I’m feeling the ‘new’

First morning back after two weeks away…Ā my body vibratingĀ to Mother Nature’s magnificent bounty.Ā  I feel expansion, joy and community… a new world is unfolding… when quiet and still we can feel her emergence… radiating her love for all. Joyous time away with family and friends… sharing love and real feelings… precious times to savour.Ā  New… Continue reading I’m feeling the ‘new’

Ison… Sag New Moon

ISON… made it around the Sun? ISON’s been getting a lot of press… in the Astrophysicists worldĀ this ‘sungrazing’ cometĀ is certainly surprising andĀ astounding many. “looked at literally a couple of thousand sungrazing comets.Ā  We’veĀ NEVER seen one behave like ISON. Astounding!”Ā  Karl Battams Astrophysicist Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC. In the Astro worldĀ ISON was ‘conjuncting’ the Sun…… Continue reading Ison… Sag New Moon