still here… we carry it inside. Generations later, we still suffer the wounds, the wounds that were brought home from the battle front.  And continue to fester….


lotsa luv… marilynxxx


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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