my ‘birthday’ Full Moon

marilyn at the San

little marilyn at the ‘San’ …


Living with Post Polio

Something that came to me yesterday…  not words I normally use.  I like to focus on the Healing, not the disease.  In fact most of my time and focus is on healing…  especially these last three years.

I remember the end of 2012 (year before last now!!) after I had that nasty fall in the bus… I was in a lot of pain and discomfort… difficult with walking and doing daily chores.  It really did a number on my nervous system.  I embarked on a three-month intensive (having already been two years into a healing journey)… I was going to ‘heal myself of Post Polio’ … yes, a major undertaking.

The body, my body… is made from the materials of the Earth… and the wisdom from the Stars.  It’s a super amazing creation… constructed with divine intent.  It’s pretty awesome… so much more that we realize most of the time.

But it is made of Earth materials… and all Earth materials at some point recycle… we are all governed by the natural law, of death and rebirth.

My body was invaded by a nasty virus… it entered my body and affected its functioning.  The medical profession was taken by surprise; they really didn’t know how to respond to such attacks.  How to support the body’s natural healing ability.  We are still learning this.

This nasty virus came and affected many, mostly children were susceptible. It was called an epidemic.  The physical effects of the virus were clearly visible… children paralysed, on crutches… wearing leg irons.  The Polio generation.  Many children died.

I was told I was one of the lucky ones.  I remember the doctors ‘displaying’ me, as one of their ‘success’ stories.  I was paralysed, but I recovered… well with the help of a leg iron, I could walk.  Was it because I didn’t die or remain in an iron lung… that they called it a ‘success’?  I don’t know. I remained in hospital for a year… first in Camperdown Children’s Hospital, where I was first admitted (the contagious unit), then The San, the Sanitarium, for rehabilitation.

It was many years later that I discovered that The San was Sanitarium Health Food Products… which I purchased often in my early years.  The San was also known as a Health Resort, offering Hydrotherapy and Massage… this was 1951.  They also grew their own fruit and vegies… we had meals from the garden.  My early introduction to healthy living.

I don’t remember much from that time… memories are still buried deep.  A few glimpses I’ve had… like the ‘atmosphere’ of fear, children leaving their bodies… and at certain times I’ve heard these chilling screams.  But all the rest is locked away… it may return one day.

Its 2014, sixty three years have passed since that time.  I’m moving into later cycles.  I’ve had a life, like many, I guess… full of both beautiful moments and traumatic experiences, life on planet Earth.

I’ve been able to lead a relatively ‘normal’ life… ‘they’ would be proud of me.  That’s how we were instructed… ‘go out and be normal’.  You speak to anyone who personally encountered Polio… and they’ll remember the ‘normal’ word.  Well, I guess it was the 1950’s… the decade of being ‘normal’… it was marketed on every billboard.

So a lot of energy was placed… in being normal.  Looking back now, what a strain that was.  How can you have a normal body, when it’s not quite normal anymore?  Oh yes… the old mantra, just keep working, ignoring, don’t focus on any ailment… that makes you a good person, an upstanding citizen… denial on a massive scale.  Or was it just to appease the discomfort… people are not comfortable with any form of disease or disability.

I watched a doco on the Polio Epidemic in the US… they spoke about the fear, the intense fear that filled the streets, the towns and cities… the fear of Polio saturated the air.  Then they said… that the fear wasn’t about dying (as many did with the virus)… the fear was about disability, becoming disabled… this shocked me.

I’m very grateful that my major focus is on healing… well, I am a Virgo (The Healer), with a ‘Healer’ personality; I’ve had an interest in health since a very early age.  It’s been a major focus of mine… most of my life.

Love and compassion… for myself….

lotsa luv



this recent energy…


The energy around these last two days… has been strange, dark and heavy.  Haven’t felt that kind of presence around for a while.

It’s very obvious when its present… there’s no hiding it’s existence.  It’s vibration seems to permeate the surroundings.  That’s quite an influence, to cover such magickal beauty.  What is it?  Or was it?  Hoping it’s moved on, that it’s visit was short and swift.  But there’s still a ‘feeling’ in the air.  I don’t like that feeling… those heavy, dark clouds threatening to engulf.

What is it?  I asked many times.  What’s going on?  Is it inside me, around me… am I picking up something that is happening, somewhere on our planet?  Is it someone I know… the questions were many.  How can I make my way safely, through this sticky, malingering presence?  I do what I know best, to help me during times like these.

Patience… all passes on.  We are all living through such massive evolutionary times.  The death of an Age, the birthing of the new… so much energy swirling and moving creating death, rebirth and change.  None of us are immune.  It really helps to have something ‘real and true’ … the existence of my Love filled Heart… that beats within me.

The world inside me

I look to the skies… Astrology has been a part of my journey since I was quite young.  I ‘discovered’ it very early on in my life.  I search the screen on my computer… what relationships are the planets forming?  What can they tell me?

Looking to the usual suspects… but still nothing is really jumping out.  It alludes me for now.

Jupiter has just gone direct… a new potent burst of growth and expansion, pushing through the resistance.  Is that what I feel?  And with Mars retrograde in Libra… could be some resistance happening.

Mars in Libra… a place he’s sometimes uncomfortable, is in his two-year retrograde cycle.  And it’s a long one this time… influencing us all right up to July.  He’s being really slowed down.  Mars represents how we use our energy to move, to act… to get things done.  Our desire, our will, our need to conquer… our desire for action.  The emotion of anger, frustration.

A retrograde cycle turns the energy inward… a review of old territory, retrospection, re-connection with what has passed.  Striving to renew, revitalize, re-create.  Lot’s of ‘re’ going on.

Libra is known for her love of balance and harmony, right relations… but she’s a Cardinal sign.  Cardinals like to initiate, move, create… make happen.  She doesn’t sit at home fiddling her thumbs.

So Mars is very active… in his backward, retrospective movement.

I think we just all need to be a little patient during these times… with so many big energies swirling, changing, morphing… transforming our world.  It’s good to have an anchor during these times.  Something that makes your Heart sing… makes you feel really good.

Yes… I know the big guy Pluto is edging closer and closer to the natal placement of my Moon… and all in his own house… a double whammy of sorts.  Rebirth, renewal, transformation… those words have been appearing often lately.  A time of rebirth requires a lot of trust… a place to put your focus, and a place that is safe.  To ‘know’ what is real and true and good… will protect us during the storms of these rebirth years.

‘Cause it’s not just dying that’s going on… the most magnificent birthing is happening at the same time.

Yes… it’s all about focus, commitment and passion.

I trust… I am always protected, loved and nurtured.

At least these big, black clouds have brought some rain…. the earth is loving it.

And maybe I can turn to my body for some answers…  her ceaseless wisdom is never ending.


lotsa luv

marilynxxxxxx (extra’s for this time)


So good to be alive…


welcoming me home

Gentle rain is falling.  Mist and cloud cover the mountains;  adding a soft and alluring mystery to the forests.  Kookaburras are chortling, the earth drinks in the moisture, two lorikeets sit on the fence relishing the water that falls from the sky.   A lovely resting and healing day, provided for all.

It’s becoming fuller and stronger… you can now hear it fall onto the leaves, and branches… its wonderful tinkling sound, as it runs down the roof and into the gutters, filling the tanks…. ahhhh, rain, what a glorious sound…. what a blessing.  Thank you, thank you.

Water is now dripping from leaves, a large bush of cerese coloured Cosmo bow their heads in gratitude.  Life is a blessing… oh yes it is.


The Lorikeets still sitting, drinking in the moisture.  All is quiet and still, Life is celebrating… calling us back home.  The resident Butcher bird  sits on my lovely arch, her offspring (the one with the gorgeous singing voice) sits near by.  This Earth such a paradise… so much we’ve been given.  When we open our eyes… we see the miracle, sitting right in front of us.

In the wondrous sky above us the planets and stars reflect the activities and events here on Earth.  Everything reflects our current state.  In Astrological lore, the asteroid Chiron, who was discovered in our skies in 1977, sitting between Saturn and Uranus… carries a mighty message.  He represents the ‘wound’, our deepest, darkest, seemingly unreachable, unhealable wound…. and it’s healing.  The healing journey.  He’s the Shaman.

‘A major theme symbolised by the planet Chiron is the reconciliation and healing of the fundamental split between the spiritual and the instinctual in ourselves’

‘As early as 750BC, this split was already becoming institutionalized, as patriarchal social and religious forms replace their earlier matriarchal counterparts.  Before this time, in the areas now comprising Europe and the Near East, the Great Mother was worshipped in a multitude of different forms.  Being synonymous with fertility and the instinctual life, the suppression of her worship meant the feminine in general became devalued.’   Melanie Reinhart… ‘Chiron and the Healing Journey’

Chiron is currently sitting with our Sun and recently sat with our Moon.  His energy radiated through our Luminaries… his energy is being felt by all.  We can only heal ourself.  It all begins within.  The greatest thing we can do, is heal… and find that place of rest and solitude within ourselves.

Yes… it’s 2014, we’re all living through the last days, not of the Earth (even though these threats are there)… but of a time, an era… an Age.  And it’s not pretty.  Our sensitive receptors are finding it difficult.  But we must have faith… in ourselves.  We must know the truth… that Life is Love, kindness and care.  That we live in a paradise unparalleled… that we are gifted with each and every breath.

Yes it’s a serious time… a time for seriously becoming real… true to the calling of our Heart.  We are all divinely created human beings… gifted with so much.  Time to be who we really are.

Trust in the healing… it’s happening all the time.  I always remember my dear Dad’s wisdom… ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’.  Everything is bringing a message.  Whilst we’re alive, we have the potential to do anything… anything at all.  We can bring Peace to this Earth… of this, I have total faith.

Enjoy your breath.

lotsa luv…. marilynxxx