sooooooo important what we focus on


Good morning… from Northern NSW, here in Oz.  In only minutes (as I write) both the Super New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Yang Wood Horse welcome in new cycles for us here on Earth.  Venus, our guardian Feminine principle has already Stationed Direct this morning.

New energy… to support us on our glorious journey of evolution.

These ‘Big’ times have been with us for a while… but with each year, the  manifestations of this ‘growth’  becomes more visible… illuminating those things that no longer support us.

We have power.  We were blessed with this, it comes with a human life.  We have the ability to focus… and thus we create.

Our social systems have travelled through many a dark times… cycles upon cycles… presented to us to learn.  The times we find ourselves now… are big indeed.  We sit at the crest of a New Age (no not just an alternative term)… a real New Age.  Many cycles are changing now… it’s been known by many of our Ancestors that this time would come.

We’re gifted to be here.  But the requisites now are finer, more specific… no more wandering around unconscious.  Yes, it takes effort…. but the effortless kind.  I can feel the energy as it blooms… an incredibly exciting time to be alive.

We have the power… to create our world.  This is what we have always done.  But the stakes are high now… a lot more visible.  Manifestations are moving more swiftly.  As we think… we become.

So on this auspicious morning (or evening wherever you are)… as the Super New Moon in Aquarius… the sign of humanity and future evolution, exciting discoveries…. the Chinese New Year of the Yang Wood Horse… “this is a year to follow your inner voice like never before…. for it will have a universal cosmic Ch’i within it… higher guidance is with us every step of the way” (Western School of Feng Shui) and Venus Stations Direct…. infusing this gifted energy with the Feminine Divine… the time is NOW!

So with the power we hold…. it’s so very important to be vigilant… what do we focus on, what thoughts do we allow to meander across our consciousness… what words do we speak.  The rubbish bin is the place for old habits that no longer serve us… lift the lid and put them in… now.

It’s a new time… and Life continues to bless us… with the most outstanding Love, Kindness, Care and Healing.  It’s time to stand  up… and be who you are.

May your cycles bloom with the most magnificent Joy!

lotsa luv….. marilynxxx

Rain, ancestors, birds and banksias… feeling alive


The rain’s been great… just a short visit this time but he’s intending to come back soon… looking forward to it.

The awesome Iridescent Banksia are starting to appear… the magnificently coloured Lorikeets gather to feast on their abundant food.  A lot happens outside the kitchen window here.

It’s a wonderfully cool and overcast morning, with a little soft rain…. sooooooo delicious after those horrid heat wave days… body struggles big time during those high temperature days, causing serious fatigue.  Really enjoying the cool, body has an opportunity to rest and recover from its emergency state.

It’s so important for us to live with Mother Nature… no amount of talking or describing will ever be able to convey what she’s giving us… constantly.  Like another world, behind the veil… an alternate reality that exists, where we can be.  A magnificent world of love and kindness, nurturing and protection.  It’s time for us to ‘come back’ home… to our magnificent Earth.

gorgeous x

(pic – source unknown)

I’ve been doing some genealogical research… personal curiosity as well as research for my future books.  My ‘Gypsy’ grandfather has always held such mystery and fascination.  I never met him and have only a few brief descriptions of him, from my Mum.  Genealogical research can be a bit of a pain… so laborious, but yesterday I got lucky!  I found a description of him.  And guess where?  In a NSW Police Gazette publication, I found on… my god!  He was being pursued by police for ‘desertion’.  His wife, my grandmother, served this.  I didn’t know they arrested you for desertion, for shooting thru… but obviously they did.  Imagine the courts today, if they did the same.

Anyway… there was a description of him… yahoo I found gold!  This is what the notice said…

“Charles Devlin – Desertion… 42 yrs old (born approx 1887), 5′.6″, broad build, dark complexion, black hair, dark brown eyes, clean-shaved, little finger of left hand permanently crooked… a carpenter.”

There were notices in 21st Aug 1929, 2nd Oct 1929 and 23rd Oct 1929.   But then I found a census for 1930 and they were both noted as being at the same address in Sydney… did they find him?  But then I know he went again some time after.  I guess you just can’t keep a good Gypsy still for long…

Twas so exciting to find that information… a real step back to the Gypsy line.

So rain, ancestors, birds and Banksia… the cicada’s are humming, the birds are chirping, the air feels refreshed by the beautiful rain… the Earth radiates its love for us all…. I’m so grateful for my precious existence.  Thank You again and again.

Create the Life of your Dreams… the Life you were born to experience… it’s not difficult… in fact it’s easy.

Lotsa luv…. marilynxxx