where do we stand… to where are we heading?


As the Sun sets on another day.  The day, our reality… all that is.  Nothing before and nothing after… where am I now?  What am I doing?

Today is the Eclipse, the first of the cycle of Blood Moons… already mentioned by many.  Today’s Moon is part of a ‘Tetrad’… one of four consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses, with no partial Eclipses in between.  Each is separated from the other by six Lunar months (Full Moons).  There are a total of eight Tetrads in the 21st century.

This Eclipse is broadcasting widely and over an extended period of time… the energy of Libra and Aries.  The relationship we have with ourself, our Earth, our home… our brothers and sisters.  Our global family… such a variety of life forms here on Planet Earth.  We are a family… families protect each other.

And our desire for action and adventure… creating our new beginnings.  Aries begins the zodiacal wheel, this is where it all begins.  The start of something new.  The powerful desire to be free, to be who we are.  Mars, the ruler of Aries… the passionate Warrior self within.

I’m sure you’ve all guessed by now… these are no normal, business as usual times.  Revolution was predicted, by many long ago… they saw the people standing up, demanding to have a say.  Their inner life force compelling them… to live and be safe.   The power of the urge to live and protect… is mighty indeed.

gorgeous x

This Eclipse beams powerful Goddess energy.  Ceres and Vesta sit with the Moon, Juno sits with the Sun.  This is major Goddess energy… we are not alone.  We have entered a new level of this new world that birthed back in 2012.  The presence of the Goddess can be ‘seen’ by some.  They are here… they ask us to join them, to build and magnify the power of the Feminine.  The Earth and her children need this now.  This is the last battle.  The fight to destroy the Feminine has been happening for a very, very long time.  Some say 6,000 years.  The Earth is the Mother… the greatest symbol and manifestation of the Feminine.

The Goddess energy is real and present… they will not allow the Earth to be destroyed.  Their presence is palpable here on Earth and they’re radiating mighty powerful energy.  They are here to take the throne.  The Feminine cannot be destroyed.  As Yin and Yang… the great circle, these are the two great powers of the life force… manifest in form.  The Divine Feminine cannot be destroyed.

This is the great time…  the return of Goddess rule.  The ending of an age where she was imprisoned, burnt, flogged and simply dismissed… this time has finished.  The new world has birthed… I saw it happen.  I have no doubt it’s here.  A new door recently opened… the next stage of the new world birthing, has been claimed…  Goddess Power is back, to stay.  Ushering in the new age of Love and Peace.

Ceres is the great Mother, the protector, the nurturer.  Vesta is the keeper of the Sacred Flame, her life is committed to keeping this flame alight.  Juno was a queen, married to Jupiter king of the gods… she found her voice and used it.  She radiates personal power… she leads us to our heroic self.   Governing the cycles of a woman’s life, she understands, completely, the power we carry within.  She is here reflecting this back to us.

Fixed stars Spica and Arcturus also join the Moon in this gathering.  Spica shines a powerful and positive ray of light, denoting good luck and success.  Arcturus gives riches, honours and high renown… self-determination and prosperity ‘by navigation and voyages’.

So… time for a big, deep breath.  Connected to our centre, we will be guided home.

Yes, the pressure can be felt… but we were born free, and free we will remain.


lotsa luv…. marilynxxx



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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