A time of great importance…


‘sheltering from the storm’… by me


I was feeling the approaching¬†‘storm’…¬†as I¬†completed the painting¬†for our local WAG¬† exhibition ‘Spring into WAG’.¬† But¬†the ‘silver lining’ presented not long after, thankfully.¬†I was¬†reminded¬†of my special gift, the one given to us all… my ability to appreciate, to appreciate my Life.¬† And I made myself a promise… to celebrate my Blessings, every single moment… until I have to leave.¬† Self promises can’t be ignored.

September came in with a¬†charge of energy… Springtime on steroids, a rush of new events and experiences.¬† A lot has happened in these last few weeks.¬† I knew a chapter was ending… and a new one beginning, but this month has brought significant welcomed¬†clarity… and some¬†challenges.

Darkness and light… yes, we appear to be living¬†in significant times… both collectively and personally. A powerful stimulus for evolutionary advancement,¬†ever present¬†in our day to day lives.

It’s so.o.o.o.o important, more than ever before…¬† where¬†I place¬†my¬†focus.¬† As the power of focus has multiplied considerably.¬† So important to visualize the world, the body, the Life we want for ouselves.

Five months after coming thru the gates of¬†Mahalia for the first time… this magickal, sacred land that has nurtured me… the 2nd big ‘crash’ occurred.¬† I really wasn’t expecting this one.¬† But again the warnings were there.¬† It’s been an enlightening few years in so many ways.¬† So much I’ve ‘seen’, so much I’ve learned.¬† So much magick, so much loving, so much care… so much healing. I’ve experienced and understood ‘things’ about our precious Mother Nature… that I never knew before.¬† The education has been extraordinary… no where could I have learnt… what was shown to me here.¬† Life is Magick indeed!¬† And oh so kind… and ever¬†giving.

Yes, there were challenging times, of course, we depend on our Body for so much.¬† But in contrast to what was given, they appear less in my memory.¬† It’s the learning that was important, and still is.¬†¬†I was given the steering wheel of this vehicle of mine… I make the choices, I choose the direction.¬† Yes, there’s been affects, that’s the nature of the physical… but the growth and the depth of healing, I’ll never really comprehend.¬† I know it happened and it’s with me now, in my present… and will guide me to my future.¬† I’m incredibly grateful for all the love and kindness that’s been showered upon me… and continues.

My Body still gets tired, there are things that are¬†not so easy to do and some I cannot anymore.¬†¬†After draining the cup twice…¬† the reservoir of Chi… the Body is affected.¬† Permanent or temporary I don’t know.¬† I know my focus is so terribly¬†important now.¬† As one chapter ends and another is¬†taking shape… I sit at a junction, a very important one.¬† This could be the biggest chapter of my Life.¬† So critical how I take the next¬†steps.¬† So much has changed, I stand here in a new form… at a new time, with a new future.¬†¬†My focus is different… the steps needed, to be taken so carefully…. a lot is at stake.¬† This crossing needs to be made with the greatest of awareness… and conscious intent.

Boundaries, Safety, Emotions, Body… and my dear friend Polio… come to me at this time.¬† No more time for mistakes, not serious ones anyway.¬†¬†Significant times require¬†me to¬†be fully present, Life is the priority… clarity my friend.¬† It’s an¬†important chapter… a new beginning in so many ways.

Been travelling back thru the journals… around the time of the 2nd big ‘crash’… I wrote

Stop for a second

can you feel it

the Love

it’s overwhelming

Exquisite touch

of such magnificence

loving me

every second

Stop, look and listen

 space around you is full

 so many helpers

supporting your healing journey

You are magnificent

can’t you hear their song

where along this dusty road

did you lose your sight?

¬†You’ve become lost

your original purpose forgotten

 you believed their lies

thieves,¬†they’ve been many

Dear sweet soul

your journey has scarred you

but not taken away

who you are

Wipe the sleep from your eyes

rise from your sitting

show the world

your beautiful Heart

We’ve¬†been here all along

encouraging you ever forward

 allowing the weight of the darkness

you’ve¬†suffocated your ‘knowing’

Yes Life here is a paradox

yes, there’s darkness and Light

yes, there’s always a choice

yes, we always need some help

So ask, ask & ask some more

you’ve never stood alone

we’ve always been so close to you

we’ll never ever leave you

You’re so important to us.

We’re approaching the Spring Equinox (here in the South)…¬†¬†birthing time¬†… new life… new beinginnings.¬† Time for new growth.

lotsa luv




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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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