another day…


Inviting the Rain gods….

It’s another day, so quiet and still… in this sacred land that protects and nourishes both my body and soul.¬†¬†So gentle the sounds,¬† you can feel the quietness caress your skin.¬† So much love exists.¬† The Mother’s presence is visceral and real.¬† Life is all around, celebrating and giving thanks.

Cool air, tingles¬†and refreshes… these long, hot, dry¬†summer days have taken their toll.¬† The Butcher bird serenades, the Kooka’s, Noisy Miners, Native Pigeons, Blue Honeyeaters, Wagtails and all the rest whose names I sometimes forget!


Native Pigeons… one of their favourite spots…

Ahhhh…. such an exciting moment just happened, my heart is singing…. my dear friends Missy, Bubs¬†and Mumma came for a visit… I haven’t seen them for a while, I really love my friends.¬† Missy, Bubs and Mumma are my neighbours pets, they’re cow people¬†and they were here¬†on ‘my’ property for ages… Missy is Gemma’s (my dear departed friend)¬†bub.¬† The three of them have always been a family, I get so excited when I see them… I really¬†love them.


Missy and Bub were the first to arrive at the back fence…

I had to let them out of the paddock,¬† the electric fence had been broken, by some of those hungry mouths.¬† I’m growing some trees over in the paddock, the electric fence protects them.¬† The power is supplied by a Solar Panel… the battery needed replacing, that’s why it wasn’t ‘zinging’.¬† I¬† have a new battery now… so hopefully my friends can come and stay again… I miss them.


then Mumma… next Lucerne and nom, nom, nom…

So they (the three amigo’s) have been roaming the paddocks with the big herd of cows… I’m sure there’s a new little bub growing inside Mumma’s¬†tummy… I’ve seen Mr Bull following passionately.¬† Mr Bull is never shy… he knows what he wants… and after it he goes.¬† Well thanks to him… we have all these little bubs around.¬† Mr Bull is very entertaining to watch… he certainly appears to be strongly¬†focused on what he’s here for….¬† such a passionate suitor.

So an expected joy… this morning, seeing my loving friends again.¬† I gave them some more¬†Lucerne, they’re still munching away.¬† That such things can fill your heart with love and joy…. aint Life grand.

Have a beautiful day….

lotsa luv


(and to the tiniest… this little wee spider has been keeping me company the whole time I’ve been writing… investigating my camera, the keyboard and now the side of the computer…. Life is a miracle )



water from the sky….


I heard it gently fall last night…. it woke me from my sleep. I stretched my ears so I could hear… is it really, really rain?

The sound was gentle… but unmistakable… water was falling from the sky.

Rain was predicted for the drought stricken places, a little inland from here… up to 60 mls¬†they were expecting… there’ll be some happy hearts and smiling faces this morning.

To see small puddles in little hollows… what a marvelous sight. The grass so cool, wet and moist… kissing the souls of my feet as I walk…. feels so good.

As I sit of the edge of my favourite deck… Journal and pen in hand… Baby Butcher Bird is hopping around, on the ground near by.¬†¬†His feathers are darkening with each new day… he’s growing up, he’s learning more and more.

Wafting¬†scents¬†of eucalyptus tantalize my¬†smelling … ¬†ahh¬†such wondrous earth aromas.

The sounds of life… so gentle on my hearing, so harmonious… so non-invasive and¬†friendly.

The Mother’s care… beyond compare… a paradise, this wondrous Earth, this gifted Life.

lotsa luv


I luv the cool of the early morning…



I¬†love the cool of the early morning… especially on these hot, dry, summer days.¬† Our friend Rain has been gone a while… we eagerly await his return.

My feathered friends so active… during this wondrous time of the day.¬†¬†As day meets night they embrace as they pass… delivering the cycle for us inhabitants of Earth.

Each has its¬†duty, its love, it’s service… it’s expression of gratitude¬†to the giver.¬† It’s unique way of celebrating the abundance.

Life is Love… is caring, is kindness.¬† Life dances… with joy, spreading its sparkles to every corner.

Life is a gift.

I luv the early mornings… everything so fresh and new.¬† The air tingles¬†on¬†my skin, awakens my body from it’s evening sleep.

I luv how everything moves and dances… with grace and dignity.¬†¬†Always reflecting the magnificent kindness…¬†of the One.

Another precious day to be alive…


lotsa luv